December 31, 2007

New Year's Message


Thank you so much for your support these last few months. Mads started in September of this year and has since grown tremendously - now getting almost a thousand hits a day. It's really cool to know that so many people enjoy reading it. We've had an amazing time this semester, and we're glad we got to share it with you. Please continue to leave comments and email us. Mads has a lot planned for 2008, so keep reading and we will continue to update as often as possible.

Much love, and have a very happy New Year!


Best of the Semester!!!

So we've been doing "Best of the Week" pretty much every week since we started the blog. Now we've put together our complete list of what we loved this semester, in order. Enjoy!

20. Local Apples
19. 2 Girls 1 Cup Reaction Videos
18. Holiday Parties
17. Tu-Phace performance
16. Naps pizza
15. Jaymay performance
14. Lakefest
13. Chuck D lecture
12. Jena 6 Open Mic
11. Saul Steinberg exhibit at the Loeb
10. Tim O'Brien lecture(s)
9. Vampire Weekend performance
8. Scantily Clad
7. Shiva Rave
6. The Farmers Market
5. Misc Backpage
4. Mug 80's Nights
3. ViCE's "Blackout" Party
2. New Britney
1. Halloween Party

Most underrated:
French Horn Rebellion at the SoCo's
Pre-Mug opening Just Dance! party

Did we miss anything? Leave comments!

Poll Results

Last week's poll results:

A larger dorm room: 35 votes (29%)
500 Retreat Points: 34 votes (28%)
Round trip train ticket from Po-town to NYC: 18 votes (15%)
Spice Girls tickets: 32 votes (26%)

Check out this week's new poll: Which event was the best of last semester?

December 29, 2007

Coming Soon


December 27, 2007

Oh, the memories...

CLICK HERE for footage (just sound, really) from Primal Scream, courtesy of a Mads reader.

December 25, 2007

Season's Greetings

Merry Christmas, readers!
Merry Christmas, readers!
Merry Christmas, readers!


Before: Ben Lee at his bar mitzvah in Sydney, 1991

After: Ben Lee playing Ballantine (whoops) Field at Vassar, 2007

We came across that early picture of him in a book today and found it amusing.

December 24, 2007

What YOU'RE Watching

Here are some videos sent in by you:

Clip from the new film "Pineapple Express":

It's Albus, Bitch!

New Features

As there won't be much to write about during these next few weeks, we're looking for ways to improve upon the blog. We're adding some new features. Check out the poll.

We are also going to be putting up clips on YouTube regularly. In addition to possibly doing a personal (yet anonymous?) video blog, we're going to put up clips from different things. We think a lot of what we write about can be expressed visually (events, sightings, etc.) and hopefully you will find the clips entertaining.

Right now we have an "Elf Yourself" video of Cappy and JJ, so check it out before we have to take it down! We've also got footage from Primal Scream which will be going up sometime during the next few days.


There may also be name change in the near future...

What We're Watching

December 23, 2007

Holiday Fun

CLICK HERE for an important holiday message.
CLICK HERE for an important holiday message.
CLICK HERE for an important holiday message.

December 22, 2007

Hot Items For A Cold Winter

Still need to do some last minute Christmas shopping? Here are some Vassar-inspired or just plain good ideas.

1. Superbad Unrated 2-Disc Special Edition
The bonus features are just as funny as the movie.

2. Peppered Grey Flex Fleece Zip Up Hoody from American Apparel
Autumn was dominated by the purple one, but this season will be grey.

3. Canvas School Bag from American Apparel
Messenger bags are SO '05-'06.

4. Blade Runner 4-Disc Collector's Edition

5. Bob Dylan: The Little Black Songbook
Hendrix used to carry one around.

6. I Am America (And So Can You!), book by Stephen Colbert

December 20, 2007

Vassar Doesn't Make The Cut

Family Security Matters has released its 2007 list of "America's Most Dangerous College Courses.

The top ten "most dangerous" programs are at schools including Williams, Columbia, and Ithaca. The course "Islam in Global Contexts" at DePaul University tops the list.

Vassar didn't make the list. We're just not controversial enough!

CLICK HERE for the complete list.

Another article on the site states that "more of your taxes going to a world body to 'stop global warming and address climate change' means less money to invest in U.S. national security."

December 19, 2007

The New Vassar Color

"The Rose and Gray is going Green" reads the subtitle of an article in the newest issue of the Vassar Alumni Quarterly. CLICK HERE to read the fascinating article on Vassar's environmental efforts.

Two Additions To Mads

We will continue updating as often as possible during break, but BE SURE TO CHECK MADS ON SUNDAY NIGHT FOR TWO NEW FEATURES.


We're excited about it!

December 18, 2007

Mads To Be Featured

Mads has been asked to submit the photos from our "Winter At Vassar" post to the VSA's "Daily Photo." Again, thanks to the contributors and let us know if you'd like credit.

We've also been asked to remind you all to submit photos to the VSA to be featured on their website. CLICK HERE to submit a photo the VSA.

CLICK HERE for the VSA website to see the wintry photos.

Juliet To Replace Bookstore

Cappy's email this morning announced plans to transition the current Juliet Cafe into the new college bookstore during the 2009/2010 academic year.

We're glad to see that place used for something better, but do we really want to walk all that distance just for some Airborne?

What do YOU THINK?

UPDATE: CLICK HERE for Vassar's official press release regarding the new plans.

December 17, 2007

2012 On Its Way

The Vassar Class of 2012 Facebook group is up and running. Oddly, the co-creator is a current freshman (as are many of its members). ED applicants heard from Vassar last week. The group has 67 members as of now.

Update: The creators both got accepted with the class of 2011 but deferred for a year - one in Wales and one in Israel.

What We're Listening To

Do the FIRST TWENTY SECONDS sound familiar?

Winter At Vassar

There are lots of Facebook albums of Vassar in the snow. Here are some of our favorites. Thanks to all contributors.

December 16, 2007

No Love For Lathrop

Lathrop may love you, but certain individuals showed no love for Lathrop last night. One partygoer punched several holes in the walls during the 4th floor party. Someone must have been stressed about finals! According to sources, the bathroom sink was also torn out.

Certainly not in the holiday spirit!

The party was broken up by security pretty early on.

December 15, 2007

Cold Mess

Mads realizes the weather may not be all that interesting, but one mess of a storm is coming our way tomorrow.

It's supposed to start snowing at around midnight tonight and eventually turn into a "wintry mix" at 6am. Then from 9am to 5pm should be freezing rain. Then it will rain for a few hours, and turn back into snow at 9pm. Messy, huh?

Late Night Love

The DJ's tonight at WVKR rocked the casbah that is the College Center from midnight on. They manned up to DJ-ing during Finals when no one else would, so snaps for that.

And they played our request! "Piece of Me" obviously.

If you're awake right now like we are, CLICK HERE to listen to the live broadcast.


Security broke up the Jewett fifth floor party tonight at around 1am. One partygoer was spotted being chased by security from the fifth floor to the basement, all the while yelling "I'm from Marist! I'm from Marist!" No word on if anyone was written up.

December 14, 2007

By Word of Mouth

Party tonight on the fifth floor of Jewett.

Guess one can only study for so long. We wonder how it will compare to last weekend's fourth floor soiree.

1 Semester Down

Second day of finals is now over, and some of you may be leaving this weekend.

Remember to keep checking for updates over the break. Coming soon is Mads' "Best of the Semester" list. We're going to be making some changes, too, so be sure to check for that.

Keep reading and leaving comments. We really do appreciate it. And we love all the emails, so hit us up at MADSVASSAR@GMAIL.COM.


Our New Favorite

Sorry, Overheard at Vassar, but we have a new favorite Vassar-related Facebook group: The College Center Circle Smells Like Ass (TCCCSLA)

It seriously does!


"Wanna build an igloo and smoke in it? Dude, let's burn!"
- overheard in the Library

December 13, 2007


A little snow didn't stop the carnivores at Baconfest from having fun. They were spotted huddled under a tarp at around noon cooking away.

Big Changes Part 2

Facebook took the "is" out of the status update!
We feel so...liberated!


Cappy and JJ were spotted serving up some BKFST last night.

Big Changes

Mads will be undergoing TWO BIG CHANGES over the Winter Break.

We're not ready to tell just yet, but make sure to check for updates!

Good luck on finals!
Good luck on finals!
Good luck on finals!

December 12, 2007

Brace Yourself

5 to 10 inches of SNOW predicted for tomorrow.
100% chance of precipitation.


Vassar Choir Webcast

A WEBCAST of the Vassar College Mixed Choir's November performance is now available online. The group performed Haydn's "Mass in Time of War" with a full orchestra.

Click on the link above to check it out.


Tonight @ midnight in the Quad


We seriously cannot stop procrastinating. It's a problem. Another problem: we're shaking because we've had too much coffee.

CLICK HERE for The Campus Word's "Top 10 Websites to Visit While Procrastinating."

MadsBlog should be up there somewhere.

What We're Watching

December 11, 2007

No Studying For Them

Study Week didn't stop some Main residents from throwing a crazy birthday party on Sunday Night:

Something tells us they were all a bunch of hot messes.

Maybe You're Addicted

Spending more time this week on Facebook than studying? We are!

Top 10 Signs You're Addicted to Facebook.

Holiday Ends Tonight

Last candle lighting is tonight at 8pm in Davison.

December 10, 2007

Vassar Powerhouse In The News

Just added by "Vassar" to YouTube:

Chanukah Continues

Only TWO nights left of Chanukah.

Candle lighting tonight is at 8 in Noyes.

Raymond Stairs Completed

Raymond is finally getting its quad-side stairs completed today. Congrats!

By Word of Mouth

We hear that Have-a-Good may be taking off next semester on sick leave.

December 9, 2007

Best of the Week

5. Holiday Parties
4. Parents mailing up gifts for several nights of Chanukah
3. Seal - "Kiss From a Rose" so hot right now
2. Potato latkes
1. Spice Girls tickets

Early Morning Mystery

Did you see JJ's email?

"One of our Security officers was alarmed by the sound of a man screaming, followed by a loud splash and the sudden flight of geese from the lake."



Spotted: Ghanian Kwesi Sey asking us not to "judge him" the other night as he stumbled through the College Center.

Brief Study Break

THIS is kind of funny if you're bored - a guide to how professors will grade final exams.

Happy studying!


Sorry in advance for the lack of posts this week. It's not that we're too busy studying, there's just not much going on to write about. As always, feel free to email us anything you want at MADSVASSAR@GMAIL.COM

Remember to check for updates over the break, including something EXCITING.


December 8, 2007

What We're Listening To

We missed his performance last night, but we can't stop listening to Photosynthesis a.k.a. Carsten Rodin.


December 7, 2007


The snow didn't stop the frisbee team from practicing this afternoon. They were clothed this time.

Snow Snow Snow

It just started to SNOW.



Last day of classes!
Last day of classes!
Last day of classes!

December 6, 2007

What Will His Parents Think?

Freshman Sung Eun Kim was spotted this evening with a new earring. Blond AND pierced? What will your parents think?

Celeb Sighting

Spotted: Professor Nicholas Adams enjoying a snack at Babycakes Cafe this afternoon.

Calling All Hipsters

Looking for indie music on your Friday night but there's no NoVice show? Check out THIS EVENT.

148 Collegeview Ave
Friday night

On The Cover

This week's Misc: "Enhancing Education: Program adds correlate to meet growing demand." Article by Brian Farkas.


Noyes 2 West has had over $50 worth of silverware, cups, mugs, and dishes stolen.
Bring that shiz back, please! It's the holiday season!

December 5, 2007


"Contrast" is hot. Get yourself a copy tomorrow.

Girl Talk To Perform, But Not Here

A Middlebury blog has just announced that Girl Talk will be performing at the school in January.

Wasn't ViCE Special Events planning on getting Girl Talk for next semester? Guess they beat us to it! Shame, because Girl Talk is a personal favorite of ours.

Dining Big Wigs Invade Campus

Some administrative dramz was going down this morning.

At least thirty people in suits were spotted surveying the Retreat and the Mug. These men and women were the representatives for companies vying for Vassar's dining services bid. An inside source tells us that the Aramark rep was among the bunch, looking very nervous!

That's why ACDC seemed a bit different this morning. So clean and all.

The Power Of Eight

The online environmental publication Grist put out an interesting article a few days ago called "The Power of Eight." The article stated how we must think about global warming this holiday season, and outlined eight steps (one for each night of Hanukkah) to do to make a difference.

CLICK HERE to check out the article.

And Hanukkah night #2 tonight!
8:00 in Lathrop

December 4, 2007

Loeb Makes Headlines

The New York Times did a piece last week on the current Saul Steinberg exhibit at the Loeb Art Center. The piece calls Steinberg a "comic genius at play in the land of foible and folly."

CLICK HERE to read the article.


Spotted: The writer of The Backpage celebrating the festival of lights tonight in the Rose Parlor.

Wishing You a Happy Hanukkah

Candle lighting tonight in the Rose Parlor at 8.

Hot Event

Wednesday, Dec 5

It should be quite classy.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Wondering what happened to Alex Elder?

We wanted to respect his privacy when he left the other month. Time has passed though, so here's an update on what he's been up to - no harm in that.

According to a Facebook note posted on Saturday, Alex is back home in Austin, Texas with a new job at Urban Outfitters and is enrolled at the Paul Mitchell Academy for hairstyling.

"I miss all of you kids at Vassar thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much, but I'm not gonna lie, this time off has been so great for me," the celebrity writes. He plans on re-enrolling next year.

We miss you, Alex! We're glad all is well.

December 3, 2007

Po-town Horror Film

There was an advertisement for a new film, "The Poughkeepsie Tapes" on YouTube today. The movie is based on a Poughkeepsie serial killer who documented his killings on video tape.

CLICK HERE to see the trailer. It's not for the faint of heart.

The film comes out around Valentines Day. A great date movie!

Festival of Lights

Hanukkah starts tomorrow!

If you're interested, there is candle lighting in a different dorm every night (Friday at Bayit) and a Hanukkah party with latkes at 7:30 on Friday night at the Bayit.

Mads is asking for some Judd Apatow DVDs, new Ray Bans and credit to American Apparel. And five other things.

What are YOU asking for? Comment.

December 2, 2007

Sparkle and Shine

DJ Sparklez took over the Mug last night.

They're so shiny!

The Perfect Storm

AOL News reports this morning that the snowstorm that cancelled many flights in the Midwest yesterday is coming our way. The probable forecast though is for light snow showers on and off until Thursday.

Our Saturday Night

Mads spent Saturday night at an EXCLUSIVE party hosted at "Club ER" located at the Vassar Brothers Medical Center in Downtown Poughkeepsie. We arrived avec our entourage and obviously brought the party. We got VIP bracelets and everything. The drug scene was really big there.

We ended our night with a stay at the swanky Alumni House off campus.