September 30, 2007

From one dance party to the next...

The Vassar College Events calendar reads:

Scantily Clad - (10:00 - 11:59 PM)
Dance party. May be some nudity. Sponsored by Cushing House. (10:00pm-11:59pm)
Location: Cushing, EASTPARL

Mads can't wait!

Hot Mess (Part 3)

Three different people sent this to us. We had to put it up:

"This is the weekend of the Hot Mess!" - Zach Russo, freshman
This is getting a little bit too hot and messy for us!

Got Around

Below: Alex Elder

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Below: Freshman Jared Kaner


Dear DJ of Dormal Fourmal,
We had fun for the most part...
But where in the EFF was "Gimme More?"



Jaymay played to a sold out crowd this evening at the Shiva, presented by ViCE's After Hours. Jenny Hartman and Anabel Graff opened. Jaymay played an awesome set. And she's from Lawng Island!

September 29, 2007

Gimme Gimmeeee

We just danced our vajayjays off!

Tonight's Just Dance! party hosted by the Queer Coalition just finished up after hours and hours of shakin it. Playing about thirty seconds of each amazing song, it was pretty much the best continuous iTunes preview ever. We had a ball trying not to be too heteronormative. We're deaf in our right ear, sweat our balls off, and now have 2 STD's. Worth it? Might have been.

The DJ did play "Gimme More" and "Stronger" each twice, but whatevs. One question though - where in the eff was Madonna?

Only hours until parents arrive!

Hot Mess (Part 2)

Fire Alarm

The Jewett fire alarm went off - again - at about 7pm. Luckily Mads was sound asleep on a couch in the library.

This was #4 for Jewett so far this year.

We have to admit...the strobe light effect is kind of cool. Jewett looked like a phallic night club!

September 28, 2007

September 27, 2007


Congratulations to all new Class of 2011 officers.

Prez - Joseph Martinez
Vice - Elizabeth Anderson
Sec - Charlie Kuder
Treas - Kwesi Sey

Dorm Reps are Matthew Leonard, Jeremy Teperman, Chris Doscher, Sarah Leon, Ethan Fischer, Aaron GroberMadeline Newbold, Lindsey Liese and Samantha Allen.

Committee peeps are Michael Zipp, Yasmin Roberti, Michelle Cantos and Kristin Lee.

For a more detaled list, check out:

Farmer's Market

There's only a few weeks left before it closes for the season.

What's YOUR favorite item to get at the Farmer's Market?


Tim O'Brien

Author Tim O'Brien gave some legit lectures today.
His earlier Q&A session took place in UpC. This was part of the Freshmen First Year Program, and was hosted by none other than Nate "The Natural" Silver. O'Brien was wearing a gray sweater, blue jeans, sneakers, and his trademark baseball cap. Freshies asked some good questions. The author told us, "I think I'm a love writer, not a war writer," and urged conservative news casters to "Put your body where your rhetoric is." Word to that!

O'Brien's later lecture was held in the chapel. Mads met him sitting on a bench before going on, where he told us he was a "writer, not a talker" and was very nervous. Now, in a suit, O'Brien told the crowd: "Stories are among the things all of us carry," and "If you don't care about grammar, you could end up president."

O'Brien, seconds before taking the podium:

Random Observation

Kenny Parma, ACDC staff, was spotted pushing a card from the kitchen to the Deli station, repeating Fat Albert's "Hey, hey, hey!" over and over again. Doesn't he kind of look like Biz Markie? (in a good way!)

September 26, 2007

The Natural

It was a tough competition, but Nate "The Natural" Silver took the gold in this evening's "Big Sauce Challenge" at ACDC. The Champ also helped organize the event...Fixed?

The celebs were out in full force. Dean of Freshmen Joanne Long, Dean of College "JJ" Jackson, and celebrity chef Michel Nischan, all made appearences. The paparazzi had a field day!

ARAMARK sure is kissing ass!

Celeb sighting!

Joanne Long, Dean of Freshmen was spotted in ACDC before the cook-off competition. She was wearing a smart red pantsuit, sources report.


We found this funny:

...funny 'cause it's TRUE!

What We're Listening To

"Paper Planes," M.I.A.

soooo goooood

da Wordsmiths

There's a new spoken word poetry club in town.
The Wordsmiths will be having a general interest meeting tomorrow night at 7pm in UpC.
Check it out.

Author Comes Tomorrow

Author Tim O'Brien will be hitting up Vassvass tomorrow.

"An Afternoon with Tim O'Brien"
3-4pm, UpC

"Mystery, Magic and Colonel Mustard"
5:30, Chapel


Tonight was the second of ViCE's Jazz Music nights, this week featuring Chicago-based band Bumpus.
Mads hit the dance floor with superhero Conrad Schott and Mads-reader Mudit Lakhmani, among others.

September 25, 2007


How'd they get our picture!


Vassar's own Jude Law look-alike, visiting English Professor James Horowitz, has a Facebook!

We kind of want to "poke" him...


The newest addition to our room:

It's better than a Dylan poster!

Girls' V-Ball

The Girls' Volleyball Team will once again be playing SUNY New Paltz this Wednesday, from 7 to 9pm in Kenyon Hall. It should be entertaining!

Celeb sighting!

Mads spotted pop icon Alex "Je suis fatigue" Elder having a brief lunch at ACDC. He was wearing a striped H&M hoodie with the hood up (protection from the paparazzi) and drinking a large pepsi. He asked us how to spell "bidet."

New Comedy Troupe

A new Improv/Sketchy comedy group is forming on campus.
"Troupe" will be having a general interest meeting

"We accept members with any level of experience. The idea is that since we go to school we can learn these things."

September 24, 2007

Frisbee Fun

The Mens and Womens Frisbee Teams sure know how to have a practice.

We had to see it to believe it!

Rock the Vote

Voting for freshmen begins tonight at 8pm and ends Wednesday at 8pm.
The results will be announced Thursday night.

For more information, including one last look at the candidates' statements, visit:

Just had a voice lesson with...

Hot Mess


We gave Freshman Matt Bourne a trim.



Bitch got VASSARIZED!!!

September 23, 2007

Best of the Week

Sunday night means it's time for BEST OF THE WEEK.

6) Wednesday night's Girls Volleyball Game. Because NYU Sucks.
5) Jared Kaner's use of the word "slamwich"
4) The Noyes bunnies
3) VJU's Break Fast dinner
2) Thursday night's After Hours showcase
1) YOU! Seriously, thank you all for reading this blog.

Favorite Facebook Group

Except for the Mads group, of course, this one is our new favorite!

"Overheard at Vassar"

Celeb sighting!

Mads ran into Jewett Sophomore Rep, Austin Saddlemire, on his way to do laundry. Dressed in a striped tee and trendy white bed sheet, Austin told us to "puff a muff." Classy!

Havel in the House

"Citizen Havel" screening today 4pm, Blodgett hall.
It should be Czech-rrific!


Mads just heard about some Teamcest. Save the drama for the Philaletheis!

Listen Up


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Party Like it's 5768!

After we ate our weight in bagels and lox we hit the scene.

Noyes 2 West has some cute bunnies.
Alex Elder gave us some gossip on the recent campus molestations.
Jewett 2's purple-themed party was purplicious. Prince would've loved it!
Jewett 6's Facebook-advertised soiree was broken up by security TWICE. There were no write-ups.
Parties up in B, D, and E blox, where someone decided to take a Vassar Farm tractor for a spin.

September 22, 2007

Wet n' Wild!

Spencer Taylor


Dearest Carsten Rodin,
How are you so hip?

(a very hungry) Mads

What we're listening to

Singer-songwriter JAYMAY is coming to the Shiva one week from tonight as part of ViCE's After Hours. We <3 her already!

YOU Can Help MADS!

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Every source is anonymous (unless you want recognition).


Alex Elder made a two minute appearance at Jewett 9's dance party, telling us:


We thought rehab was!

Not cool.

This ain't cool:

Play nice!

September 21, 2007


Just because we're fasting doesn't mean we're staying in (or not listening to Madonna)!


Kira Fisher leaving the Film League screening with her freshman boytoy.
Axies singer Matt Bourne dancing to Michael Jackson throughout Noyes' crazy hallways.
VRDT starlet Brianna Clark breaking hearts left and right.

Yom Kippur

We would like to wish all of our J's an easy fast!


We just did a 325-square hop scotch in the quad!

Knocked Up Tonight!

9pm, Blodgett Auditorium
hosted by ViCE's Film League and CHOICE

free condoments.

This speaks for itself

After Hours soooo good

ViCE's After Hours Fest finished a few hours ago. Performances included ukeleles, legit harmonies, rappers, and audience participation. We can't wait for Jaymay next week!

The date of the Mug's reopening was announced at the very end. WE TOLD YOU SO! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!

Great job to all performers. Dap for Evan Alt and Anabel Graff!



- Alex Elder, icon, tells Mads exclusivley.

September 20, 2007


What we've all been waiting for...

A very reliable source has just informed Mads that THE MUG WILL BE OPENING ON MONDAY, OCTOBER 22nd.

More info to come.

Message to a candidate

Dearest Vannessa Lampson, Jewett Freshmen Rep Candidate,
While we appreciate your campaign efforts, we must make one correction to your "Candidate Statement." Mike D actually threw the keg out of a 9th floor window (not your window). For further reading on the matter, please see:

But we do love your use of the phrase "phallace palace."
Bon chance!