September 27, 2007

Tim O'Brien

Author Tim O'Brien gave some legit lectures today.
His earlier Q&A session took place in UpC. This was part of the Freshmen First Year Program, and was hosted by none other than Nate "The Natural" Silver. O'Brien was wearing a gray sweater, blue jeans, sneakers, and his trademark baseball cap. Freshies asked some good questions. The author told us, "I think I'm a love writer, not a war writer," and urged conservative news casters to "Put your body where your rhetoric is." Word to that!

O'Brien's later lecture was held in the chapel. Mads met him sitting on a bench before going on, where he told us he was a "writer, not a talker" and was very nervous. Now, in a suit, O'Brien told the crowd: "Stories are among the things all of us carry," and "If you don't care about grammar, you could end up president."

O'Brien, seconds before taking the podium:

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