October 31, 2007

Cappy's House

Mads went to Cappy's to trick or treat tonight.
Mme. Prez arrived fashionably late (of course), coming in with her entourage (Dean JJ Jackson and several unidentified WASPS) a half hour late to greet guests with donuts and apple cider.
We were a little disappointed she wasn't dressed up though.

Vassar in the Halloween Spirit

Wasn't the Vassar College homepage kind of really awesome today?

Construction to "Open Campus"

An article in last week's Miscellany News has sparked some recent controversy.

The article, "Arboretum status: Trees well and blooming" announced plans for "definite landscape changes" to commence in Spring 2008. Vassar plans to COMPLETELY REMOVE THE FENCE separating the campus from Collegeview Ave. In addition, around sixty trees will have to be cut down.

The removal of the fence and trees is in an effort to "provide a 'pleasant transition from Vassar into the business district,'" according to a rep for Buildings and Grounds.

Not only is that a mess of trees being removed, but making the campus even MORE open?

This was only mentioned in a small paragraph, but we have a feeling this will become a bigger issue early next year.

Read the article for yourself:

View From the Top

We came across this GoogleEarth image of Main:

October 30, 2007

Worst of the Week

We hate to see it as half empty, but...

1. Visitors who bring Mono
2. Last week's NoVice show - we <3 ViCE, but not so much AIDS Wolf
3. Fire alarm during the Halloween Dance - supposedly security pulled it because students were getting too "rowdy"
4. Monday's Intro to Art History lecture

DJ for Moulin Rouge

Sources tell Mads that senior Sara Slaughter will be DJ-ing this Saturday night's Moulin Rouge dance. We thought Sara did a great job DJ-ing Scantily Clad, and we hope she can deliver again. "Gimme More" and "Good Life" are all we need!

Sara will be performing with her boiz at this Thursday night's first After Hours Mug night of the year.

October 29, 2007

Nightmare Tomorrow

Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas," one of our FAVORITE movies, will be shown tomorrow night in UpC at 9pm.

October 28, 2007

Best Of The Week

1. Halloween Party
2. McLovin
3. "Rock the Casbah" and "Livin' on a Prayer" at 80's Night
4. Last outdoor Farmer's Market of the season
5. Bocap Brellas

Quidditch at Vassar

Below: Practice begins for Vassar's newly-formed Quidditch team.

The team will be competing at the Middlebury World Cup in November.

Powder Keg Arrested

The performance by Vassar alumni band the Powder Kegs at Friday's Haunted Hoedown was delayed, starting almost an hour after publicized.

According to sources, one of the members of the group was arrested in Poughkeepsie for wearing a costume that included live illegal artillery rounds.

The other members of the group performed, in costume, as planned.

The group will be playing at Wesleyan, Brandeis and Bard in the next few weeks.

Best Costume

Mads saw some pretty awes costumes last night.

What was the best costume YOU saw?


Halloween Comes Early

Despite the Main fire alarm going off at 1:15am, last night's Halloween Party was way legit.

When Mads wasn't busy supersoaking ho's we danced with the characters from Star Wars, K-Fed and Britney, and a whole mess of zombies. The highlight for us was Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" at the end.

Only at Vassar do you find Bob Dylan grinding with Where's Waldo to "Locomotion."

Email Mads!

Stories or photos from last night's Halloween Party?


October 27, 2007

Forum Raises Emotions

Students and faculty filled Jewett's Lounge this afternoon for the discussion regarding the noose incident. The discussion shifted from Cappy's impulsive blaming of the sixth floor to the noose as a symbol of racism to the noose as a symbol of death in general.

Africana Studies professor Quincy Mills distributed handouts and discussed the place of the noose in American History. Dean JJ Jackson spoke eloquently about her feelings.

The climax came when Professor Simpson raised his voice, calling students ignorant for not knowing the history behind the noose. Several students were brought to tears.

Residents of the sixth floor finally had their chance to clear the air, saying that the knot had been hanging for at least two years.

Jewett house president Alexandra Dempsey expressed concern that the House Team did not have a chance to discuss the issue before Cappy sent her email to the entire campus.

Other students expressed their feelings that the noose should not only be considered a symbol of racism, and should raise other issues as well.

The meeting was very informative and effective. The House Team did a great job and putting together the event. Regardless of the knot's intention, hopefully it will spark continuous conversations about working towards a safe environment.

Ok...Not Fired

We really need to start checking our facts, but we were just so damn excited!

Two insiders at the Dining Center told Mads today that Kathryn "Haveagood" Porter has in fact NOT BEEN FIRED.

We can assume this is true, but knowing this story we don't know who to believe!

On A Lighter Note...

Almost every seat was taken at last night's ViCE Film League screening of "Superbad."

Jewett Incident Grows

Residents of the Jewett house have received four emails (not including the original Cappy email) regarding the "noose" found on the sixth floor.

The House Team put a poster up by the main entrance reading, "HATE HAPPENED HERE...NOT IN OUR HOUSE."

The House Team is holding a mandatory meeting for all Jewett residents this afternoon, followed by a "Unity Jam" forum for students to "express how they have been impacted."

Residents of the sixth floor have told Mads that "no one one the floor is responsible."

Is the Jewett House Team and administration doing the right thing, or has this been blown out of proportion?

Latin Night

Last night was the Mug's first Latin Night of the year.

The line was ridonkulous!

October 26, 2007

President Cappy's Email

Did you see Cappy's email?

- - - -

Update: Mads would like to apologize for placing any blame on the residents of the sixth floor of Jewett.

What We're Listening To

"Heaven on Earth" from the new Britney CD "Blackout."

Our guiltiest pleasure!


"H.J.'s are sooo yesterday."
- Anonymous, Vassar '10

October 25, 2007

She's Fired

Sources tell Mads that KATHRYN "HAVE A GOOD" PORTER has in fact BEEN FIRED.

Two weeks ago a male staff member submitted a formal complaint to Human Resources, writing how she treated him poorly when his card was malfunctioning. Haveagood had a hearing a few days later.

No word yet on when exactly she will be leaving. Today the cashier was overheard talking about what she is going to do on her last day at Vassar.

Ruud vs. Rudd

< Paul Ruud, Professor of Economics at University of California, who delivered this evening's Martin H. Crego lecture.

< Paul Rudd, our favorite actor.

Last Girls V-Ball Game

The last VCVB game will be against Montclair State this Saturday, 2pm at Kenyon Hall.

This will be the last home match for seniors Cat Foley, Amanda Hsuing and Alia Al-Khatib. CHECK IT OUT!

Life Imitating Art?

"Photo of the Week" from this week's Miscellany News:


October 24, 2007

More Bed Bugs

Four members of the girls' volleyball team have gotten bed bug bites from staying at the ACE Camp in West Virginia during the October break.

Everyone has been getting bed bugs lately!

People need to stop sleeping in sketchy places.

Coffeehouse to Close?

According to sources, the quaint Cubbyhole Coffeehouse on Raymond Avenue is again in danger of closing. "They've said that before, but this time it seems more likely," sources tell Mads.

Vassar students are making an effort to keep this from happening. Students on the VSA board having been discussing with management of the coffeehouse the possibility of Student Discounts. ViCE's After Hours singer-songwriter troupe will also be making an effort to encourage Vassar singer-songwriters to perform at the Cubbyhole.

We're Tick Free!

From today's Harvest Health Fair:

Mug Finally Opens

The first jazz night IN THE MUG was last night from 10:30 to 1am.

SlamAllenBand performed.

What do you think of the new Mug?

October 23, 2007

Superbad this Weekend

ViCE Film League presents...

Friday and Saturday
7pm Blodgett Auditorium

Mads <3's Judd Apatow

October 22, 2007

Blond Mess

Funny RateMyProfessors

Spring semester registration is coming up. Here are some funny comments we found on ratemyprofessors.com:

Gayle Green:
"take intro soc only if you hate yourself and want to be in pain all semester."

Paul Kane:
"i want paul kane to lecture me daily in my bed. a good loooooonnnnnnggggg lecture."

Amy Freeman:
"If for whatever reason this woman ever teaches a class again, run the other way!!!!"

There are HEAPS of Halloween events this weekend.

These include:
Friday, 6:30 Raymond's Cursed Carnival
Friday, 7:00 Raymond Haunted House
Friday 10:00 All Night Scarefest movie marathon
and of course
Saturday 10:00 Halloween Party

Check it out:

Mug Opens This Week

The Mug is finally opening this week!

Mads was granted access for a few minutes two weeks ago. It looks great!

October 21, 2007

Sent in by You

Mads readers sent these in:

< A new toy making its debut in Noyes.

"Lathrop freshman Lindsay '20 minutes later' Wood was spotted wit DEEZ NUTZ in her MOUF. The only question is whose nuts???"

The Perfect Roomate

We found this on a Vassar freshman's Facebook wall from his roomate:

dude, the bee infestation is out of control me and i found like 20 in there today...killed some of em, but ima sleep somewhere else tonight cuz i can't handle it. how's ur break been? i had a huge party in our room last night and someone puked in your bed. my bad, i put some newspaper on it, so its cool.


Perez Is a Copycat 2

Mads called this weeks ago.

Vampire Weekend Is Sooo Hot

The band Vampire Weekend, who played at Vassar in September, are featured in Rolling Stone magazine's current "Hot List."


Welcome Back!

Mads is back.

Remember to email any stories, gossip, photos, or corrections to

Any interesting stories from the break???

October 12, 2007

Have a Good Break!


Have a good break!

October 11, 2007

(Real) Celeb Sighting!

Vassar alumna and actress Lisa Kudrow was spotted on campus at tonight's Trustee Dinner.

Images from his Room

Below: A quick "Bye" probably written by Alex Elder before leaving yesterday morning:

Below: A note left by the ROC locksmith:


"Yo, good luck on midterms, ya'll."

Alex Elder Peaced Out

It's official.
We're sorry we couldn't reveal the celeb's identity until now, but it was pretty obvious.
Mads received confirmation a little while ago that ALEX ELDER has in fact left Vassar for an unspecified amount of time, but MONTHS at the very least. The icon was last spotted in the Jewett elevator around 8:30am Wednesday morning. He also has several Facebook "stories" from 6:30am, so he was probably up early packing.

It is unknown when he will be returning. Mads will miss Alex The Great.

October 10, 2007

Fire Alarm Part 5

The Jewett fire alarm went off again (fifth time).

Sorry for all the Jewett news!

(Not) Spotted

We're waiting for confirmation from our sources, but...

ALEX "THE GREAT" ELDER may have been the celeb that left this morning on a LEAVE OF ABSENCE.
Mads & friends have not seen him the entire day.
Not even smoking on the bench outside of Jewett or under a purple umbrella in UpC.

Has anyone seen him? Put our rumors to rest!

Purple is so in

Walking around the Vassar campus, it's pretty safe to say that purple is the new orange (which has been the new yellow since 2005).

The Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie from AA in particular is IT right now.

What do you think?


Two female residents of Jewett have been temporarily relocated to Strong because of "bed bugs."

The parents of one of the students supposedly brought the tiny insects with them during Parents Weekend from a local hotel.

We found a picture but it's way too gross.

October 9, 2007

What We're Listening To

Jose Gonzalez, "Down the Line"


Our (new) sources confirm that no one on the sixth floor of Jewett plans to live off campus and start a frat. As usual, the information we receive is pure gossip and this time we got it wrong.


Slow news day.

Sent in to Mads

An anonymous source sent us this story:

Sophomore Kaisa Cabot has been spotted at the local Stop 'N Shop with her exboy-toy Jar Of-Pickles. A anonymous source close to the sophomore tells us that she has been spending more time with her green juicy squeeze recently. The rumors that Jar cheated on Kaisa with Spicy-Chicken Wrap last year continue to go unconfirmed.

Greek Life in Vassar's Future?

The residents of the sixth floor of Jewett are finding out tomorrow whether or not they will have to pay to replace the carpet that was stained by Kool Aid on Saturday night, and also whether or not they are getting kicked out of Housing.

According to sources, certain male students living on this floor say that if they do in fact get kicked out of the dorm they will buy a house off campus and attempt to start an official fraternity, registered with Vassar.

Vassar obvioiusly has a tradition of zero Greek life and we can't imagine this getting approved.

Have a Good: Update

According to our sources:

A male library staff member wrote a two page letter to Vassar's Human Resources, filing a formal complaint about an incident involving Haveagood. Apparently the staff member's card was not working properly. An argument progressed when he attempted to get away without paying, as she told him he can't expect to be treated any differently than a student.


Haveagood will be meeting with Human Resources on Thursday to discuss the situation.

October 8, 2007

Sell Out!


"I need to find some Marist guys! I'm sick of all this sophisticated treat women with respect shit."
- JJ "Baller" Simon

She's Being Fired!

According to sources,
KATHRYN E. PORTER, known to us as "HAVE A GOOD" is being fired!

Unfortunately this is purley gossip, and we have no details as of this time.
We also cannot confirm as to whether this is the person who is taking a "leave of absence" beginning Wednesday morning.

More info soon!

Celeb is Leaving!

We apologozie for the delay on this story, but...


The identity of this person still remains hush hush, though.

Check back VERY VERY SOON.

Sixth Floor Update

Residents on the sixth floor of Jewett are currently facing penalties for their messy pregame Saturday night. Cool Aid had stained the carpets, window sills, and bathroom. Security arrived at the party two or three times during the course of the night.

Sources tell us that the custodial staff refused to do anything Sunday morning except take out the trash from the floor. One staff member was seen removing two large 2 1/2 gallon Poland Spring containers which had remnants of Kool Aid in them.

The carpet remained stained even after the professional cleaner came. Those responsible for the mess will be paying for the carpet to be replaced, according to a source. This does not include every resident on the floor.

The Cool Aid mess is one of a long list of problems the sixth floor of Jewett has been having lately. Complaints from students living on this floor have been sent to the Jewett House Team, who say that they have no authority over these issues, and they must be taken up with Jocelyn the House Advisor.

Stories from the Weekend

Mads readers flooded our mailbox this weekend with stories and pictures from Scantily Clad.

A certain platinum blonde soccer player wore a leopard print women's bikini bottom to Scantily Clad.

"A certain short Jewett freshman was seen leaving Cushing wiping a suspicious white substance off ehr stomach muttering that she needed a shower."
- Anonymous

Thanks! Keep them coming!

October 7, 2007

Best of the Week

6. The Axies "With or Without You / Babylon" mashup performance on Wednesday night
5. Apples
4. BBQ at Lakefest
3. French Horn Rebellion at the SoCos
2. Free Jena Six tee shirts

Gettin' Some!

Below: The bunnies from Noyes 2 West

EVERYONE got some last night!