October 8, 2007

She's Being Fired!

According to sources,
KATHRYN E. PORTER, known to us as "HAVE A GOOD" is being fired!

Unfortunately this is purley gossip, and we have no details as of this time.
We also cannot confirm as to whether this is the person who is taking a "leave of absence" beginning Wednesday morning.

More info soon!


Anonymous said...

finally... no more lines at the DC!

Anonymous said...

people say she's so nice


i cant stand her

Anonymous said...

that could very well be a lie, rumors fly about her being fired every year-and yet she remains

Anonymous said...

Post 1:

I agree. Dat bitch sucks at swiping cards.

Post 2:

You're wrong. She's actually quite nice. About 3% of the time.

Post 3:

I love you too, but I don't have anything interesting to say about your post.

Anonymous said...

oh please. There are lines regardless of whether she is working or not-it's a question of too many people and too few cashiers. And even if her line moves a little slower, it is still a small price to pay to have campus personalities like her. I happen to enjoy it when she tells stories- she's funny. Maybe you should try saying hi and being slightly friendly to her- it's a more pleasant experience for everyone involved. And please, the woman may be slightly off her rocker and may stand at 4'2'', but "dat bitch sucks at swiping cards" is a pretty ridiculous thing to say. The magstrips get worn off- she's neither out to get you nor is she so incapable that she can't even swipe a card (I mean please, how many has she swiped over the years).
Anyways, just my 2¢

Anonymous said...

Haveagood is great!

Anonymous said...

dear anonymous person #5,

I love you.

sincerely, anonymous person #4