October 9, 2007

Greek Life in Vassar's Future?

The residents of the sixth floor of Jewett are finding out tomorrow whether or not they will have to pay to replace the carpet that was stained by Kool Aid on Saturday night, and also whether or not they are getting kicked out of Housing.

According to sources, certain male students living on this floor say that if they do in fact get kicked out of the dorm they will buy a house off campus and attempt to start an official fraternity, registered with Vassar.

Vassar obvioiusly has a tradition of zero Greek life and we can't imagine this getting approved.


Anonymous said...

i sure wish there was more news about sophomores!

Anonymous said...

no one cares about sixth floor jewett anymore!

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote this story got pretty much every detail of it wrong, fyi. Good job. This is probably why freshman shouldn't have a blog claiming to know the inside scoop, since no one is going to tell you what it actually is.

Nick Buell said...

Dear misinformed bloggers,

I live on the sixth floor and was present during the now infamous "carpet incident". I'd first like to say that I am amazed that you people have nothing better to do with your lives than talk about my carpet. Secondly it must be mentioned that nearly all the information on this blog is incorrect. Yes, the carpet was stained, yes a professional cleaner was hired in addition to extensive personal efforts to remove the stains, but in no way are we planning on buying a house off campus and starting a fraternity. We would greatly appreciate it if you would mind your own business, but if you find yourselves so uninterested with your own lives, feel free to come ask us for the facts.

Mads' Blog said...

We appreciate the comments. Sorry if we got the facts wrong. We'll have to find better sources!

As for "knowing the inside scoop," we'd like to remind readers that this is a commentary on anything that has to do with Vassar, and not necessarily a 'gossip blog.' In an effort to entertain readers, we try to publish as many posts a day as possible, and do not always have time to check our facts.

Remember to feel free to email any comments, corrections, or complaints to madsvassar@gmail.com


Nick Buell said...

Dear Mad's Blog,
I appreciate the timely correction. I just want to ensure that the truth, or at least as close to the truth as possible, is reported seeing as it conerns me personally. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

no one cares about your dumbass nick or this stupid fuckin blog. go read a book or a do a problem set