November 30, 2007

How Original

Hey, Wesleyan is having a Miyazaki movie night this weekend too. How original.

Masquerave Cancelled?

We heard a rumor that tomorrow night's Masquerave was cancelled. It's also no longer listed on the official Vassar calendar. No word yet on why it's been cancelled.

Sam Finer, the secretary of Vassar Teknowledgy confirms that Masquerave has been cancelled.

November 29, 2007

Why We Love Thursdays

New issue of the Misc today.

The backpage is SO GOOD (as always).

Go get yourself a copy!

Volcanic Eruption Rocks Vassar...

...Kind of.

One Mads reader writes:

There was a volcanic eruption in my Media Studies Approaches class on Tuesday and thought I'd share photos of the event with you. A small paper cutout White House fell victim to the lava and some vinegar did spill on the floor but a trusty drop cloth saved us from true disaster.

At the volcano's unveiling Colleen Cohen was overheard saying, "I can't believe you built an F-ing volcano."


Mads is sick, ill, and dank, but all in the wrong ways.

We're sick in bed (with our Macbook of course). Sorry for the lack of posts!


Mads Does Miyazaki

Friday and Saturday night
Asian Students Alliance is hosting a Miyazaki Movie Marathon
Rocky 200 from 6pm to 12pm

Mads <3's Miyazaki. He's the epic Japanese animator who created "SPIRITED AWAY" and some others.

Check out the Facebok event.

November 28, 2007


In commemoration of World AIDS Day on Saturday, many Vassar groups are participating in AIDS Week here on campus. One organization that has been receiving donations is Face AIDS.

Find out how you can help.
Ribbons can be purchased and donations can be made in the College Center.

Depts. Prepare For The Holidays

The Art Department had a small get together today to celebrate the imminent holidays and end of the semester. They even had a Christmas tree which had just arrived.

Sigur Ros Screening

WVKR will be hosting a screening of Sigur Ros' new documentary, "Heima."

Check it out!
Thursday, 9pm in Rocky 300

Check out the trailer:

Check out the Facebook event.

November 27, 2007

Vassar Quidditch In USA Today

Today's issue of USA Today featured an article on Middlebury's recent Quidditch World Cup which our Vassar team competed in. The article is titled "Collegiate Quidditch Takes Off - Figuratively, At Least."

On its website, USA Today put up the Vassar Quidditch Team clip from the other week.

Check out the article.

What We're Listening To

Mashup of "Gimme More" and "Stronger"
Soo good!

Big Week For ViCE

ViCE is hosting three events this weekend worth checking out:

November 26, 2007


A firetruck and an unmarked police car were spotted speeding through campus at approx. 6:30 this evening.

Hot Mess Takes No Vacations!

Freshman Zachary Russo was back up to his old tricks the other day, looking more of a hot mess than ever.

What's that on his pants??


Vassar Quidditch team captain Conrad Schott was spotted leaving Taylor Hall this morning sporting a new 'do. Conrad exchanged his long reddish brown locks for a short, more manageable style.

We like!

November 25, 2007

Co-Owner of Babycakes Speaks

Susan, co-owner of Babycakes Cafe gives an interview:

Loves the Bon Jovi in the background.

Best Of The Week

5. Stuffing
4. Sleeping till noon
3. "Fear and Loathing on the Oregon Trail" backpage of the Misc
2. Having your mom do your laundry and cook for you
1. Not having to climb six feet to get into bed

Celeb Sighting

LINDSAY LOHAN was spotted in our home town yesterday attending her younger brother's basketball game.

Sorry, not necessarily Vassar related, but still good.

What We're Watching


"Vassar also had a big effect - I credit that place and its teachers with helping me find me, who I am."

- Meryl Streep on her influences during the 1960's from the November 15th issue of Rolling Stone Magazine.

She continues to mention how women "went underground" once the men arrived in 1969.

Dining Style to Change

Sorry this is so vague, but we're still waiting for confirmation.

According to sources, the set up of ACDC next year will be quite different - buffet style will be taking over. "It will be more cost efficient," one sources tell us.

This is really all we know right now, so check back for details.

Hello All

Hello readers.
Back to the books. An upperclassman told us how Thanksgiving break is kind of a cock tease and now we totally know what he meant.

We're playing around with some new layouts. We're not sure if we loves it or hates it.

Anything interesting happen to you during the break? Feel free to share at We love hearing from you, really!

November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a good break!



November 21, 2007

Giving Thanks to Sarah Josepha Hale

So the woman who removed "Female" from Vassar Female College is also responsible for Thanksgiving as a national holiday.

Check out the article from 'On Campus' -

November 20, 2007

PETA vs. Vassar

Vassar was of course cleared of PETA's allegations of "bird torture" back in September. We just found this article though, and it's making us laugh. Thanksgiving and tortured birds go together.

Vassar alumnus, Pulin, is leading PETA's fight against Vassar College. Back in September, on PETA's official blog Pulin writes:

[As a student] I certainly do remember researching many completely ridiculous and cruel animal experiments which have been taking place on my alma mater's campus under the banner of 'science.'

Check out the article:


'Act Out' Speaks Out

Yesterday's "Empty Quad" post ( sparked a discussion over homophobia at Vassar. Some students were offended by the Coming Out Week structure referred to as an "eyesore."

In a comment late last night, Julia Golomb, president of Act Out, sets the record straight:

This structure was constructed for a fire safety demo, which it was supposed to be used for sometime following coming out week - I'm not sure why they left it there for so long and didn't use it for the demo, and yeah, the box was ugly. Since it was there, QCVC and Act Out! decided to turn the box into a closet for National Coming Out Week [...]

Those of us who most need exposure to "the closet" are not the ones who would take a trip to Blegen to check it out - that's why it was in such a highly visible location [...]

Shouldn't we want to send the message to prospective students that Vassar is a welcoming environment? Just because glbt people are visible on campus does not mean that vassar is "over-run" with the gays.

Students Trapped in Elevator

Four students got trapped in the Jewett elevator an hour ago. Sucks!

Somewhere around the sixth floor the elevator suddenly stopped and the lights went out. The students called security, who said something along the lines of, "The trouble-shooters are on their way." Then the fans went on and the elevator automatically returned to the basement floor.

Last year the Jewett elevator was out of service for two weeks.

November 19, 2007

Vassar Blogosphere Part II

Andy's Bi-Monthly Blog, which we mentioned a few days ago ( has just posted a similar write up of Vassar-related blogs. Copycat, yes, but we're flattered none the less.

About Mads, Andy writes:

Probably the most prolific blogger on the Vassar campus, Mads keeps you updated at a deafening pace of which parties were the most legit, and which speakers were worth listening to. Although it's run anonymously, we're pretty sure here at the bi-monthly that the author is a freshman and lives in Jewett. Beyond that, the mystery is a part of the appeal.

Check out his full post:

Mads Passes 30,000

Mads hits passed 30,000 today.
Mads hits passed 30,000 today.
Mads hits passed 30,000 today.

Big thanks to all of our readers!

And thanks to all contributors!

Empty Quad

The eyesore structure, intended for a Fire Safety demonstration but eventually used for a Coming Out Week "closet," was finally removed this morning.

Best Of The Week

November 18, 2007

Chuck D Actually IN "American Gangster"

Despite the fact that Chuck D both opened and closed his lecture the other week criticizing the film "American Gangster," Public Enemy's song, "Can't Truss It" is on the film's soundtrack.

Is the rapper a complete hypocrite, or is he embarrassed by the fact his music appears in the film? Either way, Chuck failed to mention the use of his song during the lecture. Maybe he didn't even know.

Harvest Ball a Failure?

Last night's Harvest Ball got mixed reviews. One attendee said it was "brilliant and beautiful." He even made it his Facebook status.

Others told us no one stayed for more than a few minutes.

What did you think?

No-Vice Pics

From last Thursday's NoVice show:

Betty Keeps The Party Going!

At 2am this morning DJ Ray announced, "This is the last song" and people started heading up from the Mug. 2am? Betty Francis was NOT having this.

Sources tell us that the peanut-butter-and-jelly-squares-giving security guard said something along the lines of, "Why is everybody heading up? The party isn't over yet! The party ends at 3!" and ran down the stairs and told the DJ's to keep the music going. The music began again shortly after that.

ASU is awesome! Betty is awesome!

November 17, 2007

Mads Exclusive!

Tu-Phace's set list from last night's Hip Hop 101 show:


The Hip Hop 101 show rocked the Villard Room last night.

TuPhace put on an amazing set. We loved his energy. The highlight for us was his cover of Tracy Chapman's "Talkin' Bout a Revolution," when TuPhace both rapped and sang.

Breakdancers and (of course) TC also hyped the crowd.

November 16, 2007


Celeb Sighting

Hip hop artist Tu-Phace was spotted taking in a meal at ACDC this evening. He was joined by his boiz from Hip Hop 101. Tu-Phace spoke at this afternoon's "Under the Turntable" lecture and will be performing at tonight's "Four Pillars" concert, scheduled to perform around 11pm.

Global Soul

The ASU will be taking over the Mug tomorrow night.

Check it out!

Featuring African beats. Our boy Nii Yeboah is DJ-ing.

Saturday Night, starting at 10pm

Check out the Facebook event:

Herbstessen '07

German lovers unite!
Last night was Herbstessen at the Aula, sponsored by the German Department. The event featured great German food and music. Many people showed up for the event.

"The German Department throws balla ass shit," one attendee tells Mads.

Jewett Auction for Charity

So the Jewett auction didn't have any naked frisbee players, but it did raise $1,201 for Community Works (1 dollar more than last year's earnings).

Items included a nighttime turn down service, a documentary made about you, and a beer tasting session. The highest bidding item was breakfast in bed, which raised $110.

November 15, 2007

The Vassar Blogosphere

Mads isn't the only blog at Vassar. Just the best.

Here's some other ones you should check out: - Random but insightful posts about life - All about "geospatial technologies." We don't know what those are, but we read it anyway. - Kicking Coke the fuck off our campus.

and of course: which has blogs for each of the committees.

But we're the best.


"Hunters with beards, attitudes, and weaponry may be roaming through the woods."

"Leaving the antlered backpack at home and going easy on the Parfum de Bambi is highly recommended."

-Don Marsala, Director of Security, in a campus-wide email this morning

NoVice Show Tomorrow

If you like electricity, Do It In The Dark probably isn't your thing. So check out the NoVice show at the Mug.

Effi Briest
The Fucking Ocean

There's also going to be a multimedia/performance peace by Vassar student David Knowles.

Check out the Facebook event:

THURSDAY night in the Mug from 9-12.

November 14, 2007

PR Party

Mad heads took over the Jewett lounge for the last hour to watch the season premier of Project Runway.

Rami's our fave.

Mads Does It In The Dark

Didn't you hear?
Electricity is soo out this season.

DO IT IN THE DARK with the Vassar Greens tomorrow.

Joss Parlor

featuring acoustic performers. Loves them.

Charlie Banks

We know it's considered an "alumni" film, but we still find it kind of funny that it was directed by Fred Durst.

Go see "The Education of Charlie Banks" a.k.a. "All For The Nookie Part I [Working Title]" at 7pm in Vogelstein 109. And then rush back for Project Runway 4.

November 13, 2007

Our New Favorite

Sorry, After Hours, but Hip Hop 101 is just so IN right now.

Last week, Hip Hop 101 sponsored the Chuck D lecture. Although we didn't necessarily agree with his points, it was a good lecture none the less.

This week, Hip Hop 101 has THREE big events. And they are all supposed to be really good. On Wednesday night the group is screening two films, Friday is a panel discussion on language in rap music, and Friday night is an MC showcase.

Here are the links to the Facebook events:

Power Shift

A group of about 20 Vassar students spent last weekend in Maryland for Power Shift, the first all-student rally on climate change. The event was the largest climate change rally in history, with 1,400 attendees.

The event was covered by a popular environmentalist publication, Grist. Check out the article:

What We're Watching

November 12, 2007

Babies and Cakes

Any day now!

Rugby Team Makes Nationals

The Women's Rugby team has quite the weekend. On Sunday they schooled Army 30-5. On Sunday though, they were defeated by Brown, 36-27.

The Women's Rugby Team will be going to Nationals this year, as the #2 Northeast Team, right behind Brown. The team has previously gone to nationals in 2002 and 2004.


Visiting English Professor, MARK WHALAN, was spotted yesterday at H&M in Poughkeepsie. Whalan was out and about enjoying his new D-list celeb status after his interview in last week's Miscellany News.

Check out the article:

What We're Listening To

It's our new obsession. Type in any artist and it creates a whole playlist for you of similar artists.

Check it out.

November 11, 2007

Quidditch World Cup

The Vassar Quidditch team sadly did not take home the gold at today's Middlebury Quidditch World Cup. This is just year one for the Vassar Quidditch team, so we'll have plenty of more opportunities.

Best Of The Week

1. Blacklight bubble fluid raining down on you
2. Tuesday's Chuck D lecture
3. The Bones of Davey Jones performance at the Mug on Thursday
4. The current Saul Steinberg exhibit at the Loeb
5. The light up dance floors at Blackout
6. ViCE's Film League (SiCKO was excellent)

Freshmen Class President

No Babycakes Yet

Despite the report in the recent article in the Miscellany News (, Babycakes Cafe on Collegeview Ave. did not open today.

"We are wrapping up our renovation and hope to be open within a week or two," says the voice today on the cafe's answering machine.


We woke up covered in highlighter.

An inside source tells us that before the night was over lots of damage to Main was already accounted for. One of the doors leading to the Villard Room was removed and four windows were broken.

November 10, 2007


Jewett floor 9 was just busted by security during an AWESOME pre-game.

About thirty students were there, all of whom dashed into rooms or down the stairs when two security guards arrived via elevator. "They ran down the stairs. I didn't wanna chase 'em though," one security guard was overheard saying.

Several beers and one bottle of Vodka was confiscated. Two non-Jewett residents were written up.

"Man! They threw out all our Chex Mix! That wasn't even alcoholic!" one ninth floor resident said.

Vassar is the New Hogwarts

The Vassar Quidditch team is getting ready for tomorrow's Middlebury Quidditch World Cup.

They're not even flying! Loves the idea, though.

"Quidditch is still pretty young for a muggle sport." Conrad is so cool!

The Burlington Free Press released an article about the Quidditch World Cup today, mentioning Vassar's team. Check it out:

Babycakes Opens Tomorrow

According to this week's issue of The Miscellany News, Babycakes cafe on Collegeview will be opening tomorrow.
Mads will deffo be there. Although we do love our Retreat breakfast sandwiches.

Read the article:

Babycakes website:

We're Blacking Out Tonight!

So Mods and Rockers was kind of beat. Such cool posters, too! Shame.

But tonight will be redic.
$10,000 worth of blacklights and an awesome DJ.

Mads will see YOU there!



Mad heads from Vassar were spotted at the Egyptian gallery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art this afternoon.

So intellectual.

November 9, 2007

Vassar's Playmates

Where Freshmen hipsters go to be loud:

New Bikes

Ten new bikes will be made available on Monday. Woo!
Cappy has donated them to the Shared Bike Program. That was nice of her, but how long until these break too?

One time we saw a girl bust major ass after her seat fell off from under her. She was wearing a dress too. Hysterrible!

Snow Tomorrow!

Yes - it is supposed to snow tonight/tomorrow.
It starts tonight at 9pm with a mix of rain and snow with temperatures in the high 30's. Then the temp is going to drop and it will keep snowing/raining until 9am when it will get warm and turn to only rain.

Check it out:,%20Nov%2010