November 11, 2007

Best Of The Week

1. Blacklight bubble fluid raining down on you
2. Tuesday's Chuck D lecture
3. The Bones of Davey Jones performance at the Mug on Thursday
4. The current Saul Steinberg exhibit at the Loeb
5. The light up dance floors at Blackout
6. ViCE's Film League (SiCKO was excellent)


Anonymous said...

o good. i thought that blacklight fluid was something else...i suppose i can stop scrubbing my arm clean now. its been a long day.

Anonymous said...

SiCKO was excellent. the steinberg exhibit is wonderful as well.

Anonymous said...

chuck d was horrible!

Anonymous said...

SiCKO was excellent...if you like skewed mock-umentaries.

Anonymous said...

chuck d was a terrible speaker

Anonymous said...

come on! did you not see the limit show? that shit was awesome. they are totally the funniest group i have seen all year.

Evan said...

can we just talk about what a great job my man Mads is doing here? I mean - really tellin it like it is.


Evan Alt