November 18, 2007

Betty Keeps The Party Going!

At 2am this morning DJ Ray announced, "This is the last song" and people started heading up from the Mug. 2am? Betty Francis was NOT having this.

Sources tell us that the peanut-butter-and-jelly-squares-giving security guard said something along the lines of, "Why is everybody heading up? The party isn't over yet! The party ends at 3!" and ran down the stairs and told the DJ's to keep the music going. The music began again shortly after that.

ASU is awesome! Betty is awesome!


Anonymous said...

Betty scolded me the first time I met her, and I was inclined to dislike her. But now, Mads, you've shown me the light--Betty rocks!

Anonymous said...

she's never been nice to me. she just makes me tense up when i have to talk to her. ugh.

Anonymous said...

Betty's the raddest person ever. I lost my sweatshirt in the mug, and she helped me look for it for like half an hour. So awesome!

Anonymous said...

this is a new betty... last year's betty would come downstairs with her flashlight searching for crack cocaine and fornication, usually ending the party at 2:15 or before.