November 10, 2007


Jewett floor 9 was just busted by security during an AWESOME pre-game.

About thirty students were there, all of whom dashed into rooms or down the stairs when two security guards arrived via elevator. "They ran down the stairs. I didn't wanna chase 'em though," one security guard was overheard saying.

Several beers and one bottle of Vodka was confiscated. Two non-Jewett residents were written up.

"Man! They threw out all our Chex Mix! That wasn't even alcoholic!" one ninth floor resident said.


Anonymous said...

kick ass party ninth floor! well done.

Anonymous said...

yo that's crazy

Anonymous said...

dude we took that chex mix out of the trash can and ate it anyway. yum.

Anonymous said...

you gotta fight for your right to party!