November 7, 2007

Mads Party Mix

We've made out first Vassar mix!

Mads Mix Vol. 1

Check out the playlist:
1. Stronger, Kanye West
2. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), Eurythmics
3. Rehab, Amy Winehouse
4. Paper Planes, M.I.A.
5. Gimme More, Britney Spears
6. The Way I Are, Timbaland
7. Good Life, Kanye West
8. Give It to Me, Timbaland
9. Touch The Sky, Kanye West
10. Oops!...I Did It Again, Britney Spears
11. Thong Song, Sisqo
12. Maneater, Nelly Furtado
13. Umbrella, Rihanna featuring Jay-Z
14. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough, Michael Jackson
15. Billie Jean, Michael Jackson
16. Livin' on a Prayer, Bon Jovi
17. Rock the Casbah, The Clash
18. Piece of Me, Britney Spears

That's it. Comes in at one hour.
It's already been getting rotation on the Noyes and Jewett scenes.
What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I can't get on board with a playlist that doesn't include Don't Stop Believin'!

Anonymous said...

shut it. that playlist is kickin

Anonymous said...

If I hear that song one more fucking time...I don't know, but it's getting fucking old.