November 30, 2007

Masquerave Cancelled?

We heard a rumor that tomorrow night's Masquerave was cancelled. It's also no longer listed on the official Vassar calendar. No word yet on why it's been cancelled.

Sam Finer, the secretary of Vassar Teknowledgy confirms that Masquerave has been cancelled.


Anonymous said...

The Masquerave's been cancelled because we didn't register the event early enough to get alcohol approved for it (no champagne = lackluster party), and the date placement was a bit bad. Not many people can go to a party during crunch week. >.< I'm sorry that the cancellation wasn't announced properly, but there were some serious cross-communication issues between us and the NSO over it that we've worked out (hopefully).

Look for the Masquerave sometime next semester! I promise all of you a bitchin' party of purely Biblical proportions.

--Sam Finer, Vassar Teknowledgy Secretary

Anonymous said...

it's okay, you can still go to flypeople works in progress at 8 in kenyon.

shameless plug what?
ps please advertise

Anonymous said...

mmmm, masquerave....definitely wasn't advertised well...vassar teknowledgy parties are the shit, and i had no idea masquerave was coming up :(