November 19, 2007

Vassar Blogosphere Part II

Andy's Bi-Monthly Blog, which we mentioned a few days ago ( has just posted a similar write up of Vassar-related blogs. Copycat, yes, but we're flattered none the less.

About Mads, Andy writes:

Probably the most prolific blogger on the Vassar campus, Mads keeps you updated at a deafening pace of which parties were the most legit, and which speakers were worth listening to. Although it's run anonymously, we're pretty sure here at the bi-monthly that the author is a freshman and lives in Jewett. Beyond that, the mystery is a part of the appeal.

Check out his full post:


Anonymous said...

I want to bone Andy. More so than MADS.

Anonymous said...

you craaazy. id totally bone mads before andy. man of mystery and all.

Anonymous said...

I just thought I'd mention the VC livejournal community. It's less of a blog and more of a forum (I used it even back when I was a prospective student) but there are a large chunk of Vassar kids reading it.

Anonymous said...

i know who mads is and he's foxy

Anonymous said...

the quote right above me was totally mads