November 10, 2007

We're Blacking Out Tonight!

So Mods and Rockers was kind of beat. Such cool posters, too! Shame.

But tonight will be redic.
$10,000 worth of blacklights and an awesome DJ.

Mads will see YOU there!



Anonymous said...

Mads, I'm very dissappointed with your assessment of Mods and Rockers, the people that were there had a great time and the only problems were the lights going on and off and the dj's transitions.

Anonymous said...

I was there. It was terrible. Bad music, hardly anyone dressed up, awful remixes and a distict lack of ambience or personality. If you're one of the ALMOST EVERYONE who didn't go, you didn't miss out.

Anonymous said...

lets all black out togetherrrr

Anonymous said...

the mug was pretty chill though

Anonymous said...

it was really really fun at the beginning when they were still playing 60s music!