January 25, 2008

Collegeview Gets Stumped

Back in October we wrote about the plans announced in the Misc for "definite landscape changes," which involve removing all of the trees along the Collegeview Ave. fence.

Well, plans are well underway, seeing as every tree has now been reduced to a stump.

Back in October, a rep for Buildings & Grounds said the removal of the fence and trees is in an effort to "provide a pleasant transition from Vassar into the business district."

We thought Vassar was supposed to be known for its trees, not stumps.

UPDATE: A more recent article in the Misc reads:

In order to prepare for the reconstruction, many of the trees on the north edge of campus along Collegeview Avenue will be cleared, and Central Hudson will begin relocating power cords and utility poles.


Anonymous said...

There was a more recent Misc article about this just before break. It's all part of the reconstruction of Collegeview Avenue by the New York State department of transportation. That strip of land was actually sold to the state to make room for some utility equipment during the construction. But it's going to be entirely re-landscaped and the whole area is going to be beautiful!

andrew bennett said...

The previous commenter is right on. I also wanted to point out that, while the trees were cut down by the electric company, the stumps will be removed by the New York State DOT-selected contractor. Unfortunately the ground is frozen right now, which prevents stump removal.

Anonymous said...

how are we going to keep the townies out??

Anonymous said...

oh man can't believe 1:54 AM. you're a dick. the townies are welcome to have a nice stroll around campus or check out the museum whenever they want. god, snobbery at its fucking best.

the CORRECT question is, how do we keep the creepies out (like the guy who harassed me and my friend, or the quad goosers, etc)?