January 20, 2008

Going Back

So dorms are officially back open, and classes will begin in just a few short days. According to our poll, most of you have had enough of home and feel ready to go back. We couldn't agree more. While finals certainly left us fried, five weeks at home gets kind of boring. Sleeping through the afternoon, playing Nintendo 64 classics (in an ironic way), and going to high school parties gets tired.

In other words, we're very excited to return to school. There are so many things to look forward to! What will Hot Mess do next? Who will be spotted roaming the Quad at odd hours? Will Alex Elder come to visit? Plus, Main, Jewett, ViCE, VJU/Cushing/Davison, and VT are all throwing events in the near future.

Remember to keep sending in tips and videos to madsvassar@gmail.com.

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