January 28, 2008

Kentucky Speaks

Kentucky.com just announced "breaking news" of JJ's move to UK.

The article quotes UK President Lee T. Todd Jr. as saying "he was thrilled that Jackson will be coming to UK." The article also states, according to a public relations rep for UK, JJ will "receive an annual salary of $210,000."

"In her new post, Jackson will be UK's senior administrator responsible for promoting efforts among faculty, staff and students to improve diversity."

The University of Kentucky also made the announcement just moments ago. JJ is quoted as saying, "I look forward to joining the UK family and the concerted effort toward the university's greater success."


Anonymous said...

now who will scoop our scrambled eggs.

Anonymous said...

i graduated in may, and im just hearing about this, but thank god jj's leaving. i think she was a pox on the school, particularly the social scene. although the trustees definitely play a part in that as well.