January 17, 2008

Next Year's Housing Crunch

Andrew Bennett, the Master Planning '09 Rep, has responded exclusively on MadsVass to housing concerns for next year.

All sophomores (current freshmen) except student leaders will be in doubles. Large singles of over 150 square feet will be turned into doubles to accommodate the freshmen and sophomores in doubles.

Juniors and seniors will be largely unaffected.

Seniors will have the opportunity to live in new 5-person THs as long as the units are completed on time. Juniors and seniors will have the opportunity to apply for new coop housing at the THs.

No room will be turned into a triple...

Davison WILL be taken offline next year. The building will not be open due to extensive renovations to the infrastructure and interiors. Plans are in the process of being finalized and will hopefully be put on display in the near future.

No sophomores, juniors, or seniors will be in one-room triples. As I said before, no rooms will be converted into triples. Moreover, the new Davison will not have any triples.

The new THs are up against the clock to be built in time. Unlike with the quad steps, however, B&G is on top of the TH construction and we are using a trusted contractor. It might appear that nothing is happening for a while since we are using panel construction. Much of the construction will occur off-site.

Some seniors will indeed be living in the dorms and others will move off-campus, as with any other year. Since the largest singles will be converted into doubles, seniors will probably not have rooms as large as in previous years. Still, seniors in the dorms will get the first pick of rooms.

Feel free to email me (andbennett at vassar dot edu) with questions!


Anonymous said...

whats the plan for the current freshmen who live in davison? will we have a pick as to where we will live next year?

andrew bennett said...

The room draw plan has not yet been finalized. Rich Horowitz in the ResLife Office is hard at work trying to develop a room draw system that does not put current Davison residents at a disadvantage and maintains a sense of Davison identity. The process is extremely complicated: each dorm has a certain number of singles and doubles on each floor, a certain target proportion of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, and a certain number of current residents in each class. Right now it looks as if current Davison residents will have some say as to which dorm they will be living in next year, but that is certainly subject to change. I think everyone is interested in making this an open process, so students should have no trouble finding more information if you ask the right people. Questions or ideas about room draw can be sent to Rich and VSA VP for Student Life Morgan Warners. Davison residents can also contact Davison President John Rothman.

Anonymous said...

thatd be really unfair if students who are freshmen and sophs this year who live in davision get placed into undesired dorms next year.
for instance, i know if i lived in davison and got moved into all-female housing next year if i did not request it, i would be pretty pissed. i feel bad for the students in davison.

Anonymous said...

thanks for some clarity amidst all the speculation.

Anonymous said...

any word on gender-neutral housing?

Anonymous said...

the word is it's absolutely unnecessary

Anonymous said...

awful idea.