February 29, 2008

Precis To Hit Vassar

A meeting was held the other night for a new, student-run news publication, Precis.

According to its creators, Precis will answer Vassar's growing demand for an online news publication. This will allow students to get the most up-to-date stories (daily postings) and be able to respond (discussion boards, comments, etc). One student likened it to the online news publication Huffington Post.

The site will be sponsored by the VSA, and will most likely be at http://www.precis.vassar.edu.

Precis is currently seeking writers and hopes to go up right after Spring Break.

Heaven & Hell Heating Up

An insider tells us what to expect for tomorrow night's Heaven and Hell party.

Joss and Main have gone all out in decorations for the event. Dry ice is going to be releasing smoke from the balcony of the Villard Room, creating the hellish atmosphere. There will also be "virtual graffiti" on the wall.

DJ Olmec will be DJing from 10-12, and Asslaughter will be taking over from 12-2. There will also be a VJ, with music videos being projected on the walls.

Make sure to get there early, Olmec fans.

This Weekend On Campus

Here are some events worth checking out this weekend:

Dynamo Theatre production of "There Was No Time Before the War"
5/9pm Powerhouse Theatre

ViCE Film League presents Control
7pm Blodgett Auditorium

Talking Heads Dance Party
8pm Ferry House Living Room

FlyPeople Mug Night
11pm Mug

6pm Rocky 300

ViCE Film League presents Control
7pm Blodgett Auditorium

VRDT @ Bardavon
8pm Bardavon Opera House

Heaven and Hell
10pm Mug, CC MPR, Villard Room

Email MadsVassar@Gmail.com for publicity.

February 28, 2008

Founder's Day Theme Announced

The Founder's Day theme was announced a few days ago.

The theme is Candyland.


CLICK HERE to join the 2008 Founder's Day Facebook group.

Art, Wine, Music

Come to tonight's Late Night at the Loeb!

While the Saul Steinberg exhibit is no longer up, there are still some great works to see.

There will also be free music, wine, and food.

Performances at 7 and 8pm.

Sent In By You

Although neither Vasshapes nor 80's Night ended up taking over the Mug last night, the night was not lost. Here's what one Mads reader had to say:

OMG Mads, 80s night was SO awesome this week
because of the trifecta of incredible that is
(ali kullman, rachel hite, kim benton)

encore encore encore (or at least once a month.) they're fab and the playlist was perfecto

Email us at MadsVassar@gmail.com!

Film League Presents...

Friday and Saturday
7pm Blodgett Auditorium

On The Cover

The cover of these week's Misc:
Showing Their Pedigree: Equestrian team competes in local show

Sadly, the next new issue of the Misc won't be out until late March.

February 27, 2008

Tomorrow's Headline


Vassar's Equestrian Team will be on the cover of tomorrow's Misc.

In addition, there will be an article on the three dining companies bidding for a contract. There will also be an article providing an update on the gender-neutral housing issue. Finally, the editorial board of the Misc will discuss ownership of the paper in a time when many corporations are buying out college newspapers.

Final Three!

Students all over campus just spent the last hour watching the second-to-last episode of Project Runway. We are very pleased with the finalists.

POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT -> If you love Project Runway, then you should probably check this out:

What do you think of the judges' decision? Comment!

UPDATE: Sorry, readers. The post was up for a few minutes (only three) before realizing it was a spoiler. It should be okay now though.

NoVice Pride Week Continues

NoViCE's first annual Pride Week concludes tomorrow night with another show in the Mug, featuring High Places, Lucky Dragons, and Pictureplane.

Thursday night
9pm, Mug

Here's what NoVice has to say about the bands:

HIGH PLACES (http://myspace.com/hellohighplaces)
"Classic indie pop re-envisioned with beatz electronics and chimes - in matching hoodies! - twee intact. High Places channels the spirit of school bus sing-a-longs, back country camping trips, and first prize science fair projects, while conjuring dreams of faraway places through the use of field recordings, contact mics on household items, wind instruments and electronic thingamabobs. The most loved new band in Brooklyn hands down." seen on tour with YACHT, THE BLOW, MIRAH, NO AGE, and ATLAS SOUND, and last year at 148 COLLEGE AVE.

LUCKY DRAGONS (http://myspace.com/luckydragons)
los angeles one-man psychedelic lovefest with touchyfeely electronic audience participation and awesomely positive cheer. "hawks and sparrows" is made up entirely of field recordings from anti-war protests across the US in 2003! exhibits in the VENICE and WHITNEY BIENNIALS, seen on tour with DIRTY PROJECTORS, WHITE RAINBOW, and BOBBY BIRDMAN.

PICTUREPLANE (http://myspace.com/pictureplane)
raver synth party jams make you dance and vibe hard, how cool is that? based outta denver, plays shows with HEALTH, CRYSTAL CASTLES, GANG GANG DANCE, BLACK DICE.

Click on these to listen:
MP3: High Places - "Head Spins"
MP3: Lucky Dragons - "Fake is Forever"
MP3: Pictureplane - "No Law"


Cappy was spotted in the Retreat today around 1pm. She was sporting a new, tightly cropped 'do. And yes, another turtleneck.

February 26, 2008

What We're Watching

More Rain, More Snow

Later today this light snow will switch to rain. Tomorrow conditions will alternate between rain and snow, followed by a snow shower at night with a low of 12 degrees.

Let's hope it doesn't flood like last week.

CLICK HERE for a full forecast.

February 25, 2008

Big NoVice Show Tonight

NoVice presents
Atlas Sound / White Rainbow / Valet
Tonight @ the Mug

Here's what NoVice tells us...

bradford cox, lead singer of 2007 indie sensations DEERHUNTER, and self-proclaimed "true queer art punk," brings his side project to life. throwback girl group pop that will melt your mind and your ass will follow. to tour with ANIMAL COLLECTIVE. "swirling, disorienting whole ... like good pop" (pitchfork, best new music).


portland, or-based psychedelic hippies who love astrology, glowing musical "vibe huts," and above all, awesome beats.

Here's a preview:
Atlas Sound
- "River Card"

Atlas Sound
- "Quarantined"

Also, remember that Pride Week continues with another show this Thursday, featuring High Places, Lucky Dragons, and Pictureplane. More info soon!

Best Facebook Event Ever

You must CLICK HERE!

Main And Campus Respond

JJ Jackson sent out an email earlier today regarding Friday night's incident in Main.

As we posted shortly after it happened, out of respect for the student involved, we are not going to provide detail as to what happened. The incident was upsetting and it is not our place to comment on it. We are, however, going to comment on the campus response.

Mads received an email from the Main House President on Saturday morning. "The individual involved is being taken care of in the hospital and most likely will be fine. The students that had to witness the event are being helped and are taken care of," Luis writes.

In addition, an email was sent to Main residents on Saturday. House Advisor Akiko Yamaguchi expressed her appreciation for the concern and support that came from residents.

We are told that any concerns can be directed to Main House President Luis Trujillo at lutrujillio@vassar.edu or House Advisor Akiko Yamaguchi at akyamaguchi@vassar.edu.

In Case You Missed It

The Oscars ended before midnight!

No Country for Old Men took Best Picture and Best Director(s).
Daniel Day-Lewis won Best Actor for There Will Be Blood.
Diablo Cody won Best Original Screenplay for Juno.
Marion Cotillard won Best Actress for La Vie en Rose.

The highlights for us were the "Falling Slowly" performance and Jon Stewart saying, "Atonement: Finally a story that captured the passion and raw sexuality of Yom Kippur."

February 24, 2008

Vassar Favorites To Play Brown

According to Wesleying, this year's Spring Weekend at Brown will feature several acts, including Vampire Weekend, M.I.A., and Girl Talk. So jealous.

What Went Wrong?

Both the Impromptu Dance Party and Mazel Tov Matthew had disappointing turnouts.

On Friday night, less than half the Villard Room was filled, and the event never really reached its peak. Last night's party was fun for a bit, mainly when Asslaughter played the hora, but most people left by 1am. The Mug, on the other hand, had a large turnout last night.

So why the disinterest? Is everyone still recovering from last weekend's Girl Talk/Seven Deadly? We weren't expecting much from UpC. Parties never seem to work there. We think Mazel Tov would have worked in the Aula.

In our poll, more Mads readers are excited for next week's Heaven and Hell than Mazel Tov, but over half of you didn't care for either.

What went wrong?

UPDATE: Just to clarify, Mads attended both of these events and had a lot of fun. We are only expressing our disappointment with the turn out, and don't measure the success of an event by the crowd it draws.

NoVice Does Pride Week

NoVice continues its Pride Week this week, with three shows in one week since last Thursday.

Atlas Sound / White Rainbow / Valet
9pm Mug

High Places / Lucky Dragons / Pictureplane

February 23, 2008

Snow Day

By Word Of Mouth

An insider tells Mads that some drama is going down concerning the DJ lineup for next weekend's Heaven and Hell party. Supposedly campus favorite DJ Asslaughter and rising star DJ Olmec have both been asked to DJ, but it has yet to be decided who gets the 12-2am slot. We're told that Joss has the final decision.


Cappy was spotted at today's Women's Basketball game. She's been rocking the turtlenecks a lot lately.

Men's Volleyball Takes Gold

The Men's Volleyball team beat out Nazareth College last night, the number #1 DIII spot holders in the country. The tournament was held at home. Congratulations, guys!

CLICK HERE for a full recap.


An unidentified female visitor from NYU was spotted trying to mack it with DJ Olmec at last night's dance party.

Main Incident

There was an incident in Main dorm at around 11:30pm this evening, involving emergency personnel and a severe injury.

This isn't "gossip." Out of respect for the student involved, we do not think it is appropriate to comment on it at this time.

February 22, 2008

To Be Young

Here's some retro presidential hottness for this cold winter day.

Check It Out

The last women's basketball game of the season is tomorrow.


New Poll

New poll question:
Which are you most excited for?
Mazel Tov Matthew, Heaven and Hell, or neither?

Poll closes tomorrow night, so be sure to vote!


Cappy and JJ were spotted at the Retreat at around 1pm this afternoon.

DJs Announced For Tonight's Impromtu

The DJs for tonight's Impromptu Dance Party, in order, are:
Dice (Matt Wise)
Respire (Paul Noonan)
Morton Sutton (Conner Marx)
Olmec (Nick Inzucchi)

An insider for the event tell us it will be "hiphop/breaks centric, not your typical VT technohouse. Think of it as a huge mugnight!"

Tonight in the Villard Room!

Winter Storm Warning

From weather.com:



- -

CLICK HERE for more info.

February 21, 2008

NoVice Presents...

NoVice show tonight!
9pm Mug

Excepter, Extra Life, and Carzwillburn

Fire Activity At Main

The Main fire alarm is going off at the moment (5:45pm).

Several fire department vehicles are outside.

UPDATE: 5:58pm The firetrucks just left.

From NSO

Here's a message from NSO:

NonCon 8 begins this Friday and ends this Sunday. It's a three day long Webcomic and Gaming celebration with hundreds of dollars in gaming tournament prizes. A short highlight reel of NonCon novelties includes a Halo tournament, a Melee Tournament, a Magic the Gathering Tournament, an early debut of Super Smash Bros Brawl for the Wii, and a mighty line-up of webcomic artists including Questionable Content, Diesel Sweeties and Something Positive.

CLICK HERE or HERE for more info.

This Weekend On Campus

Here's a look at what's worth checking out this weekend...

NSO presents NonCon

Dynamo's "Bastard Nation"
5pm Powerhouse Theater

Vassar Film League's Across the Universe showing
7pm Blodgett Auditorium

ViCE Special Events presents The Evasons
8pm UpC

VT's Impromptu Dance Party
10pm Villard Room

Last women's basketball game
2pm Walker

Vassar Film League's Across the Universe showing
7pm Blodgett Auditorium

Davison, Cushing, and the VJU's Mazel Tov Matthew
10pm UpC

Email madsvassar@gmail.com for publicity.

Gender-Neutral Not Happening

While the VSA did pass a resolution in favor of a gender-neutral housing option, the process doesn't stop there.

One source tells us that the resolution has to be approved by the Board of Trustees, which does not meet until late May, after room draw. The resolution may pass, but not in time for the 2008-2009 school year. This is not confirmed.

Another source tells us, "Senior administrators wanted to have more extensive conversations before it goes into effect."

A rep for the VSA tells Mads, "As for the reasons, people will have to wait until at least Monday when the Executive Board has a meeting with Cappy."

Morgan Warners, Vice President for Student Life, will discuss the plan on Sunday at the VSA Council meeting. An article in next week's Misc will contain additional information.

On The Cover

As we posted yesterday, the cover of this week's Misc is "How much is too much: Rise in alcohol-related hospital visits raises concerns."

The issue also contains an article on the SAU's campaign against Aramark, which we wrote about last week.

Pick up a copy or visit misc.vassar.edu.

Film League Presents...

Across The Universe
Friday and Saturday at 7pm
Blodgett Auditorium

February 20, 2008

On The Cover Tomorrow


Tomorrow's Misc cover: Alcohol use at Vassar. The article will address the dramatic increase in hospital visits and EMT calls, particularly among freshmen.

Make sure to pick up a copy!

Happening Now

The lunar eclipse is going on right now...

Exciting News!

Exciting news, readers!

Mads was personally asked by the SiteMaster for thecampusword.com to join their new College Media Network! We've been TCW readers for a long time, and we're really excited about this. Now students across the country can read all about Vassar news if they so choose.

It's still in the works, but...
CLICK HERE to check it out! We're going to be putting up lots of sample posts from our main blog, and also some additional supplementary material that you can only see there.

Commencement Speaker?

J.K. Rowling has been chosen as the Commencement Speaker for both Harvard and Yale this year. Senator Ted Kennedy is speaking at Wesleyan.

Our Commencement Speaker was supposed to be announced in late January. Past speakers include Terry Gross, Susan Sontag, and Tom Hanks.

This year's speaker should be announced any day now...


Check out our YouTube channel!

We have clips of....
Spice Girls
Vampire Weekend
Girl Talk
Ben Lee
Seven Deadly Sins
Cappy and JJ
Shiva Rave
Primal Scream

and more! Email us at MadsVassar@gmail.com

What We're Listening To

What we're listening to...

"Time To Pretend" by MGMT.

Campaign Update

There have been several primaries over the last few weekends, resulting in Obama taking the lead with the higher number of delegates. While the Democratic race is close, McCain has a strong lead for the Republican ticket.

The current numbers:
Obama - 1,319
Clinton - 1,250

McCain - 918
Romney - 296
Huckabee - 217
Paul - 16

Figures courtesy of CNN.

Guilty Pleasure

Check out our montage from last night's Spice Girls concert!

We promise this is our last Spice Girls post...maybe.

February 19, 2008

Better Than Girl Talk

Lots of Vassar students, INCLUDING MADS, went to see the Spice Girls last night at Madison Square Garden!

The highlights were Mel C's solo performance of "I Turn to You," a flamenco-themed version of "Viva Forever," and all the little Spice offspring coming on stage for "Mama." Little Beckham showed off his break dancing skills.

Founder's Day Themes

As you probably saw in Sam Charner's email, the choices for Founder's Day theme are:

1) All Things Beatles
2) Candyland
3) Mary Poppins
4) Nightmare Before Christmas
5) Wild West

Hmm. Beatles could be okay. We love Nightmare, but we're not sure about working out as a theme. Wild West could be good?

Our suggestion was "Decades."

What do you think of the choices?

February 18, 2008

Viva Forever

Mads is seeing the Spice Girls tonight. ZOMG.

We'll take plenty of pictures for you!


The schedule of Finals is already up on AskBanner.

Dining Reps Confirm Changes


Three different reps for Campus Dining have confirmed that some major changes will be made to ACDC next year.

While Vassar is still accepting bids from vendors, one thing is certain - there WILL be a switch to a single-swipe system. The plan is not, however, a switch to "buffet style." Students will swipe their V-Cards once when entering ACDC. The bidding vendors have been asked to submit proposals based on this specific plan.

One rep refers to the new plan as an "all you can eat component."

No word on whether or not similar changes will be made for the Retreat.

The final decision on which vendor Vassar will be going with will be made in April.

February 17, 2008



Spotted: DJ ASSLAUGHTER taking a stroll through the library earlier today.

It's All Happening

Jewett's Seven Deadly Sins party last night did not disappoint.

The Class of 2011 got the party started with the Envy floor. Envy was the most well-done of any of the floors, and featured blacklights, balloons, image projections, and beats by DJ Olmec. The common room was filled over capacity.

The Jewett house team worked hard to transform the hotel-like formal MPR and lounge into blacklit dens of gluttony. And DJ Asslaughter proved once again to be our favorite Vassar DJs.

Girl Talk Part 4

Jewett Delivers

Seven Deadly Sins was quite the bash.
Pics and videos up tomorrow!

February 16, 2008

Girl Talk Parts 1 and 3

More videos up soon! Keep checking back!

The Night In Pictures

By Word Of Mouth

The Jewett House Team is busy getting ready for tonight. So far lots of color gels on all the lights.

Some Of Our Favorite People!

A party in Raymond last night brought out some of our favorite hottest messes.

Get Pumped (Again)

Although you're probably still recovering from last night, in just a few hours is Jewett's annual Seven Deadly Sins bash.

Floors 2-8 are each a different sin, and will be open from 10-12. Then at midnight head down to the first floor. Our favorite student DJ, Sara Slaughter, will keep the party going!

The fourth floor is the place to be before the first floor is open. The Envy floor will be sponsored by the Class of 2011 and will feature DJ Olmec.


Okay. Wow.


Mads had quite the night, as we're sure you all did too. Girl Talk was insane, as expected. Big thanks to Selina, Evan and everyone at ViCE.

Keep checking back on Saturday for lots and lots of pics and videos from the night. In the theme of "fallen celebrity" we made sure to get lots of paparazzi shots of people and Girl Talk.

So yeah, check back!

Anyone else have to wake up for Carousel Day? Ugh.

P.S. Last week was the biggest week in Mads history, with over a thousand hits a day. Not bad for a small campus. Thank you to all of our readers! It really means a lot.

February 15, 2008


Members of ViCE Special Events were spotted moving platforms through the College Center a short while ago.


Celeb Sighting

No...not Girl Talk (yet).

Folk singer and activist Pete Seeger was spotted at last night's Theodore Bikel event. The two have performed together in the past.

The Party Don't Stop For Betty

Just as she did in November, everyone's favorite Mug gatekeeper was NOT about to close up shop before 2am.

"Why has the music stopped?" Betty asked one Mads reader last night after the After Hours Open Mic Night. It was 11pm. He explained that it was an acoustic showcase, and the event had ended. "Nah. I'll tie 'em down," Betty said and descended down the Mug steps.

We love her!

Film League Presents...

Tonight and Tomorrow
Blodgett Auditorium, 7pm

UPDATE: According to ViCE Film League, Waitress is being shown instead of the scheduled I'm Not There.


"I hope there are a lot of gays - I mean people - there tonight."
- Anonymous male freshman

Hot Item

February 14, 2008

Joss Heating Up

More activity outside of Joss tonight. Three firetrucks were spotted outside of the dorm, along with a large crowd of students, at around 11pm.


Party Of The Year

ViCE assures us that partygoers will have little trouble getting in to tomorrow night's 100 Nights: Remixed. Extra security measures, including hiring extra security and fire watch, are in place to ensure a safe event. In addition, the action inside the Villard Room will be broadcast live via satellite in the CC North Atrium.

Read more about it below.

Party of the year!

Girl Talk Update

Mads got it wrong.

Our post "Possible Girl Talk Dramz" was misinformed, and we apologize for any damage it may have done.

In an emailed statement from the ViCE Exec Board, they tells us:
"ViCE has taken EVERY MEASURE (extra security, fire watch, alcohol placement, satellite hookup of the party in the north atrium of the college center, etc.) to make sure this party is not shut down and is safe."

ViCE also assures us that people should have no trouble getting in - the Halloween party, for example, admitted about 1,000 people. Parties are "rarely shut down," we're told.

Finally, although the rumor about Bard kids trying to get in may or may not be true, security will keep them from being admitted.

Again, sorry to ViCE and readers! This is seriously going to be the party of the year. Thanks for all of your hard work!

By Word Of Mouth

An inside source tells us that Crossover had the least number of people sent to the hospital for Vassar parties this year. Moulin Rouge had the highest number.

From Mads...

Happy Valentine's Day, readers!

There are lots of on-campus events to celebrate the day.

FlyPeople's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" Party
Villard Room 8-11pm

After Hours special Open Mic
Mug 9-11pm

The Vagina Monologues
Shiva 8pm

CLICK HERE for the complete list of today's events.

On The Cover

This week's Misc...

"Behind the Voices: A Look Inside WVKR"