February 22, 2008

DJs Announced For Tonight's Impromtu

The DJs for tonight's Impromptu Dance Party, in order, are:
Dice (Matt Wise)
Respire (Paul Noonan)
Morton Sutton (Conner Marx)
Olmec (Nick Inzucchi)

An insider for the event tell us it will be "hiphop/breaks centric, not your typical VT technohouse. Think of it as a huge mugnight!"

Tonight in the Villard Room!


Nick said...


Luis said...

Im going just so that I can actually meet DJ Olmec and tell him how AWESOME I think he is in person. Its about time! What slot will he be playing?


Nick said...
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Anonymous said...

nick is a man whore. I mean mads whore.

Nick said...

I'm just hustlin don't hate

Anonymous said...

olmec sucks balls