February 27, 2008

Final Three!

Students all over campus just spent the last hour watching the second-to-last episode of Project Runway. We are very pleased with the finalists.

POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT -> If you love Project Runway, then you should probably check this out:

What do you think of the judges' decision? Comment!

UPDATE: Sorry, readers. The post was up for a few minutes (only three) before realizing it was a spoiler. It should be okay now though.


Anonymous said...

Spoiler alert! I usually download PR episodes later in the week since I can't usually watch them Wednesday nights and so do plenty of other people who might not want to know who made it in the top 3 yet!

Mads' Blog said...

Sorry about that!

Anonymous said...

yeah please post a spoiler alert on these things because most people watch them online considering we dont have tv's in the rooms! thanks mads! we still love you

Anonymous said...

chris was the man