February 14, 2008

Girl Talk Update

Mads got it wrong.

Our post "Possible Girl Talk Dramz" was misinformed, and we apologize for any damage it may have done.

In an emailed statement from the ViCE Exec Board, they tells us:
"ViCE has taken EVERY MEASURE (extra security, fire watch, alcohol placement, satellite hookup of the party in the north atrium of the college center, etc.) to make sure this party is not shut down and is safe."

ViCE also assures us that people should have no trouble getting in - the Halloween party, for example, admitted about 1,000 people. Parties are "rarely shut down," we're told.

Finally, although the rumor about Bard kids trying to get in may or may not be true, security will keep them from being admitted.

Again, sorry to ViCE and readers! This is seriously going to be the party of the year. Thanks for all of your hard work!

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