February 25, 2008

In Case You Missed It

The Oscars ended before midnight!

No Country for Old Men took Best Picture and Best Director(s).
Daniel Day-Lewis won Best Actor for There Will Be Blood.
Diablo Cody won Best Original Screenplay for Juno.
Marion Cotillard won Best Actress for La Vie en Rose.

The highlights for us were the "Falling Slowly" performance and Jon Stewart saying, "Atonement: Finally a story that captured the passion and raw sexuality of Yom Kippur."


Anonymous said...

dude marion cotillard so deserved that award.

anyone else who saw that movie knows.

Anonymous said...

no country for old men = terrible film

Anonymous said...

i was really hoping that atonment would take best adapted screenplay... it preserved the story/narrative style of the book without sacrificing the acting.