February 6, 2008

Main Party This Friday

Main is throwing a cross-dressing party this Friday night.

Friday, 10pm - Sat, 2am
Villard Room, MPR, Mug, College Center

In addition to dancing and mayhem, the films Transamerica and Priscillia Queen of the Desert will be screened. Squirm will be providing hot chocolate and porn in CC 240 from 12-2. There will also be Italian desserts in the Mug from 11-2, including delicious tiramisu.

And there will be Go-Go dancers!

Choose your gender. Break the binary. Cross the line.

"It will be THE party of the year," says one of the event's planners. "No joke. I'm totally serious."


Anonymous said...

So hott! IM SO READY!

Anonymous said...

Girltalk IS the party of the year, hands down. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

Anonymous said...

This is SO the homohop all over again.

You kids be careful! I took so much e the night of the last homohop that my friends and I wandered around the golf course until sunup. It was 1999; it seemed appropriate.

Vassar '00

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! gender neutral housing and now all this GAY partying? what am i supposed to do? this is a sick college!!!!