February 12, 2008

NY Times Exposes Facebook Evil

An article in the Technology section of The New York Times on Monday discusses how removing your Facebook page may be more difficult than it seems.

The option of deactivating an account is misleading. According to the article, "Facebook servers keep copies of the information in [deactivated] accounts indefinitely." In your Facebook contract, you grant the site permission to "retain archived copies of your user content."

Similar social networking sites, such as MySpace do not retain a user's information once his or her page is deactivated.

So why would Facebook want to hold on to your information? Money. Facebook sells the information to companies looking for "demographic and behavioral information."

There is one solution at the moment - a Facebook group called "How to permanently delete your Facebook account" offers a step-by-step guide on the process.

CLICK HERE for the full article.

Thanks to Wesleying.


Anonymous said...

"Similar social networking sites, such as MySpace do not retain a user's information once his or her page is deactivated."

Untrue. Months after I deleted my myspace account, I still received "member newsletter" emails from the site at my personal email account. Who knows what other information they claim the right to retain?

Anonymous said...

your blog really sucks now! i know you got a lot of flack earlier in the year for reporting gossip, but wasn't that the whole purpose of this blog? this facebook article was interesting but it doesn't belong on madsvassar. i want to hear about whats going on in the campus community and entertainment. you're failing

Anonymous said...

Before making nasty comments, everybody should remember that students run Mads, and they have classes and homework and stress just like everybody else. They're busy, and under no obligation to run it, so either be satisfied with what's posted, or send something interesting to post. No need to get rude.

Brian said...

just put up picture of goatse.x until they remove you. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

i kinda agree with 3:38

Anonymous said...

i REALLY agree with 3:38. i also dislike the fact that the moderater usually rejects negative comments that i send in. what's the point of an anonymous blog if we aren't free to respond freely?

Anonymous said...

i agree with 8:53. i think i've gotten 2/20 comments posted, and the ones that don't get posted are way less objectionable than half the stuff i see up here.

Anonymous said...

ooooo mads vassar is conspiring against you! it is trying to stifle your voice!!! let's start a revolution!


you could build a bridge and get over it

Zack Miller '10 said...

If you don't like what you see here, why don't you start your own blog? I'm serious. I see a lot of people talking shit on these comment boards, and I've seen it for months, and not a single one has had the direction or the motivation to start their own blog and migrate their unwanted negativity over there.

Anonymous said...

dear zach,

i did start my own blog but whenever i try to post a comment logged into that blog, it doesn't get posted here.

conspiracy, what?