February 3, 2008

An Open Letter: Part 1

While we usually don't respond to anonymous commenters, two recent posts ("Neutral On Gender Neutral?" and "Mads For Ron Paul") have led us to do so. We never readers to feel alienated, and these two posts in particular have gotten a lot of negative feedback. Here is our rebuttal.

The Ron Paul post was intended as a goof. We obviously support none of the Republican candidates (sorry to our 15 Republican readers!) and agree with the comments about Congressman Paul. While he may be the most "liberal" of the candidates, we neither agree with his issues, nor expect that our so-called "endorsing" him will sway anyone's opinion.


Anonymous said...

being "one of those republican readers" this letter can make me feel alienated, as you said mads never tries to do.

Anonymous said...

That was obviously not a goof. Grow a pair MADS. The rebuttals weren't really that serious if you look at Ron Paul's actual platform, which is for the end of this oppressive federal government, and even though he may not believe in evolution or is pro life, he has consistently said that these issues are best left up to the states. You disappoint me.

Andy McKenzie said...

I am aghast! There's no reason to change your opinion just because of some people with differing stances.

As it stands, Ron Paul has no chance of winning the popular election, but he could win a lot of support as a third party candidate. And the fact is, the president doesn't have absolute authority to do whatever he chooses to. He won't be able to eliminate the Department of Education or the fucking Federal Reserve. With Paul as president, we would:

1) Never have an unbalanced budget.

2) Leave Iraq within months of his election.

If those two issues are of particular importance to you, then lots of vote or support for Ron Paul will force more mainstream candidates to adopt similar policies. Stick to your guns, Mads.

Nick said...

Ron Paul is far and away the LEAST liberal candidate for president. Do you know what you're talking about mads?