February 14, 2008

Possible Girl Talk Dramz

Apparently drama might go down when people try to get into Friday night's 100 Nights: Remixed. Everyone wants a piece of Girl Talk.

The Villard Room can only legally hold about 230 people. Well, 458 people are attending according to Facebook. In addition, two busloads of Bard students are going to try and get in.

We wouldn't be surprised if the fire alarm was pulled by security in order to get people to leave.

UPDATE: The Villard Room can actually hold 550 standing people. Sorry for the mistake. Even so, the number of people trying to get in will still be a problem.

UPDATE #2: ViCE tells us we're wrong and assures us that people will have little trouble getting in. The party will be safe and a huge success. Read about it above.


Anonymous said...

nevermind the fact that there are 500 seniors, and this is supposed to be their night...

vice should move it to walker. or charge admission.

Anonymous said...

parties should be free.

anyway, i heard the capacity for villard was closer to 600

Anonymous said...

YEAH SERIOUSLY what the fuck man??? put it in walker

Megan said...

Actually, that is not true. The Villard room can hold much more that that standing. Also, ViCE is working to make the North Atrium part of the party as well.

Admission is not being charged because it would be unfair to charge admission to 100 nights.

It is impossible to move the event to walker at this point, as it is very tricky to keep the space preserved for it's intended us as an athletic facility, so we would have to lay down tarps, and that would have happen days ago.

Any questions or concerns about the party should either be directed to the Campus Activities Office or the ViCE exec board.

Thank you,
Megan Habermann
Assistant Director of Campus Activities, Vassar College

Anonymous said...

How about security gaurds checking for Vassar ID's in order to get in?

Anonymous said...

without charging, it seems unrealistic to manage the number of people getting into the villard room. am i right?

Anonymous said...

is girl talk for vassar kids only, or can other kids go too?