February 29, 2008

Precis To Hit Vassar

A meeting was held the other night for a new, student-run news publication, Precis.

According to its creators, Precis will answer Vassar's growing demand for an online news publication. This will allow students to get the most up-to-date stories (daily postings) and be able to respond (discussion boards, comments, etc). One student likened it to the online news publication Huffington Post.

The site will be sponsored by the VSA, and will most likely be at http://www.precis.vassar.edu.

Precis is currently seeking writers and hopes to go up right after Spring Break.


Anonymous said...

How do we go about applying to be a writer?

Anonymous said...

oh shit Precis is gettin' all up on Mads's grrrill

Anonymous said...

too bad it has a retarded name

Anonymous said...

yeah seriously could the name be any stuffier or more pretentious