February 28, 2008

Sent In By You

Although neither Vasshapes nor 80's Night ended up taking over the Mug last night, the night was not lost. Here's what one Mads reader had to say:

OMG Mads, 80s night was SO awesome this week
because of the trifecta of incredible that is
(ali kullman, rachel hite, kim benton)

encore encore encore (or at least once a month.) they're fab and the playlist was perfecto

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Anonymous said...

i totally agree, those DJs were HOTT in that booth with exactly the perfect playlist

Anonymous said...

Completely newsworthy.

Anonymous said...

Some thoughts on 80s night (from a former student DJ):

1. The song selection definitely defined some of the top 40 hits from the 80s.

2. A majority of the songs were "danceable" - and by that I mean, an uptempo beats per minute that was not too slow, nor too fast.


3. The songs were each played for too long a period of time. Listening to a dance track is far different than actually dancing to it. 3 minutes (3 and a half at most) is more than enough time to play a song.

I bring this up because you can begin to play a great track, but after 5 minutes, the dancefloor disperses as the crowd is ready for something else.

4. Any semblance of a transition between tracks was nonexistent. The proverbial "beat was dropped" as silence and a crowd of dancers stood around waiting for the next song to be played.

5. I imagine they were filling in as last minute replacements, and for that I commend their efforts. Their sets could use some improvement however, and until then, I would not recommend them for a DJ gig in the mug at regular intervals.

Luis said...

I was there and I would have to completely agree. It was fantastic. They need to work on song transition, but otherwise GREAT JOB GIRLS!



Anonymous said...

80s night last night was amazing!!! I love Amalia and crew! Bring them back!

Anonymous said...

DJ Free Breakfast was AMAZING, those girls are such hotties! "former student dj", you're too wrong!! They were great and the crowd was loving it! Bring them back!!

Anonymous said...

Are you serious former dj? Those girls are steamy and so are their song selections. I'd have them any night.. for dj i mean.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could get free breakfast from DJ Free Breakfast...

Anonymous said...

Okay so song transition needed work - so what.

*I* had a blast!

Anonymous said...

their song selection was FAR FAR FAR better than the regular selection. i don't want to listen to eighties music that hipsters choose.