March 31, 2008

Where Does Your Dorm Rank Part II

The College Committee on Sustainability recently released statistics for the amount of energy used by each dorm. Now they are declaring April "Dorm Energy Challenge Month" and encouraging each dorm to cut down on electricity use.

The following is from the Committee:

Lowering electricity use helps to save money, slow global warming and reduce Vassar's carbon footprint. The winning dorm receives a GRAND PRIZE! (a local foods dorm dinner and a donation to the dorm budget presented by Cappy herself!!!).

Top 10 Ways to reduce electricity use:
1. Turn off lights when you leave your room.
2. Unplug your laptop and run off the battery whenever possible.
4. Turnoff computers overnight and when not in use.
5. Turn down your refrigerator a degree or two.
6. Switch in CFLs (available for free from Reslife).
7. Use less dryer time by combining loads and air drying.
8. Unplug chargers, TVs, VCRs, video game systems, computers, printers, etc... when not in use to stop "phantom" energy flow.
9. Make your computer more energy efficient by turning on automatic sleep/hibernation mode.
10. REDUCE overall use of electronic devices:
- Unplug unnecessary electronics like decorative christmas tree lights.
- Open your shades to use more natural "day" lighting in place of electric lamps.
- Go outside instead of watching TV or playing video games (after all Spring is on its way!).
- Get your friend to play their acoustic guitar instead of listening to music through a computer/iPod and speakers.


Yes, we're aware that #3 is missing.

By Word Of Mouth

According to sources, the new Davison will not have a kitchen. This will be done in an effort to keep costs down. Some current Davison students are not happy with this and may be organizing a petition.

UPDATE: The Dorms Renovation Coordinator confirms to Mads that the current plans for Davison do not include a kitchen. Students and House Fellows are encouraged to speak up and make their voices heard. (Concerns can be emailed to

The reasons given for no plans for a kitchen include the high cost, as well as the poor treatment of other dorm kitchens.


Firetrucks were spotted outside of Lathrop around 3:15 this afternoon.

The cause is not yet known. Story developing.

UPDATE: A microwave set off the fire alarm.

A Quick Thanks

Hello readers.

Since we usually don't respond to individual comments - we see that as your space - we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your comments on our Rye Rye interview.

Thank you for all of your support. We're glad you enjoyed it. You can expect to see more posts of this nature in the future.

For those of you wondering, we edited some of Rye Rye's quotes for clarity only. We obviously didn't change any of what she said.

In other news, we hit 120,000 readers last night.

Thanks again! Keep reading!

March 30, 2008

Here It Is...

We promised an exciting post. Here it is...
Mads got in touch with Rye Rye, one of the openers for the M.I.A. show.

CLICK HERE or read the post below to see our exclusive interview!

**Our Interview With Rye Rye!**


Mads got in touch with Rye Rye, the up-and-coming rapper who is opening for M.I.A. on April 11th. She was nice enough to answer a few questions for us...

Mads: When did you start rapping?
Rye Rye: When I was 15 getting ready to turn 16 (the summer of '06).

M: What's it like to compete in the industry at a young age?
RR: To be honest it's a good feeling and I enjoy it, but at times it gets tiring. You have to deal with school and the music thing all at once. But I love it!

M: Lots of our readers are fans of Perez wrote that you are "the future of female rap in America" and praised "Shake it to the Ground." How did it feel to be featured on his blog? Do you read Perez?
RR: I mean it was shocking at first when I found out who Perez [was] 'cause most people were like, he usually say[s] bad things about artists. But it was positive with me, so I was like, that's good! It [brought] lots of exposure to my page as well, so I thanked him very much! After I found out who he was I started reading.

M: What's most-played on your iPod right now?
RR: Natasha Bedingfield - "Love Like This." Sara Bareilles - "Love Song." Chris Brown, Ray-J - "Sexy Can I." Leona Lewis, Shawty Lo and more (LOL).

M: What has it been like to tour with M.I.A.?
RR: It has been fun. Crazy. I had a lot of great experiences, met tons of different people. It was cool, dope! Fun times, hard times, tiresome times (LOL)...a lot! But I loved it!

M: What's the real M.I.A. like?
RR: She is fun, outgoing, always geeking. She is real, basically herself. Gets along with people very well. One thing she is not [is] stuck up! If a fan got the chance to speak with her, she will def speak and won't be stubborn! So M.I.A. is just the same as people view her...

M: Have you played at any other schools? Which has been your favorite?
RR: I played at a high and elementary school in D.C. Pretty cool it was, but the best was a show in Dallas that I played with M.I.A. I can't remember the name of the joint but it was amazing!

M: What's next for you? Are you working on any new projects?
RR: I plan on releasing an album this year, and [...] I am touring with M.I.A. again!

Where Does Your Dorm Rank?

The College Committee on Sustainability just released the following information on energy consumption by each dorm on campus over the course of a month. Jewett has the highest overall cost, but Strong has the most energy consumed per individual.

House: Total Cost: kWh per person per month:
Cushing / $1,770 / 86
Davison / $1,163 / 67
Jewett / $2,996 / 137
Joss / $2,668 / 118
Lathrop / $1,279 / 74
Noyes / $2,030 / 120
Raymond / $1,293 / 64
Srong / $2,733 / 168

Total: $15,933

Note: It appears that Main was omitted in the committee's report.

Celeb Sighting

Alumna MERYL STREEP was spotted at "Twelfth Night" last night. She attended the performance with her daughter and an unidentified man, possibly her husband.

Photos From House Show

Here are some photos from last night's show:
Frances, David, Sam a.k.a. Persephone and Her Cellar Babies
Carsten as Photosynthesis
My Summer as a Salvation Soldier

Seen & Heard

Fireworks went off at 3:30am. They appeared to be coming from Sunset Lake.

March 29, 2008

We're Very Excited!

We just finished what is maybe our coolest post of all time. We're very excited about it and we hope you enjoy it.

Check back TOMORROW to see it!

Sent In By You

A Mads reader asked us to post the following:

Anyone going abroad next spring?
3 friends and I are looking for someone who is going abroad next spring and would like to live in a Main suite with us in the fall (we have another friend going abroad in the fall who would move in in the spring). We are two rising juniors and a rising senior, so the chances of us getting a suite are pretty good. If you're interested, either comment here or send me an email (surozier). Suite apps are due on Monday so the sooner the better. Thanks!!


Email us at

By Word Of Mouth

One of our favorite Vassar celebrities (and a self-proclaimed Mads reader) will be visiting campus for Founder's Day weekend...

First Airborne, Now Nalgene

An article in last week's Time magazine reports that the common Nalgene bottles we all know and love may actually be harmful to us.

According to the article, Nalgene bottles are made of polycarbonate, which contains the hormone BPA. Surprising amounts of BPA seep into the water, which can cause damage to reproductive systems.

Refilling bottled water bottles can also be harmful. These bottles are made of a material called polythylene, which is "not designed for repeated reuse."

So what should you use to drink? HDPE bottles (High-density polyethylene), also produced by Nalgene, or bottles made of Stainless Steel.

House Show Tonight

House show tonight at 148 College Ave. 9pm-1am. $5 entry.

My Summer As A Salvation Soldier (from Iceland)
Persephone & Her Cellar Babies
Fashion (dance-music from Tacoma, WA)

March 28, 2008

Coming Soon...

Mads has a VERY exciting post coming up soon.

Keep checking!!!


The Jewett elevator is up and running as of 2:05 this afternoon.

"You're gonna be my first guinea pig! I mean customer," said the electrician as a student boarded it.

Film League Presents...

Sweeney Todd
Friday and Saturday
7pm Blodgett Auditorium

Tickets Still Available

ViCE informed Mads earlier tonight that the tickets available to the public (on Ticketweb and Ticketmaster) will now go on sale on Wednesday of next week at 3:30pm. This is in an effort to make it easier for Vassar students to get these tickets.

To our knowledge, 100 tickets will be going on sale to the public, costing $22 each.

The tickets were originally to go on sale in a few hours (Friday morning).

UPDATE: Sorry for the confusion and misinformation. 100 tickets are going on sale, not 1,000. 100 tickets.

UPDATE #2: For those of you who are critical of the choice to use the west side dining hall...This space is the second largest indoor space that is available on that day. The first space is the Chapel, but this obviously would not have worked because of the seats. Walker was not available, and changing the date of the concert was not really an option.

ViCE tells Mads that successful concerts have been held in the dining hall int he past - Tito Puente, George Clinton and Parliment Funkadelic, Digable Planets and De La Soul.

So don't worry!

UPDATE #3: CLICK HERE for the official message from the ViCE Director.

March 27, 2008


"I learned a lot, and also learned to break out of my shyness. She is amazing, and good advice came from her. I learned how to perfect myself by watching what someone who has been in it longer than me entertain a large crowd."

-Rye Rye on touring with M.I.A. (Rudy Bleu Blog)

M.I.A. Opener Announced

Up and coming rapper RYE RYE will be joining the current MGMT and M.I.A. lineup for April 11th.

Again, Mads has known about this for some time, but we were asked to be stay quiet. Instead, we took the time to do some research...

Baltimore's Ryeisha Berrain has been touring with M.I.A. and holding her own. Of a December show, one blogger writes, "M.I.A. was robbed by a 16-year-old...M.I.A. wasn't all there and someone else was: Baltimore's finest snatched-from-public-schools MC, Rye Rye."

"What I also love about Rye Rye is that she totally appreciates all this. Her Myspace postings are often gushing with gratitude and excitement," another blogger writes.

"I'm actually more excited for the opening stuff," one ViCE insider tells Mads.

*Breaking News* Additional M.I.A. Opener Announced

ViCE just confirmed to Mads that up and coming rap sensation RYE RYE will be joining the M.I.A. lineup on April 11th.

Rye Rye has been touring with M.I.A. for some time now.


Story developing

Quidditch Clip

From yesterday's match:

CLICK HERE for all videos from MadsTV.

Right To Marry Event

ACT OUT and Soulforce Q are hosting an event tonight.

Cupcakes and coffee from the Hudson Calley's own Groovy Baker, which is one of the first businesses to sign on in sign on in support of Right to Marry, will be provided.

Check out these links for more information:

From the press release:
On Thursday, March 27, Hudson Valley residents can learn about an unusual project that is bringing Vassar students and community leaders together for a common goal: marriage equality. As part of the Right to Marry Campaign, they are asking Hudson Valley businesses to show support for their lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender neighbors. The kick-off event, dubbed “The Town + Gown Marriage Meet-up,” will take place at 7pm on the Vassar campus, in the Olivia Josselyn House parlor (details below).

The Town + Gown Marriage Meet-up
TODAY (Thursday), 7pm
Joss parlor

On The Cover

As we reported yesterday, the cover of today's Misc reads, "Voices Of Class Unite To Be Heard."

This Is Not Good

The Jewett elevator was reported broken earlier this morning.

An electrician is currently checking it out. No word yet on what caused it to break.

Last year the elevator was broken for two weeks and cost the dorm $20,000 to repair...

UPDATE: One Jewett resident was caught in the elevator at the time. The lights went out, she reports. The student then called security who said the generator would be up and running soon.

UPDATE #2: The elevator will be working by tomorrow, an electrician tells a Mads reader. "Poor thing," he said to the 9th floor resident.

Course Listings Up

CLICK HERE for the Fall '08 course listings, now up on AskBanner.

UPDATE: We've gotten our hands on the Spring '09 schedule, thanks to Mads reader. CLICK HERE for fun!

UPDATE #2: The second link no longer works. Sorry!

March 26, 2008

Tomorrow's Headline

Mads Exclusive...

The cover story of tomorrow's Misc will examine the role of class at Vassar. The Class Issues Alliance and Vassar's new financial aid policy will both be considered.

The staff editorial will discuss emergency response, mainly with regards to the incident that occurred in Main a few weeks ago. The editorial will evaluate the response of administration.

Finally, the issue will feature an article on the new Crisis Alert system.

Pick up your copy tomorrow!

After Hours Tomorrow

Check out the last After Hours Open Mic night of the school year.

Tomorrow night (Thursday)
The Mug

CLICK HERE for the Facebook event.

Quidditch In Progress

Today's quidditch game against Middlebury is currently in progress.

Tickets Going Fast

Although the line has shortened, a ViCE insider tells us tickets are going fast. People were camped out in front of the info desk at 9am, we're told.

Get your tickets soon!

UPDATE: Tickets are now SOLD OUT.

UPDATE #2: reports that 800 tickets sold out in 5 hours. "If you're angry about not getting a ticket -- CHILL OUT + STAY TUNED TO CHOOSEYOURVICE.COM for details on ticket giveaways!" the site says.

"That's nuts! That's like, Spice Girls nuts!" - anonymous freshman.

And The Winner Is...

Congratulations to Lauren Olasov '11 for winning last night's Soup Showdown.

Hot Item

ViCE's hot stickers promoting the April 11th show.

March 25, 2008

Community Discussion Panel Next Week

Here's a message from the Urban Studies Majors Committee:

The Urban Studies Majors Committee is sponsoring a community forum to address the plans for the relocation of the campus bookstore and the redevelopment of the Arlington Business District. A panel of college representatives will be present to provide information and a variety of perspectives on the ongoing plans. There will be the opportunity for open discussion – so please bring any questions, concerns or ideas you may have.

Wednesday, April 2nd
5:30 pm, UpC
Please contact with any questions.
- -
The panelists are still being finalized, we're told.

CLICK HERE for the Facebook event.

Also CLICK HERE and HERE for our two previous posts on opposition to the bookstore proposal.

UPDATE: The panel will be a community discussion, not only in favor of "opposition." We apologize for the earlier post title labeling it "Opposition Panel."

By Word Of Mouth

We hear from very reliable sources that MGMT may not be the only opener for M.I.A.

"We are in discussions with another up and coming artist," an insider tells Mads.

Souper Tuesday

The Class of 2011 is hosting a Soup Showdown tonight.

Check it out!


What We're Watching

If you're just waking up, ViCE announced last night that MGMT will be opening for M.I.A. CLICK HERE to read more about it.

Here's a video we found of MGMT's "Time to Pretend" over Planet Earth footage. It's kind of cool:

As always, you can find all the videos posted on the blog (as well as some others) on MadsTV.

***BREAKING NEWS*** M.I.A. Opener Announced!

Earlier tonight ViCE announced on their official site that...


This is huge! This concert is going to be redic!

For those of you who don't know MGMT, CLICK HERE.

"I'm actually more excited for the opener," a ViCE insider tells Mads.

You read it here first! Unless you read it on chooseyourvice, of course.

Story developing

March 24, 2008

Check Out MadsTV

We've revamped our YouTube channel.

Check it out! Since December we've been bringing you original videos from all your favorite Vassar parties, concerts, and more.

Also check out our "Favorites" for videos featured on our blog.

And be sure to check our channel in the coming days for footage from Wednesday's Quidditch match and Thursday night's VasShapes.

House Positions For '08-'09 Announced

The decisions for next school year's Student Fellows and House Fellow Interns went out a few hours ago. Congratulations to those who have been accepted.

UPDATE: If you didn't get accepted and are now in need of a roomate, see this new Facebook group.

You Know You Think You Can Model

Contrast is holding an open model call for its next issue.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9
Joss Parlor

For You DJ Olmec Fans

DJ Olmec has a new blog.

It features his original music, demo lists, and upcoming events. Our favorite track is his Ghostbusters vs. Busta Rhymes mashup.

CLICK HERE to check out the blog.

Dramz! Opposition To Opposition

The Facebook group in opposition of the Barnes and Noble possibly coming to Raymond and Collegview now has it's own opposing group. What about the B&N employees? has been formed.

"Why do small companies have a greater right to exist than big ones?" the group asks in its "description."

For the record, our "Opposition" post is the second most popular Mads post of all time. This is clearly an important issue to you guys.

March 23, 2008

This Week On Campus

Break may be over, but there are lots of on-campus events this week to help you get back into the swing of things.

NoViCE show, 9pm College Center MPR

Quidditch match against Middlebury, 3pm Joss Beach

Robert Harris lecture on film restoration, 5pm Vogelstein 109

After Hours Open Mic, 9pm, Mug

VasShapes, 11:30pm, Mug

The Limit Show, 8pm, Sanders 212

Flawless, 10pm Villard Room and Mug

Email for publicity.

ViCE Site Gets Update

The official online home of ViCE,, is sporting a new look today. ViCE confirmed to Mads yesterday that M.I.A. is officially on. Now, they've updated their own site.

"Remember that lil' rumor about M.I.A. playing a show at Vassar? WELL IT'S TRUE," the site reads.

The site features a new header, lots of M.I.A. posters, and a new "Extra Goodies" section which appears to still be in the making.

Quidditch Makes "Page Six"

"Page Six" of today's New York Post reads:

"We hear...that Alex Benepe, son of Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe, is coming to town Tuesday with fellow students from Vermont's Middlebury College to play Columbia in a game of Quidditch, which Middlebury students adapted from "Harry Potter" that has players running around on broomsticks."

So our team and upcoming match against Middlebury may not have been mentioned, but it's still cool.

Thanks to Midd Blog.

Official Word On Campus Construction

Coming back today you may have noticed that the North Lot is torn up. According to Andrew Bennett of the Master Planning Committee, B&G is reconfiguring the lot so that cars will enter one way and exit the other way . Several parking spots are also being added. "The project will be completed as soon as the blacktop plant opens," Andrew tells Mads.

In addition, the chain link fence on the north edge of campus has been removed in an effort to "connect the campus more with the local community."

B&G begins work on Monday to install a new water line. It begins by MacCracken Lane and continues along Kenyon Road, in front of ACDC, and between Lathrop and Strong. The new storm line will hopefully reduce flooding in the quad.

Finally, the crumbling stairs at the west entrance of Cushing have been replaced.

Back On Campus

Spring Break is over, but that means that there are only WEEKS left of school.

Mads has been around for seven months so far, and we have more readers now then ever. Thank you so much for reading and commenting and emailing us. We need you as much as we hope you need us.

Mads has been working hard to improve the blog. We're trying out some new "sections" - celebrity gossip, "what we're reading," and answering your questions. We made some changes to the look of the site. We're still working on it, but we definitely took what you had to say into consideration. Most of you seem to like the light background and an incorporation of the school colors. We just don't want it to look too formal...

We've also stopped moderating comments for the time being. We agree that it sort of inhibits conversation. Please be respectful.

Mads works to bring you the top Vassar news from legitimate sources. Back in September we were the first to announce the opening date for the Mug. Weeks ago we leaked that Randy Cohen was going to be the 2008 Commencement Speaker. Yesterday ViCE confirmed to madsvassar.blogspot that M.I.A. will be performing in April.

Thank you so much for reading.

P.S. For the record, a rumor of M.I.A. performing was leaked on Mads back in September.

Your First Look

Here's a look at the M.I.A. posters, courtesy of Blog9:

A few hours ago ViCE confirmed exclusively to Mads that M.I.A. will be playing on April 11th. Read about it HERE.

March 22, 2008

By Word Of Mouth

The "special guest" to perform with M.I.A. on April 11th is NOT James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, as previously speculated.

The support acts will soon be announced, an insider tells Mads. We hear they're going to be big...

ViCE Officially Confirms It

Although the rumors have been around for months, posters have already gone up, and tickets have been announced, it is NOW that ViCE confirms EXCLUSIVELY TO MADS that M.I.A. is officially coming.

Mads has known about this for months (as many others have), but ViCE asked us to keep quiet until it was definite.

The concert is 100% on. The event will be held in the west dining hall of ACDC, which an insider tells Mads is the second biggest indoor space at Vassar (the Chapel just wouldn't work). We are also assured that more tickets will be available than for previous shows, such for as TV on the Radio and Lupe Fiasco. Tickets go on sale on Wednesday in the College Center. Only a small percentage will be available to the general public, so don't worry - Vassar students are definitely the priority.

The show is April 11th. We can't wait!

You read the OFFICIAL scoop here!

Ask Mads

You hear from us everyday. Now Mads wants to hear from you.

Ask us anything you want. It can be about us, about Vassar, something totally random, anything.

Send your questions to MADSVASSAR@GMAIL.COM and see them up soon and answered on our blog. We'll keep them anonymous if you'd like.

Do it!

By Word Of Mouth

According to Ticketweb, the M.I.A. show will be held in the West Side dining room of ACDC. This is an interesting venue choice, but we're sure it will hold the most people comfortably without losing sound quality. Other locations considered were Kenyon, Walker and UpC, an insider tells Mads.

None of the above has been confirmed by ViCE.

Tickets go on sale on Ticketweb and Ticketmaster on Wednesday of next week. We're expecting ViCE to formally announce the event at that time. As always, visit for more information.

NoVice Welcomes You Back

NoVice has a show Monday featuring Citay and Salt & Samovar. We're told that these bands have a 70's folkie, jammy rock sound.

Check it out!
Monday 9pm
College Center MPR

Here's what NoVice says about the bands:
jammy groove guitars and psychedelic psilocybin mandolins and organs. sounds like folky 70s stuff like THIN LIZZY, THE BYRDS, and ZEPPELIN. featuring members of FUCKING CHAMPS and TUSSLE.

more psychedelic rock, this time rocky and garage stylee. they've played shows with KATE NASH! "a caravan

Click on these for a taste of what they sound like:

MP3: Citay - "First Fantasy"
MP3: Citay - "Little Kingdom"

CLICK HERE for the Facebook event.

March 21, 2008

According to Ticketmaster...

ViCE has NOT confirmed this yet...but...

We came across this on Ticketmaster: Again, ViCE has NOT confirmed it yet. For the latest official ViCE news, visit

March 20, 2008

Because There's Nothing Else To Do Except Check Celeb Gossip Blogs

While we are in no way suggesting that we are the go-to source for celebrity gossip (at least not outisde of Vassar), here are our favorite stories that are making the rounds:

Scandalous photos of Audrina have leaked!

Miley gets waxed.

Clips from Britney's sitcom appearance have been released.

Don't you wish you were in Middle School again?

Quidditch Rematch

The Middlebury Quidditch team is coming to Vassar next week to play our team. We lost to them at the World Cup a few months ago, but now that it's on our turf who knows what will happen?

The starting lineup is:
Andy Liu
Domino G-O
Kristin Van der kloot
Pablo Arenas
Liz Koemets
Ethan Feigenbaum
Lucy Weaver

CLICK HERE for the Facebook event.
Wednesday, March 26th
Location TBA

UPDATE: The match will be held on Joss Beach.

Spring Is Upon Us

Today marks the first day of spring.

No more puddles and slush!

Well, it's supposed to rain next week. But at least it will be in the 50's.

March 18, 2008

Under Construction

Please excuse our appearance over the next couple of days as we're playing around with different looks. Hopefully our new design will be more aesthetically pleasing and easier for you to navigate.

Let us know what you think! Leave a comment or email us at

UPDATE: Your suggestions are being heard. We're going to try out some more looks, and hopefully all will be in order by the end of break. Keep commenting!

March 17, 2008

Your Dose Of Villard Room-Ready Pop Culture

Madonna's new single debuted today.

Details and photos of Britney's appearance on the sitcom How I Met Your Mother have leaked.

Back Home

Mads returned home last night. Thanks for your hospitality, Montreal!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's day, readers!

UPDATE: We just read this cool post on Irish literature and today's holiday.

What We're Reading

The cover story of yesterday's New York Times Magazine, entitled "When Girls Will Be Boys," describes Rey, a male-identifying student at the all-female Barnard College. The article outlines Rey's struggle, from life-long gender insecurities to conflicts with college roommates.

Relevant to Vassar? We think so, as Vassar considers gender-neutral housing. The article also touches on the role of gender identity at all-female schools, as compared the former all-female schools:
"The schools that decided to remain single-sex in the 1970s, when many colleges around the country went coed, represented a significant and even controversial challenge to liberal ideas about gender equality. And in refashioning their identities for the time, many became loci for the interrogation of gender roles.

Image courtesy of


Opposition to the college book store move for 2009 is heating up. The Facebook group "Those Opposed to Barnes and Noble Coming to Raymond Ave/Collegeview Area" has been rapidly gaining members.

"The members of this group feel that more thought and consideration of the unique nature of the area should be bought into consideration before turning Raymond Ave. into yet another carbon copy shopping area," the group states.

It seems that the group's creator is not a Vassar student or alumnus, but a Poughkeepsie resident. Many of the group members are Poughkeepsie residents, as well.

It's a complicated issue and we're not sure where we stand. Wouldn't moving the bookstore get students off campus and therefore contribute to local businesses as opposed to taking away from them? And are all corporations really that bad?

UPDATE: Check out this post's comments for an exclusive and detailed explanation on the building project from Andrew Bennett, a member of the Special Committee on the Juliet and Arlington Bookstore.

UPDATE #2: A public forum regarding the issue will be held in UpC on April 2nd. Some urban studies majors are organizing the forum.

March 15, 2008

On A Serious Note

Our friends at Midd Blog are doing all they can to spread the word about Nick Garza, a Middlebury freshman who disappeared over a month ago. Mads has been following this sad story since Nick was first reported missing.

Please join this Facebook group to help spread information about Nick and find out more of what you can do to help.

You can also click here to find out more about the search for Nick.

If you have any information, contact the Middlebury Police Department at 802-388-3181.

This Is Funny

This isn't Vassar-related.

Virgin Mobile has turned the Spitzer scandal into an advertisement opportunity.

Je Veux Te Voir

Mads is blogging this weekend from Montreal!

We hit the McGill party scene last night...