March 20, 2008

Because There's Nothing Else To Do Except Check Celeb Gossip Blogs

While we are in no way suggesting that we are the go-to source for celebrity gossip (at least not outisde of Vassar), here are our favorite stories that are making the rounds:

Scandalous photos of Audrina have leaked!

Miley gets waxed.

Clips from Britney's sitcom appearance have been released.

Don't you wish you were in Middle School again?


Anonymous said...

who are these people and why do you care about miley cyrus she's liek TWELVE!!!!!!!

Ms. Robin said...


miley is 15.

audrina patridge, nude?!

even worse than cocksuckin' lohan and davis. let's go charlotte. i thought you were a good girl...

julia said...

i hate miley cyrus. speaking of things i hate... the new colors on this blog. boring. be yourself mads... your purple and hot pink self.