March 12, 2008

*Breaking News* Governor Spitzer To Resign

Vassar's home-state governor, Eliot Spitzer, is resigning.

For those of you still at Vassar or who have not been watching the news, Spitzer has been identified as "Client 9" involved in a prostitution ring.

Lieutenant Governor David Patterson will become New York's first African-American governor. Patterson is from Harlem. He is legally blind.

In a press conference moments ago, Spitzer said:
"I am deeply sorry that I did not live up to what was expected of me...I sincerely apologize."
"I am resigning from the office of governor...effective Monday, March 17th."


Anonymous said...

"for those of you still at Vassar"??

Um hello, it may be a bubble but we still pay attention to the outside world. i've been following this for a few days.

Anonymous said...

oh thats great, bite their heads off for trying to help.

Asshole readers....

Anonymous said...

Spitzer's hot. i'd pay to have sex with him. would that make his situation better or worse?

Anonymous said...

you think spitzer's hot? check out the prostitute he was sleeping with!

Anonymous said...

Actually, patterson is from Brooklyn and currently resides in Harlem. Big Diff.