March 31, 2008

By Word Of Mouth

According to sources, the new Davison will not have a kitchen. This will be done in an effort to keep costs down. Some current Davison students are not happy with this and may be organizing a petition.

UPDATE: The Dorms Renovation Coordinator confirms to Mads that the current plans for Davison do not include a kitchen. Students and House Fellows are encouraged to speak up and make their voices heard. (Concerns can be emailed to

The reasons given for no plans for a kitchen include the high cost, as well as the poor treatment of other dorm kitchens.


Anonymous said...

that really sucks, but i do agree that people tend to treat the dorm kitchens with utter disrespect. i live in noyes and our kitchen is disgusting always because everybody leaves their crap around to rot. however it is unfair not to provide students in davison with the same amenities others have. maybe the college should be more concerned with teaching all the spoiled rich kids who go here to clean up after themselves and respect property and other people...

Anonymous said...

how about small kitchenettes like noyes? with just a sink/stove/microwave/fridge. i think those would be reasonable. obviously having one on every floor would be expensive, but maybe just one would be reasonable

Anonymous said...

if there's not a kitchen, won't people be more inclined to keep illegal microwaves in their rooms? and then what happened today in lathrop will happen all of the time...

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the other dorms, but Cushing's kitchen is rather ill-equipped. The oven only half cooks things and the light is terrible. The problem in this case isn't how the residents treat the kitchen, but the maintenance of the kitchen itself.

Anonymous said...

people should just buy their food from the dc or order in from restaurants. there's no reason to cook.

Anonymous said...

please post:


Cushing, Davison, Jewett, Josselyn, Lathrop, Noyes, Raymond and Strong will all compete to reduce their electricity consumption. Vassar spends about $16,000 EVERY MONTH to power these 8 doors alone. Lowering electricity use helps to save money, slow global warming and reduce Vassar's carbon footprint. The winning dorm receives a GRAND PRIZE! (a local foods dorm dinner and a donation to the dorm budget presented by Cappy herself!!!).

Top 10 Ways to reduce electricity use:

1. Turn off lights when you leave your room.

2. Unplug your laptop and run off the battery whenever possible.

4. Turnoff computers overnight and when not in use.

5. Turn down your refrigerator a degree or two.

6. Switch in CFLs (available for free from Reslife).

7. Use less dryer time by combining loads and air drying.

8. Unplug chargers, TVs, VCRs, video game systems, computers, printers, etc... when not in use to stop "phantom" energy flow.

9. Make your computer more energy efficient by turning on automatic sleep/hibernation mode.

10. REDUCE overall use of electronic devices:
- Unplug unnecessary electronics like decorative christmas tree lights.
- Open your shades to use more natural "day" lighting in place of electric lamps.
- Go outside instead of watching TV or playing video games (after all Spring is on its way!).
- Get your friend to play their acoustic guitar instead of listening to music through a computer/iPod and speakers.

(see stats in other post)

Sponsored by the College Committee on Sustainability

Anonymous said...

the sustainability committee should leave me the hell alone

Anonymous said...

Well, I suppose as long as Davison is done in time for the 2009-2010 academic year, I personally less-than-care whether or not it will have a kitchen.

Anonymous said...

if vassar is going to spend 22 million renovating davison.... shouldn't they do it right? especially since half of the people in davison are weirdly obsessed with it being the "family dorm" and vassar loves to tell people that these are "houses" instead of "dorms." my real house has a kitchen, shouldn't my house for the other 3/4 of the year have a kitchen?