March 23, 2008

Official Word On Campus Construction

Coming back today you may have noticed that the North Lot is torn up. According to Andrew Bennett of the Master Planning Committee, B&G is reconfiguring the lot so that cars will enter one way and exit the other way . Several parking spots are also being added. "The project will be completed as soon as the blacktop plant opens," Andrew tells Mads.

In addition, the chain link fence on the north edge of campus has been removed in an effort to "connect the campus more with the local community."

B&G begins work on Monday to install a new water line. It begins by MacCracken Lane and continues along Kenyon Road, in front of ACDC, and between Lathrop and Strong. The new storm line will hopefully reduce flooding in the quad.

Finally, the crumbling stairs at the west entrance of Cushing have been replaced.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

it's right off the north end of campus where that woman was accosted by a unknown man at gunpoint... no?

there's no harm in having a fence around a private college, especially one that doesn't close gates at night like they say it does or truly check who is coming through the front gate.