March 4, 2008

Primary Update

McCain takes Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island. He now has more than the 1,191 necessary delegates for the Republican nomination, according to CNN.

Projected Results:
Rhode Island - Clinton
Texas - Clinton
Ohio - Clinton
Vermont - Obama

Updated Wednesday 10am.


Anonymous said...

you know what i think would be useful? if you opened up mads vassar as a forum to discuss pertinent oncampus discussions -- like the troy duster lecture today. because right now we don't really have that outlet, and i think people are willing to engage in debate/sound off.

Anonymous said...

nooo! I actually might have voted for Huckabee or Paul over Hilary (if that's what it came down to). But not McCain.

Anonymous said...

way to screw it up for all of us again, Ohio..

p.s. who the hell is troy duster?

Anonymous said...

Fuck you, Ohio.