March 27, 2008

Right To Marry Event

ACT OUT and Soulforce Q are hosting an event tonight.

Cupcakes and coffee from the Hudson Calley's own Groovy Baker, which is one of the first businesses to sign on in sign on in support of Right to Marry, will be provided.

Check out these links for more information:

From the press release:
On Thursday, March 27, Hudson Valley residents can learn about an unusual project that is bringing Vassar students and community leaders together for a common goal: marriage equality. As part of the Right to Marry Campaign, they are asking Hudson Valley businesses to show support for their lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender neighbors. The kick-off event, dubbed “The Town + Gown Marriage Meet-up,” will take place at 7pm on the Vassar campus, in the Olivia Josselyn House parlor (details below).

The Town + Gown Marriage Meet-up
TODAY (Thursday), 7pm
Joss parlor

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Anonymous said... (not .org)

lookin goooood. i'll be there.