March 22, 2008

ViCE Officially Confirms It

Although the rumors have been around for months, posters have already gone up, and tickets have been announced, it is NOW that ViCE confirms EXCLUSIVELY TO MADS that M.I.A. is officially coming.

Mads has known about this for months (as many others have), but ViCE asked us to keep quiet until it was definite.

The concert is 100% on. The event will be held in the west dining hall of ACDC, which an insider tells Mads is the second biggest indoor space at Vassar (the Chapel just wouldn't work). We are also assured that more tickets will be available than for previous shows, such for as TV on the Radio and Lupe Fiasco. Tickets go on sale on Wednesday in the College Center. Only a small percentage will be available to the general public, so don't worry - Vassar students are definitely the priority.

The show is April 11th. We can't wait!

You read the OFFICIAL scoop here!


Anonymous said...

Good work!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yo. Walker. the tennis courts. It's huge.

I'm bitter about the whole... being in class during ticket sales thing.

But seriously we could fit like 2 or 3 times as many people in there.