March 17, 2008

What We're Reading

The cover story of yesterday's New York Times Magazine, entitled "When Girls Will Be Boys," describes Rey, a male-identifying student at the all-female Barnard College. The article outlines Rey's struggle, from life-long gender insecurities to conflicts with college roommates.

Relevant to Vassar? We think so, as Vassar considers gender-neutral housing. The article also touches on the role of gender identity at all-female schools, as compared the former all-female schools:
"The schools that decided to remain single-sex in the 1970s, when many colleges around the country went coed, represented a significant and even controversial challenge to liberal ideas about gender equality. And in refashioning their identities for the time, many became loci for the interrogation of gender roles.

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Anonymous said...

Why would you go to Barnard if you want to identify as male? You can't have both.