March 2, 2008

Your Heaven On Earth

Last night's Heaven and Hell party:


Anonymous said...

thats my head on the right side!! haha

Anonymous said...

was it just me, or did asslaughter play the same songs multiple times?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she did

She does have pretty good music taste though I must say.

But it gave much more life to the party watching DJ Olmec up there dancing and interacting with the beats we were dancing to rather than sitting in a chair playing iTunes

Too bad no one was really there for most of his set.

Nick said...

haha you call that dancing?
Yea, turnout was definitely disappointing. The entire event was pretty much empty until 11:30. There was a lot of stuff going on earlier in the night and kids still needed time to get wastoid. It took about another hour to get that huge fucking room packed. Then, right as the crowd is actually growing and I'm a few songs into my set, really starting to feel it, Sara shows up and my time's up - time to unplug. Shitty feeling, but I did my job; the event went off well overall.

Anonymous said...

olmec, it's okay.... you're hot.