April 30, 2008

Voting Opens Tonight

Starting at 8 o'clock tonight...


Our election coverage will continue Friday night after voting has closed.

And if you haven't done so already, check our our exclusive interviews with presidential candidates Jimmy Kelly, Maryrose Myrtetus, and Summer's-Grace Green.

UPDATE: Voting has been pushed back until after 11pm tonight.

UPDATE 2: Voting has been pushed back again...

UPDATE 3 (Thursday morning): The link has been updated and voting is now open. The voting period has been extended to midnight on Friday.

Last NoViCE Of The Year!

NoViCE is putting on its last show of the year tomorrow night, featuring Abe Vigoda, Adventure, Narwhalz (of Sound), DJ Dog Dick, and Vivian Girls.

The BBQ is no longer happening, but the show is still worth checking out.

Tomorrow (Thursday)
9pm Mug

What We're Reading

Stuff White People Like named scarves today as #97:

"It is not uncommon to see a white person in jeans, a sweater and a scarf. In fact, it’s not a rare occurance [sic] to see a white person in a t-shirt, jeans, and a scarf. Thats right. A thin cotton t-shirt paired with a scarf to enable maximum temperature control in bars and places with air conditioning.

But not all white people wear the scarves for temperature reasons. A well made scarf can be an essential part of a white ensemble, allowing for all-important differentiation from other white people wearing the exact same clothes as them. Thus allowing them to picked out of the crowd for dating or mocking purposes.

'I like the guy in the white American Apparel shirt with the glasses.'

'Which one? there are eight.'

'The guy with the keffiyeh.'

'Oh yeah, you’re right. He does look smarter and more political than the other guys. He’s clearly more sensitive to wind, so he’s probably more sensitive in general. You should totally date him.'"

Sound familiar?

This Is Funny

Wesleyan gathering on 4/20:
Courtesy of Wesleying.

What We're Watching

Is this what Founder's Day will be like?

Thanks to a reader for sending this in.

Meet Your Candidates: Summer's-Grace Green

Here is our third and final installment of "Meet Your Candidates." We hope it's been helpful. Below is our exclusive interview with candidate Summer's-Grace Green '09.

Mads: What experience do you have that qualifies you for the position of president?
Summer's-Grace: I believe that any student willing to dedicate the time and energy into pursing initiatives that will improve the school is qualified for this office. Sadly the VSA has become very insular in this, and very often only students who have experience within student government are continually running. I hope to change that next year, by publicizing how student government positions are relevant and interesting to everyone [...] I have had the pleasure to be involved in student government since freshman year. While starting as the VP of 2009, each year I've dedicated myself to more and more initiatives across all areas of the College, from from Academics (I sat on the Ad-hoc Committee on Student Teaching and Tenure) to Development and the Alumnae Association (With the Council on Alumnae/i Student advancement) to the Student Life (with the Committee on Inclusion and Excellence). In my current role as VSA VP for Operations, I also oversee all the elected and appointed student members that participate in the interwoven College and VSA committee structure. I know what discussions on campus are happening in which offices and I plan on making sure that everyone else on campus does as well.

Mads: What issues are most important to you?
SG: After working on the VSA Executive Board for the past year, I'm aware of many of the issues that we face and need to resolve as students and as campus. Together we need to increase inclusion initiatives across the campus so that every person believes as though they belong to a hate-free community (one way in which we can do this is to pass the gender neutral housing policy), build stronger bonds with our community (given that many of the construction delays were because of this poor relationship we need to build a stronger bonds with Poughkeepsie not only so that it will be easier to pass many initiatives especially that involve construction but also so that most importantly we are finally fully integrated and accepted as members within the wider community) initiate a campus wide resource audit to see what types of support the school offers students whether monetarily or otherwise, examine the use of space on campus and create a 24-hr reliable study space, push the college to restructure and streamline the committee system (ensuring that student voices are most directly heard in spaces with the people on campus that can most effectively change our problems (this would include making the schedules and actions of each committee public) and most importantly making the actions of student government more transparent through monthly progress reports on different initiatives as well as increasing the interaction between elected student leaders and the rest of the student body (we live on a small campus and you guys should know who we are so that you can directly ask us about anything going on at the college instead of through detached emails). These are a few of my ideas, but in reality we've all got many when it comes to how we can improve our home, my job would be to ensure that the students know where to voice these concerns.

Mads: If voters should know one thing about you or your platform, what should it be?
SG: I'm a personable woman who wants to make sure that student voices are heard throughout the college. Too often student input has become a side-note in the discussions of the college, I want to make sure that since these decisions directly impact the lives of students, that students voices are institutionalized as integral parts of this dialogues. I am experienced, I understand the amount of dedication needed to accomplish all of the initiatives I've proposed and I know that I would be the best candidate to ensure that student voices are heard throughout the college.

Mads: Will you bring any changes to the VSA?
SG: The biggest change I plan on bringing to the VSA is transparency. The VSA has existed for many years now, but the degree to which it has been relating to students has become questionable. Since student government represents students, the Student Body President needs to ensure that students know whats happening throughout our college. The Misc should not be the one explaining the pros and cons of 2:2, it should be the student leaders who were elected to vet the concerns of their constituency. By articulating what initiatives are going on across the college, student leaders will be able to say that their opinions are truly representing those of students and students will be well informed and able to give input on the initiatives that affect them the most. I will ensure that the student government and the rest of the student body works together to make and sustain the best Vassar possible.

April 29, 2008

Kind Of Interesting

We should have put this up a few days ago, but...

We just came across this original model for Noyes:

VSA Election Update

With less than 24 hours until campaigning ends, all of the candidates are out in full force trying to win votes.

Some of the candidates faced off in tonight's debates.

Be sure to check out our exclusive interviews with the presidential candidates Jimmy Kelly and Maryrose Myrtetus. Check back soon for our interview with Summer's-Grace Green.

You can also expect interviews with the presidential candidates in this week's Misc.

And of course, there are lots of important races and heated competitions. CLICK HERE for the full list of candidates and their statements.

Voting starts at 8pm tomorrow, at which point we will no longer be able to publish any posts on the election until Friday night.

Meet Your Candidates: Maryrose Myrtetus

Here is our second installment of "Meet Your Candidates." Below is our exclusive interview with VSA presidential candidate Maryrose Myrtetus '09.

Mads: What experience do you have that qualifies you for the position of president?
Maryrose: [I] have the experience and passion to hit the ground running as VSA President. I am currently the President of the Class of 2009, so I run Class Council meetings and sit on VSA Council. In addition, I sit on Student Life Committee, Master Planning Committee, Activities Committee, and a number of other college committees. Through my work as '09 President, I have attained an intimate understanding of the College Governance, the VSA Constitution and By-Laws and the countless policies in place throughout the college. Because I know the system so well, I know where it needs to be fixed and how to make your needs fit into the bigger picture of Vassar's operations. In addition, I will work to make the agenda of the college (which is often times unclear and compiled without enough student input) parallel the needs of the students. The college exists for us students and we can never let administrators and faculty lose sight of that fact!

[...] My most important preparation for being VSA President has simply been being a part of the student body. Many students aren't very aware of what the VSA government does or what many of the college committees do. That's because many people feel like committee actions lack relevance to student life. One of the biggest platforms of my campaign is making the actions of VSA government more RELEVANT to the students. Being in touch with the student body and staying aware of what really matters to students is the most important thing the VSA President can do.

Mads: What issues are most important to you?
MM: Because there are so many initiatives happening on multiple fronts of the college, it is practically impossible to narrow down the list of important issues. So I'll list a few I will be sure to work on from day one [...]

1) Security policy - [...] Many students don't understand the parameters of security's role on campus. And after reading the College Regulations Handbook, it is clear why. The handbook is vague and poorly organized with respect to this issue. [...] As '09 President, I've asked for input from my classmates, and I will solicit the entire student body for feedback as your President. The next steps are to 1) make a cohesive document that balances student concerns with the parameters of college policy, 2) work with administrators to solidify it's validity, and then 3) make it a public, living document.
*I'd like to point out the working to better understand security policies is not solely focused on parties/alcohol/drug issues. The incident in North Lot a few nights ago is very serious and discussions about the role of security will obviously include topics like campus safety as well.*

2) The VSA has to do a better job supporting and funding student organizations. As a SARC Intern and a member of student orgs, I know that the relationship between organizations, the Campus Activities Office, and the VPs for Finance and Activities is convoluted and needs to be reexamined. We need to streamline information on event planning, scheduling and funding by coordinating the resources of the VSA and the Campus Activities Office (CAO). These offices exist to serve the students and should collaborate to meet that purpose. I have already spoken to the Assistant Director of Campus Activities, Megan Habermann, about better coordinating the resources of the VSA and the CAO. As one of my first steps, I plan to work with Megan over the summer to streamline information through a new, more user-friendly, website for student organizations.

3) Moving the bookstore of the Juliet building is a controversial issue [...] While the administration seems to have made an irreversible decision, I think that it is imperative that students have as much input as possible on this change. Also, even though relocation the bookstore is part of the college's plan to foster better relations with our surrounding community, many people in Poughkeepsie feel like they are being pushed further away from Vassar. So, while making sure the new bookstore suits students' needs, I will also push to make sure the change treats the Poughkeepsie/Arlington community with the most respect and consideration.

4) ResLife is one of the most criticized offices on campus, and one that affects student life the most. For this reason, I will work to improve the relationship between elected leaders and ResLife, placing a premium on regular communication. By staying in contact with ResLife and making sure the office is continuously made aware of the issues facing students in their residences, I hope to cut down the bureaucratic boundaries between students and college offices and make sure ResLife is responding quickly and appropriately to student concerns.

Mads: If voters should know one thing about you or your platform, what should it be?
MM: I will work tirelessly to make sure every student feels like the VSA government is working for them. The VSA needs to make itself more RELEVANT to the student body. All students should have input in setting the VSA agenda, not just the elected student leaders. In essence, a vote for me is a vote to make the VSA work for you.

Mads: Will you bring any changes to the VSA?
MM: Now that the VSA has a set Constitution and refined set of by-laws, it is time to move beyond the process-oriented functions of the VSA government. It's time for substantive action, not bureaucratic maneuvering. With me, you will have a VSA President focused on inclusive, collaborative leadership. I want to work with as many people as possible in order to make sure the demands and needs of the students are met. I plan to cut through the bureaucracy that exists within the VSA government and streamline information to make student communication with various offices on campus more fluid and straightforward. Being VSA President is not a one-man or one-woman show - it requires collaboration, communication and genuine passion to get things done for the students. I am the right one for the job.

Debates Tonight

The VSA Elections candidates will be debating again tonight (Tuesday) in UpC at 8pm. It will be moderated by the Misc's Brian Farkas.

There will be free pizza!

"People can expect some tough, policy-oriented questions," Brian tells Mads.

Check it out!

Also be sure to check out our exclusive interviews with the VSA presidential candidates.

Meet Your Candidates: Jimmy Kelly

Mads Exclusive!

As voting draws nearer, Mads got in touch with the candidates for VSA President. Please note that we are not endorsing any single candidate.

In this first installment, Jimmy Kelly '09 answers our questions:

Mads: What experience do you have that qualifies you for President?
Jimmy: I have served the student body for my entire three years here at Vassar. I am the longest-serving member of the VSA Council (not just of this year but also of all the members of Council with whom I have served across the past three years), having served my first two years as class president and this year as the Vice President for Activities [...] I have been committed to many committees (such as the Campus-Community Advisory Committee, where we were able to secure the Community Shuttle) and to organizations like Operation Donation, the group I founded as a freshmen, and which has now donated over $50,000 worth of groceries and dollars to Poughkeepsie-area agencies. Additionally, I have served on committees in the local community, and can look at Vassar from a dual perspective as a member of the Vassar community and a member of the greater-Poughkeepsie community.

I believe my service has been about the people first and foremost. When I was class president, I e-mailed regular updates on contentious issues of Council [...] and frequently used that feedback in Council. This year, I helped bring together many organizations in successful partnerships (like the A Cappella partnership) and to collaboratively sponsor the purchase of VCard machines for the College Center [...] This is the most important aspect of my experience - I truly believe that students elect leaders to represent them - and I believe I have been very committed to doing exactly that.

Mads: What issues are most important to you?
JK: There are three main issues [that] have been focuses of my tenure: community (as in community on-campus in addition to our relationship with the surrounding community), inclusion and access (making Vassar more accessible, through options such as the Internship Grant Fund, and recognizing a diverse community that needs to be understanding and accountable for the actions of its individuals, and giving students regular access to the work that the VSA leadership is doing), and finally, sustainability (working with the sustainability to foster a commitment to achieving carbon neutrality and working with Cappy to consider the President's Climate Change Commitment which has been signed by the presidents of many other institutions). Beyond the issues mentioned within, I hope to make an explicit bill of student's rights with Security so that students understand security's bounds and vice verse; I hope to ensure that going off-campus is something the VSA considers as a part of student activities, through VCard incentives with local business; securing a commitment from the College for Strong to remain a women's residence; and finally, making the Community Shuttle a mainstay of the campus in years to come.

Mads: Will you bring any changes to the VSA?
JK: [...] I believe that the VSA will be keenly aware of the fact that transparency alone is not sufficient for including student voices; the VSA leadership must actively seek out the opinions of its constituents and communicate the actions that Council is working on. My background is in the kind of leadership that brings people together (as in the formation of many organization partnerships on campus, or in the mobilization of students from across the country to meet with Senators in DC). I thrive on grassroots outreach, and know that the VSA can become a body that recognizes the voices of all of its members.

Mads: If voters should know one thing about you or your platform, what should it be?
JK: I lead by taking actions. If elected, I will ensure that the VSA spends much more time discussing actions that will benefit the student body than on deliberating over changing names and editing bylaws. Student leaders are elected to achieve goals, not to make cosmetic adjustments to the system [...] I have a track record of achieving results for the student body through projects ranging from gender neutral bathrooms to the Community Shuttle, and I will continue in this direction as VSA President.

Check back soon for more interviews from your candidates! You can also CLICK HERE for the full list of candidates and their statements.

By Word Of Mouth

One of our favorite Vassar celebrities is visiting campus this weekend for Founder's Day!

April 28, 2008

Clinton Vs. McCain

We know how most of Vassar would vote this November.

A new poll though suggests that Clinton now has a better chance of beating McCain than Obama does.

It's worth checking out.

UPDATE: Thanks for all of the comments. Keep them coming.

The reason we put this up is not necessarily because we are endorsing the Senator Clinton, but because this poll shows a change from previous projections. Back in February, a Time poll put Obama as having a slightly larger chance of beating McCain than Clinton did. Now that seems to no longer be the case.

Candyland Almost Here

The lineup has been confirmed for Founder's Day this weekend.

11-11:30 The Energizers
11:45-12:30 Captain Squeeze and The Zydeco Moshers
12:45-1:15 Reality Check
1:30-2:15 The Pimps of Joytime
2:30-3:30 Born Ruffians
3:45-4:30 French Horn Rebellion
4:45-5:15 Enter the Scorpion Pit

DJ Olmec will be mixing in between sets.

UPDATE: The Pimps of Joytime are playing. This is the correct lineup. Sorry about the error.

April 27, 2008

Details On New Meal Plans

Vassar has announced the details of the new meal plans to begin in Fall '08.

"When you return to campus next August, the 'ACDC Point' will be a thing of the past," the website states.

CLICK HERE to check out how the new plans work.

New Eats On Collegeview

We came across this sign on Collegeview Avenue today:
No word yet on when the restaurant will be opening.

Random inside scoop: According to the Town Board Meeting minutes, Pizzeria Bacio received its liquor license on April 2nd.

ViCE Going Out With A Bang

ViCE is closing the year with two big shows this weekend.

On Thursday stop by Sunset Lake for an end-of-year NoViCE show with BBQ.

Then on Friday night chill out before Founder's Day with singer-songwriter Meiko, hosted by After Hours.

More info to come.

Sent In By You

One Mads reader is looking to sell two Feist tickets for an April 30th show.

Leave a comment with your email if you're interested, or email MadsVassar@Gmail.com.

Fire Alarm Stops Music

So we know you're sick of the fire alarm posts, but...

A fire alarm in Main put Hip Hop 101's Mug Night to a stop at around 1:30AM. Ironically, the alarm went off during "Don't Stop The Music." The Mug cleared out and students had to stand in the rain.

April 26, 2008

When Admissions Blogs

Vassar Admissions is now getting in on the blogging action. "Want to know what a couple of Vassar students find interesting, find boring, are afraid of, are looking forward to, did over spring break, think about, believe in, find amusing? Read the blogs," reads the site.

The page features student blogs written by Jamie Rosen '08, Brian Farkas '10, and Brooke Skinner '08. CLICK HERE to check them out.

What Do You Think About...

What do you think about Don Marsala's email from this morning? We found this one particularly disturbing.

"The students were approached by two males near the rear of Jewett House and after a brief conversation, one of the males punched one of the students in the neck. One of the males then struck one of the students in the arm with what appeared to be a crowbar."

This may be controversial to write, but...

Are we compromising our safety but attempting to "integrate" with the community? The fence by the North Lot (where this incident occurred) was recently removed. Yes this could have happened with the fence there, but the lack of any kind of barrier certainly doesn't help the situation. At the same time, maybe our poor relationship with the community is because of our lack of integration. It's certainly a complicated issue.

Mads is all for making Vassar a greater part of the local community, but safety is most important.


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April 25, 2008

And The Candidates Are...

Filing has closed for this year's VSA elections. CLICK HERE for the final list of candidates.

Mr. Vassar Tonight!

Come see Vassar's very own male beauty pageant tonight! The theme is Vassar High. Each contestant will be choosing a high school stereotype and embodying it throughout the competition.

This year's contestants are...
DC Mungo
Danny Gilberg
Peter Rotundo
Joey Davis
Sean Boley
Tino Lim

The judges include Betty, TC, and Steve McCarthy.

Check it out!
9:30 UpC

Speak Up By Staying Silent

Today is the Day of Silence.

Stop by the Blegen house table in the College Center for more information.

2010 Presents...

This Sunday the Class of 2010 is hosting a No Limit Texas Hold 'Em Tournament. All are welcome to play. There is a $10 entry fee. The prize money is around $150!

Noon in the Aula

Choose Your ViCE

Interested in running for a ViCE position? CLICK HERE for more information. The deadline is today at 5pm!

VSA Elections Continues

With only hours left to file for candidacy, Summer's-Grace Green '09 has entered the race for VSA President. SG is the third candidate to file for the position, after Maryrose Myrtetus '09 and Jimmy Kelly '09.

In the Class President categories are Luis Gabriel Trujillo vs. Hobie Fuerstman for 2009 and Joseph Redwood-Martinez vs. George Gao (whose platform involves a bunny named Cougar Love...hmm...) for 2011. So far no one has announced his or her candidacy for 2010 President.

The race is heating up! Check back after 5pm for the final list of candidates.

Film League Presents...

Tonight and tomorrow
7pm Blodgett

April 24, 2008

Fire Alarm In Davison

The fire alarm went off in Davison about twenty minutes ago. Two fire department vehicles and a Vassar security car were spotted outside the dorm.

Source: Burnt toast.

B&G Has A "Hart"

According to inside sources, Vassar's pest control provider does in fact use Hav-a-Hart live traps. The traps are designed for groundhogs and raccoons.

The Hav-a-Hart traps have been deemed humane by PETA.

Further, if you see an injured animal, call B&G at (845) 437-5555.

Story developing...

After Hours Tonight

After Hours showcase tonight

Sam Rausnitz and Arielle Digiacomo
Matt Winnick w/ Josh Goodman
Robertino Lim

9-11 in the Mug

On The Cover

This week's Misc:
50 Years Later: Community celebrates Noyes' golden anniversary.

Sachs Lecture Today

Jeffrey Sachs will be speaking today at 6pm in the Chapel.

The Poughkeepsie Journal did this write-up about the event.

April 23, 2008

The Race Is On!

The statements for the various VSA position candidates are now online. More will be added up until Friday afternoon.

The candidates for VSA President so far are Maryrose Myrtetus '09 and Jimmy Kelly '09.

Story developing...

Just Like Middle School

It's a case of 80's hipsters vs. 90's middle schoolers.

We hear that the organizers of the weekly 80's night at the Mug aren't giving it up easily for tonight's Middle School Mug Night. Drama!

Animal Cruelty At Vassar?

There are "cruel" attempts being made against the groundhogs on campus, one Mads reader tells us. Traps have been set up by Noyes Circle. It is most likely that B&G set up these traps, but this is not confirmed.

This is probably a landscaping issue, but isn't there another way to go about things?

One groundhog was spotted with a broken leg. Luckily it was saved by a sophomore from Joss. A Jewett sophomore spotted a groundhog still in the trap.

This brings to mind PETA's case against Vassar.

UPDATE: Wow. This is turning into a big issue in not very much time. Remember, it is unconfirmed as of now that B&G are behind the traps. We are waiting on statements and confirmations. Check back tomorrow!

UPDATE #2: We will put contact info up when we know who is behind this.

Check This Out Tonight

Tonight Jewett is hosting Middle School Mug Night.

10pm - 2am

"All of the fun, without all of the awkward."

Noyes Turns 50

Noyes will be celebrating its 50th birthday this Saturday.

Check it out!

10am-12: Community Field Games (open to the Poughkeepsie community)
12-1pm: Lunch! Delicious food from vendors!
1-4 pm: Student Field Games and performances by:
The Barefoot Monkeys
Indecent Exposure
The Vastards
& more!
11 - 1 am: Party at Noyes Circle

There will also be free cupcakes, lemonade and ice cream.
Come participate in field games and win awesome prizes like iPod Shuffles and iTunes gift cards:
- Water Balloon toss
- Sponge Relay
- Clothes Relay
- Bat-spinning Relay
- Wheelbarrow Relay
- Chalk drawing
- Craft table
- Face painting
- Tug-o-war
- Water Balloon Fight
- Raffles

This Means A Lot

150,000 hits!
150,000 hits!
150,000 hits!

Thank you so much for your readership. We will keep trying our best to update as often as possible with entertaining and informative posts.

According to Site Meter, we have readers all over the country! Actually, we have a few international readers, as well.

We never thought we would get this big, and we definitely still have some growing to do.

Keep reading! We can't thank you enough. Please email us at MadsVassar@Gmail.com.


Ass To The Grass

Vassar Teknowledgy is bringing dodgeball to the Quad.

Ass To The Grass
This Friday, 2-6pm
"Come out and play"

Featuring DJ's:
and a special tag team: Respire vs. Chairon

Be sure to check this out!

Two New Polls

Please vote in our two new polls:

Where on campus do you currently live?
What class year do you belong to?

Boring topics, yes, but we're interested in seeing who exactly is reading this blog.


April 22, 2008

Hillary Wins Penn

Hillary Clinton is the projected winner of the Pennsylvania primary, according to CNN.

Our post yesterday certainly stirred up lots of debate. It's nice to know that there are so many varied opinions on the Vassar campus.

Story developing...

Sustainable Vassar

In the spirit of Earth Day, we bring you the recently published sustainability report card for Vassar. The results may surprise you.

Administration = B
Climate Change & Energy = C
Food & Recycling = A
Green Building = C
Transportation = C
Endowment Transparency = B
Investment Priorities = A
Shareholder Engagement = A

Earth Day 2008

Happy Earth Day!

If you're interested, HERE is a list of 51 things you can do to help the environment.

April 21, 2008

Tomorrow's The Big Day

The Pennsylvania primaries are being held tomorrow.

It all could come down to this!

Vassar Munch

Ever wonder how to take advantage of all of the free food offered at Vassar events?

The new page VassarMunch aims to help. It lists all Vassar events offering free food.

Check it out! If you're going to gain weight, it might as well cost nothing.


Our Fall '08 schedules are now up on Ask Banner.

April 20, 2008

By Word Of Mouth

There was quite a party in the TH's last night, we hear. Clothing was optional and discouraged. Upon entering, attendees were given a fanny pack that contained a joint, some candy, and a sign that said "Happy 4/20." The festivities ended up getting broken up by police.

Founder's Day Lineup

Founder's Day is now less than two weeks away.

In case you're wondering, the bands playing as of now are:

Born Ruffians
Pimps of Joytime
Reality Check
and Vassar's own Enter the Scorpion Pit

Photo by Daniel Morgan.

KRS-One Becomes Huge News

The KRS-One incident was reported on TMZ this morning.
It is now officially "Hollywood gossip."

A Google search of "KRS-One injured" yielded no results when we were putting together our post yesterday. Now the internet is full of articles about the incident, many of which mention his show cancellations, including Vassar.

April 19, 2008

(Almost A) Celeb Sighting

Actress Emmy Rossum (The Day After Tomorrow, Phantom of the Opera) was almost spotted at the performance of Bare last night.

We're pretty sure it wasn't her. Woud have been fun though.

Chag Pesach Sameach

Tonight marks the first night of Passover. Happy holidays to Vassar's Jewish community.

Seders are being held tonight and tomorrow night at 6pm in the CC MPR. All are welcome.

Bookstore Dicussion Continues

Here's a message from the Urban Studies Majors Committee:

"On Wednesday April 23rd at 6pm in UpCDC, there will be an action planning meeting to produce a collective document in regards to the Vassar bookstore move and the College's future development in the Arlington District. We hope to generate concerns, policy changes, and ideas for immediate action.

***This meeting will be very different than the public forum two weeks ago. Rather than having a panel to focus discussion, this event will be exclusively action-centered, using community organizing techniques to ensure the inclusion of all voices present.

Check out our blog for more information, and take the poll to let us know if you think you might be attending. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to send us an email: urbsmajors@gmail.com."

*Breaking News* Sugar Hill Gang Coming

The legendary Sugar Hill Gang will be joining the bill for today's Throwback Earth Day Jam.

They will be performing at 4pm in the Quad.

Official Word From KRS-One

Hip Hop 101 announced earlier this morning that KRS-One will no longer be performing at today's Throwback Earth Day Jam. Here is an official statement from a rep for the performer:

Hip Hop artist and activist, KRS One, demonstrates incredible restraint after overzealous fan throws bottle at a New Haven, CT nightclub, striking the icon in the face and fracturing his right hand. By doctor’s orders, all performance and lecture dates have been postponed until after May 1, 2008.

In the midst of an intense, multi-city mission in support of the Stop the Violence Movement, KRS One has been visiting some of the nation’s roughest neighborhoods, spreading his message of nonviolence to those who need to hear it most. [...] His New Haven, CT stop brought him to the Toad’s Place nightclub where his true Stop the Violence message was tested.

Standing firm on his platform of peace, KRS One calmed the crowd and security staff, which came to his defense after a fan lost control of himself, lashing out in anger by throwing a bottle in the direction of the stage. After being struck in the face and hand and still holding the microphone, the legendary performer pleaded, “Let it go. Let it go. When negativity comes your way, let it go. Let this be an example as to how we stop the violence.” Amazingly, the veteran emcee finished the last 15 minutes of his set as his right hand swelled to painful proportions, and he was rushed to Yale-New Haven hospital in an ambulance and treated for a fractured hand as well as dehydration [...]

Doctor Jeff Midgley of Yale-New Haven Hospital instructed the performer to postpone all previously scheduled commitments until he rehydrates and his fractured hand heals. A longtime fan, and hospital staffer, Deirdre Gill, told KRS, “Over the years, you’ve instructed us to take care of ourselves, now it’s time to take care of yourself. Get some rest.”

A disappointed KRS One sincerely apologizes.

UPDATE: One blogger who was at the KRS-One show last night writes, "I was at tha concert and KRS didnt loose his cool at all the story gets it right on. It was a heinekin bottle that the asshole threw. I dont understand why people pay to see someone...A legend even and do something like that. Its just stupid man."

*Breaking News* KRS-ONE Pulls Out!

KRS-One was injured by a fan last night, causing him to have to cancel several upcoming shows.

Hip Hop 101 is working to find a last minute replacement for the performer.

The event is still taking place, so be sure to check it out.

A panel discussion is currently going on.
Performances from 4-6.
Free BBQ 2-4.

Story developing...

April 18, 2008

This Weekend On Campus

There's a lot going on this weekend. Here are some things to check out:

Film League presents The Darjeeling Limited
Blodgett Auditorium 7pm (and Sat)

Sanders 8pm (and Sat)

ViCE presents John Mulaney
UpC 8pm

Feminist Alliance Mug Night
Mug 10pm

Throwback Earth Day Jam
Quad, 11am

Passover Seder
CC 223 6pm

Passover Seder

Email MadsVassar@Gmail.com for publicity.

Film League Presents...

The Darjeeling Limited
Blodgett Auditorium
Friday and Saturday

Connection to Vassar -> The screenwriter for Wes Anderson's Life Aquatic, Noah Baumbach is a Vassar alumnus.

Student Band Wins Candyland

The Vassar band Enter the Scorpion Pit won last night's Battle of the Bands. The band will be playing at Founder's Day.

Photo courtesy of MySpace.

UPDATE: Original photo from HERE.

April 17, 2008

What We're Our Roomate Is Watching

FAQ's About Dining Changes

The Campus Dining changes for next year are certainly striking up a lot of conversation and questions. Our format is set up for your feedback. Reps for Campus Dining have been reading your comments on our posts and answering your questions. Here are some

Here are some popular questions and answers, directly from our blog:

Q: What will the hours be?
A: There will be expanded hours.

Q: Can I still take food to go?
A: Yes, this is still an option. Containers will be available.

Q: What if we don't like Aramark's food? Will it be any different?
A: Most of the preparation will be done in front of the customer. Think of it as a market rather than a big institutional kitchen.

Q:No trays?!
A: Without trays, it will look a lot less institutional. It's been shown to save incredible amounts of energy and water.

Q: If Aramark is going to make all of these changes, why didn't they just do it this year?
A: "ACDC is an out-dated facility, much in need of renovations and improvements. Now that Aramark is in it for the long haul, the college can put money in to making it a space more conductive to student needs and better able to provide higher quality food."

Q:What if I just want a snack? Will I have to pay for the whole meal?
There are plans for a convenience store with snacks in the Students Building.

After Hours Tonight

After Hours show tonight
featuring Ben Demers and Pat Donachie
Mug 9pm

Mads In The Misc

Be sure to pick up a copy of today's Misc for an article on campus blogs, including Mads!

We hit 140,000 hits two days ago, so the timing could not be better. Last week was the most-read week in Mads history. Yes, we say that a lot, but it's because it keeps growing!

Thank you to the Misc for featuring us, as well as Blog9 for the kind words.

Go read it!

UPDATE: The article is now online! CLICK HERE to check it out.

April 16, 2008

Tomorrow's "Backpage" Already Up

Tomorrow's "Backpage" is already up on the Misc website.

Check it out. Sadly, only a few more "Backpage" installments are left for the graduating writer.

Also, be sure to pick up a copy of the Misc tomorrow. You'll see...

Way Too Early For This

The Jewett fire alarm is going off right now. It is believed to have been pulled by B & G.

UPDATE: B&G pulled fire alarms in every single dorm over the past two days.

Sticking With Aramark

Aramark's contract has been renewed with Campus Dining. CLICK HERE to read about it.

JJ also sent out an email with more information.

Mads had this last night! We put up this post but we were told that we had to take it down.

Think You Can Model?

Contrast will be holding a photo shoot during 80's night tonight.

Come early!

Techno Vassar

From the makers of Masquerave and the Shiva Raves...

VT is taking over the Quad today!
"VT usurps the Quad at 3pm to bombard the campus with an onslaught of fresh beats al afternoon. Attendance and dancing is highly encouraged to all."

Check it out!

April 15, 2008

By Word Of Mouth

An insider tells Mads that the Aramark contract has been renewed.

Lots of changes will be made to ACDC, though.

Meals will be served buffet style.
Renovations to the actual interior of ACDC will be made.
A greater effort will be made to incorporate local and "chef's table" options.

And finally...NO MORE TRAYS. Huh? Could this be the end of tray graffiti?

This is all UNCOMFIRMED. Stay tuned.

UPDATE 4/16: We published this last night, but were told that we had to take it down. Now that it's been confirmed, we've put it back up.

Fire Alarm In Library

The fire alarm went off in the library moments ago.

Scores of students were forced outside. There were many fire trucks on the scene.

One student said he saw smoke. The cause of the alarm has not yet been determined.

More M.I.A. Footage

As requested, here's a new clip from Friday night's M.I.A. show:

Be sure to check out MadsTV for all original clips featured on the blog.

He's Kind Of A Big Deal

Jeffrey Sachs will be giving a lecture next week, discussing the rise of global poverty. Sachs is a New York Times best selling author, United Nations advisor and renowned economist.

Thursday, April 24th
6pm Chapel

A Message From ACT OUT

In celebration of spring and admissions day:


bask in the sunshine.play games.make friends.keep vassar weird

dress code: glitter.color.crazy

brought to you by ACT OUT!

April 14, 2008

M.I.A. In Po-Journal

The M.I.A. show got lots of coverage in today's Poughkeepsie Journal.

"Outside, under the colonnade, spandex-clad students gathered, smoking cigarettes and assessing the night's prospects, looking like a twisted scene from the video for Oliva Newton John's 'Physical.'"

Yep, that sounds about right.

CLICK HERE to check out the article.

No Slowing Down

ViCE takes no breaks.

Here comes another ViCE-filled week. More info on other events soon, but for now...

Check out comedian John Mulaney
Friday, April 18th 8pm

Annual Throwback Jam This Weekend

This Saturday is the annual Earth Day Throwback Jam, organized by Hip Hop 101 and the Vassar Greens.

Here's what Hip Hop 101 has to say about the event headliner:
KRS-One (aka "The Blastmaster" or "The Teacha"), is the biggest name we've had at Throwback in a long time. He is one of the most respected emcees in hip hop, largely considered the greatest live performer in all of hip hop, and is also an incredibly intelligent man and a great activist against racism, violence and illiteracy. MTV ranks him #6 on their "Greatest MCs Of All Time" list. In a recent release for his foundation, the "Stop the Violence Movement" he wrote in an open letter, "We cannot afford to stand still. We must use our influence to raise awareness, heal and move toward truth and solutions. We are going to make a change. We are going to build a brighter future. Be a part of it. Apathy is no longer an option."

Throwback Earth Jam 2008

12noon-1:15: a panel discussion on Race, Class & Environmentalism, including speakers...
*Dwaine Lee from Sustainable South Bronx
*Jeffrey Hollender, head of Seventh Generation Inc.
*Bria White from Green Teen

1:30-3:30: KRS-One, arguably one of the greatest emcees of all time, will take to the stage with the energy and skill he is known for. YOU CAN'T MISS THIS. "THE TEACHA" IS HERE.

4:00-6:00: Performances by C Spears, Cans, Theory, Sic Osyrus. Break dancing by Dynamic Rockers, Energy Dance Company. All beats provided by DJ Curt Kre-Z. Live art throughout!


VSA Election Dramz

So the dates for the VSA Election have been pushed back. Maybe not a huge deal. But, according to Sam Charner's email last night, "no room draw preference will be possible for anyone this year." That might be a bigger deal.


April 13, 2008

Best Of The Week!

Here is our Top 5 for the week. It was a busy week, and with so much going on we certainly didn't get to everything. Feel free to comment on what we missed.

5. Chili Day.
Without a doubt, chili at the Retreat (specifically vegetarian chili) is the highlight of our Wednesdays. We've been keeping an unofficial record, and last Wednesday's was the second best of the year.

4. Parents.
It wasn't so bad. Getting off campus and eating non-ACDC food was worth it.

3. The Misc.
The paper was really on this week. The M.I.A. article was great (not to mention the interview online) and the Backpage was hysterical.

2. The weather.
This week saw temperatures in the 60's and even 70's. The Quad was filled with people the entire week.

1. Obviously....M.I.A.
Despite MGMT's last minute cancellation, the show made for one of, if not the, best night of the year.

April 12, 2008

There He Is!

Our favorite Hot Mess was dancing (and sweating) up a storm last night at the M.I.A. show. He may have been one of the hottest messes of the evening, second only to a certian girl from Sri Lanka.

MGMT Speaks!


Mads spoke with MGMT's manager about their last minute cancellation and the state of singer/guitarist Andrew VanWyngarden. Here is an official statement:

MGMT were very disappointed as well not to be able to play for the Vassar College students and do a gig with MIA [...] Every endeavor was made to try to pull off last nite's show for Vassar, but after an afternoon visit to a doctor in the Poughkeepsie area, Andrew was diagnosed with walking pneumonia and placed on bed rest and given proper anti-biotics. We were forced to cancel tonite's show at Dartmouth and tomorrow nite in Burlington, VT is an unknown. We apologize for the inconvenience and last minute notification, but rock bands are human [...] We hope those that attended were treated to a great show by MIA and MGMT hopes to make up the show to the Vassar College students soon.

You read it here!

Behind The Scenes

No major drama went down at last night's show. ViCE ran a very successful and safe event.

There was some concern over the barricades. "I'm told that the barricades might break," M.I.A. said to told the crowd. Mads was up against one for almost the entire time, which was not pleasant. They got loose and fell forward several times, even when security at the front of the stage tried to support them.

There were no major problems with concert goers. This student did try to fight his way on to the stage:

According to people taking tickets and distributing bracelets, lots of people tried to get in with fake tickets, most of which were photocopies of actual tickets.

Men's Volleyball May Take National Title

While we were all at M.I.A., our men's volleyball team was busy competing for the nation's top spot. Last night the team beat UC Santa Cruz, the current #1 team in the nation.

Tonight the boys will be competing for the national title against Springfield.

CLICK HERE for more!

The Loeb Keeps It Classy

The Student Council of the FLLAC is throwing a Ball (cocktail party) this Friday.

Black and White Ball
Friday, April 18 8-11pm
Live student music, champagne, Babycakes and La Delicioso

Tickets $5 for members, $8 for non-members
Tickets are on sale in the College Center

Check This Out

Masque Rave
10pm - 2am

Featuring DJ Paradigm, DJ Chairon, and R2DJ
Free champagne and gourmet catering. Masks/facial decoration required.

P.S. We were asked to publicize, so don't complain if it's broken up.

M.I.A. Clips

M.I.A. and Rye Rye do "Paper Planes" sound check:

Up close to M.I.A.:

"Paper Plans" finale:

And Take Your Money

Between going on the tour bus with Rye Rye, holding hands with M.I.A. as she sang, dancing on stage, on lots lots more, this night won't be forgotten any time soon. To be honest, we were most excited for MGMT, so we were pretty bummed at the start. But that didn't last for long.

Big thanks to ViCE for all of their hard work in putting together an unforgettable evening.

Check back soon for more picture and lots of clips on MadsTV! We also have some inside scoops that you won't want to miss.