April 12, 2008

Behind The Scenes

No major drama went down at last night's show. ViCE ran a very successful and safe event.

There was some concern over the barricades. "I'm told that the barricades might break," M.I.A. said to told the crowd. Mads was up against one for almost the entire time, which was not pleasant. They got loose and fell forward several times, even when security at the front of the stage tried to support them.

There were no major problems with concert goers. This student did try to fight his way on to the stage:

According to people taking tickets and distributing bracelets, lots of people tried to get in with fake tickets, most of which were photocopies of actual tickets.


Respire said...

Well that was stupid of him.

Anonymous said...

i got in with a fake ticket!

Anonymous said...

that was me screaming.

Anonymous said...

that video is pointless. good try.