April 30, 2008

Meet Your Candidates: Summer's-Grace Green

Here is our third and final installment of "Meet Your Candidates." We hope it's been helpful. Below is our exclusive interview with candidate Summer's-Grace Green '09.

Mads: What experience do you have that qualifies you for the position of president?
Summer's-Grace: I believe that any student willing to dedicate the time and energy into pursing initiatives that will improve the school is qualified for this office. Sadly the VSA has become very insular in this, and very often only students who have experience within student government are continually running. I hope to change that next year, by publicizing how student government positions are relevant and interesting to everyone [...] I have had the pleasure to be involved in student government since freshman year. While starting as the VP of 2009, each year I've dedicated myself to more and more initiatives across all areas of the College, from from Academics (I sat on the Ad-hoc Committee on Student Teaching and Tenure) to Development and the Alumnae Association (With the Council on Alumnae/i Student advancement) to the Student Life (with the Committee on Inclusion and Excellence). In my current role as VSA VP for Operations, I also oversee all the elected and appointed student members that participate in the interwoven College and VSA committee structure. I know what discussions on campus are happening in which offices and I plan on making sure that everyone else on campus does as well.

Mads: What issues are most important to you?
SG: After working on the VSA Executive Board for the past year, I'm aware of many of the issues that we face and need to resolve as students and as campus. Together we need to increase inclusion initiatives across the campus so that every person believes as though they belong to a hate-free community (one way in which we can do this is to pass the gender neutral housing policy), build stronger bonds with our community (given that many of the construction delays were because of this poor relationship we need to build a stronger bonds with Poughkeepsie not only so that it will be easier to pass many initiatives especially that involve construction but also so that most importantly we are finally fully integrated and accepted as members within the wider community) initiate a campus wide resource audit to see what types of support the school offers students whether monetarily or otherwise, examine the use of space on campus and create a 24-hr reliable study space, push the college to restructure and streamline the committee system (ensuring that student voices are most directly heard in spaces with the people on campus that can most effectively change our problems (this would include making the schedules and actions of each committee public) and most importantly making the actions of student government more transparent through monthly progress reports on different initiatives as well as increasing the interaction between elected student leaders and the rest of the student body (we live on a small campus and you guys should know who we are so that you can directly ask us about anything going on at the college instead of through detached emails). These are a few of my ideas, but in reality we've all got many when it comes to how we can improve our home, my job would be to ensure that the students know where to voice these concerns.

Mads: If voters should know one thing about you or your platform, what should it be?
SG: I'm a personable woman who wants to make sure that student voices are heard throughout the college. Too often student input has become a side-note in the discussions of the college, I want to make sure that since these decisions directly impact the lives of students, that students voices are institutionalized as integral parts of this dialogues. I am experienced, I understand the amount of dedication needed to accomplish all of the initiatives I've proposed and I know that I would be the best candidate to ensure that student voices are heard throughout the college.

Mads: Will you bring any changes to the VSA?
SG: The biggest change I plan on bringing to the VSA is transparency. The VSA has existed for many years now, but the degree to which it has been relating to students has become questionable. Since student government represents students, the Student Body President needs to ensure that students know whats happening throughout our college. The Misc should not be the one explaining the pros and cons of 2:2, it should be the student leaders who were elected to vet the concerns of their constituency. By articulating what initiatives are going on across the college, student leaders will be able to say that their opinions are truly representing those of students and students will be well informed and able to give input on the initiatives that affect them the most. I will ensure that the student government and the rest of the student body works together to make and sustain the best Vassar possible.


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YAY SG!! Vote for her!!!

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She's an amazing person and a wonderful leader! Vote for SG

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VOTE SG! She is by far the best suited candidate for the position!

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she is such a kind and articulate person! i'm very happy that she is running.

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SG rocks my world! Hopefully we will finally elect a VSA President that believes in inclusion!