April 11, 2008

M.I.A. Speaks!

The Misc scored an exclusive interview with M.I.A. Here are some highlights:

On her musical influences:
"Everybody was giving me Madonna records and then everyone was like you should listen to this and try and dress like it and I just never looked like Madonna because I was brown. So I decided to dress like Chuck D instead."

On the making of Kala:
"I just lived that record and I felt like blood and sweat went into it and I got hell raised and some weird shit happened and it makes the album sound like that.

On her favorite song:
All of them mean different different things to me, but I like "Amazon" because no one else gives it any love, so I give it love, because I like the underdog, always.

CLICK HERE for the full interview.

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Anonymous said...

AHHH I want to talk to MIA too!!!