April 8, 2008

More Fireworks

Fireworks are going off right now. They sound like they're coming from the TA's.

Fireworks were also set off this past weekend as well as the previous Sunday, both from Sunset Lake. Could it be the same culprits?


Anonymous said...

odd, they usually come from wherever Robinson is living

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting a story on something that everyone already knows.

Respire said...

I sent the story to Mads because I thought it was curious, not because it's breaking news.

Same thing with the fire alarm stories - the fact that the Noyes or Jewett fire alarm goes off every time someone sneezes is something that everyone knows and can quite often see for themselves. But it's still a curiosity and a talking point.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone knew about this. I live in the TAs, but was out and about so I didn't hear them. thanks for the story