May 25, 2008

Taking A Short Break

Mads is taking a short break. We'll be back in two weeks with a new look, new features, new posts, and more.

Check back for updates on June 8th!
Check back for updates on June 8th!
Check back for updates on June 8th!

Going On Now

Watch Commencement HERE right now!

UPDATE 11:08AM: Randy Cohen is now speaking.

May 24, 2008

Commencement Tomorrow

Tomorrow's Commencement will be taking place from 10AM - 12PM in the Outdoor Amphitheater, rain or shine. Seating is first come first served.

You can watch a live webcast of the ceremony HERE beginning at 10AM tomorrow.

The weather for tomorrow is supposed to be sunny with a high of 77.

Vassar Student Robbed, Thanks To Craigslist

Tom Morgan '08 got more than he signed up for when he took a job listed on Craigslist to shoot a bachelorette party in Brooklyn. According to a NY Daily News article, Morgan showed up for the job only to find that it was all a hoax. He was mugged of $4000 worth of equipment at gunpoint.

The article describes Morgan as a "Vassar College graduate who has been freelancing full time since December."

Thanks to a reader for showing us this.

May 23, 2008

By Word Of Mouth

A certain celebrity will be coming to Vassar in the Fall, according to one Mads reader. The reader overheard a conversation in New York City, leading her to believe that one of the actresses in Broadway's Spring Awakening is a member of Vassar '12.

A quick Facebook search shows that our tipster was right, and the Broadway actress will indeed be joining us in the Fall. (Her Facebook profile casually lists "spring awakening" under her favorite activities.)

May 22, 2008

What's With...

What's with all these college students and throwing food at speakers?

First, members of Brown University's Greenwash Guerrillas threw pies at New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman on Earth Day.

Then, a few days ago the CEO of Microsoft was egged when he was giving a presentation at a Hungarian university.

Should Randy Cohen be concerned?

Our New Neighbor

Several sources are reporting that Michael Jackson may be moving to Poughkeepsie, specifically to a "horse farm" in the Beekman area.

"The sales price is said to be in the $1 million to $2 million range. It's said to be a gated property with several bedrooms and a large backyard where his three kids can frolic," says a Fox News blog.

Thanks to a reader for pointing this out to us.

*Breaking News* Obama Filling In For Kennedy At Wesleyan

Okay, so there's been a lot of Wesleyan news on this blog lately, but we thought many of you would find this interesting...

Wesleyan has been looking for a new Commencement Speaker since Senator Kennedy was hospitalized last week. The New York Times now reports that none other than Barack Obama will taking over for the ceremony.

According to The New York Times twenty minutes ago: "Barack Obama has agreed to deliver the commencement address at Wesleyan University in place of Sen. Edward Kennedy, who pulled out Thursday after finding out he had brain cancer."

"I'm looking forward to standing in his place on Sunday, even though I know I won't be able to fill his shoes," says Obama.

Ok, now back to Vassar news...

On Campus This Weekend?

We all know the Vassar weekend starts on Thursday night. Here are some non-Commencement things to check our if you're still on campus this weekend

Late Night at the Lehman Loeb (& Yearbook signing)
FLLAC 5 - 9pm

ViCE Jazz
SoCo's 7-10pm (rain location: Villard Room)

ViCE After Hours Senior Showcase
Aula 9pm

May 21, 2008

Aramark Bottled Water Banned At Brandeis

According to Brandeis' paper The Justice, the school's administration is working with Aramark to ban the sale of bottled water on campus.

"I object to selling water in containers that pollute our environment on our campus. Presently I am exploring ways to substitute other more earth-friendly ways to provide students access to clean, healthy water on our campus that does not involve non-biodegradable containers," says Brandeis President Jehuda Reinharz.

Would this work at Vassar?

May 19, 2008

VT Making Up For Farm Rave

The Farm Rave was canceled two weeks ago, but VT isn't giving up. They are throwing their last event of the year tomorrow night (Tuesday) at midnight.

VT Presents: Silent Rave!

Here's a message from VT:
"Come join VT for one last event from us before the semester ends! We will be holding a silent rave on the Quad Tuesday night at 12, preceded by a screening of Daft Punk's Interstella 5555 at 11pm.

To make this a silent rave, we have obtained a FM transmitter and dozens of receiving radios for you to tune in with headphones. VT will be broadcasting from 107.1 FM. Radios are free to use and $2 to keep. They will be limited, so first come first serve. You're more than welcome to bring your own FM receiver and headphones if you wish!"

Silent Rave
Tuesday @ Midnight (Screening of Interstella 5555 at 11pm)
Radios are free to use, $2 to keep. Stay as long as you want!

Message From Home

It's hard to believe that the year has come to an end. The last two semesters have been incredible. We're so glad that we were able to share our experiences with all of you.

We started this blog back in September and can't believe how much it's grown since then. Lots of you are reading and enjoying what we write, and some of our stories are even kind of legit.

We will be updating over the summer, so be sure to keep checking. We're going to have a new layout, introduce some new features, and put up some big stories. We've got some big news to share in a few weeks...

We'll be taking a two week break beginning on May 26th. Be sure to check back after that!

Thanks for reading,

P.S. An anonymous commenter on our last post made a new header design for us. We'd love to know who it is. Email us!

May 18, 2008

"Wes Riot" Footage and 911 Calls

More has been released in what some are now calling the "Wesleyan Riot."

This video shows the police and students clashing. It's from a student's perspective, but shows that the students were in fact being rather belligerent.

Some of the 911 calls made on that night have also been released, available here.

May 17, 2008


ViCE favorites M.I.A. and Vampire Weekend are featured together in the newest issue of Rolling Stone.

By the way, if you're in the area be sure to check out Vampire Weekend in Central Park on June 14.

Her Real Comeback

Just a little bit of news we thought we'd share with you...

Britney Spears will be releasing a new album on December 8th!!! The Mug will once again be filled with her sweet, sweet sounds.

UPDATE: See more about it here (don't ask why we were on that site).

Campus Dining Responds

Mads spoke with Campus Dining about the insects found in the bagel bin at ACDC yesterday. Sr. Director Maureen King told us that the roaches appear to be on sticky traps that are in fact used in ACDC, but cannot confirm whether or not the trap was supposed to be placed in the bin.

Here's what Ms. King told Mads about Vassar's pest control initiatives and health record:

"Vassar has followed an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, in fact the Retreat was the first location on campus where IPM was introduced. Prior to the IPM program, poison was sprayed around all of the dining areas to kill insects. An IPM program requires the pest expert to determine the pest solution for any given situation and to report weekly on his or her actions. That is why you see adhesive pest products; they work as well or better (if you consider their effect on the environment), but control pests in a much more transparent way.

We at Campus Dining are proud of our record of food safety. We consistently get positive reports from the Dutchess County Board of Health. These are on record."

May 16, 2008

Wesleyan Incident Update

For those of you following this story...

Here's an update and more information about what happened at Wesleyan last night and today's aftermath.

Five Wesleyan students were arrested when a crowd of two hundred students refused to disperse from Fountain Avenue in Middletown. Police claim that students started throwing bottles at them. According to the Sgt. of police, "There were approximately 250 students in the streets [...] When officers arrived, they threw bottles at the officers as they were trying to disperse the students."

Students are claiming that police used brutality and excessive force. New photographs show that police were holding paintball guns. Many students were tasered, sprayed with pepper spray, and shot at with pepper balls. Another student was hospitalized for a bite from a police dog.

"We told them to move along and they refused," the Sgt. said. At that point, that's when the pepper spray and pepper balls were used."

The WSA president and administration have been addressing concerns throughout the day. The story has also gotten coverage on lots of local Connecticut news stations.

Check out Wesleying for complete coverage.

ACDC Infested

We have received multiple accounts (and pictures) of insects in the bagel bin at ACDC spotted around 3:30pm this afternoon.

CLICK HERE to see the LiveJournal thread about it.

UPDATE: Maureen King of Campus Dining tells a Mads reader, "I am as disgusted as you are. I will get to the bottom of this."

UPDATE 2: Looking at the pictures more closely, the insects are clearly on a piece of fly paper. There is no doubt that the paper should not be in the bagel bin, so this is probably just someone's idea of a twisted prank.

Story developing...

Men's Rugby Undresses For Squirm

The new issue of Squirm released today features a seven page spread of the Men's Rugby team. As the Frisbee Team has demonstrated, nude is the new shirts-and-skins.

*Breaking News* Police Clash With Wesleyan Students

Late last night an innocent end-of-year blockparty near the Wesleyan campus turned serious when police were called in. Students were Tasered and shot at with rubber pellets, according to early reports.


Check back later for Mads coverage of the incident.

Story developing...

Photos From Wesleyan Incident

Here are some images from last night's clash between Wesleyan students and the police:

Check back tonight for more details as the story develops.

*Big News* Huge Clash Between Police And Wesleyan Students

This is big news.

Last night an innocent end-of-year blockpary thrown by Wesleyan students on Fountain Avenue outside of the campus turned serious as police showed up.

Unfortunately we do not have time right now to go into details, but you can expect full coverage tonight. Sorry we didn't cover this sooner. CLICK HERE for details and check back tonight for full updates on this serious incident.

UPDATE: Here are some details from Wesleying's liveblogging of the incident:

"Dogs barking, megaphone order to disperse. Mace brandished. General Disarray."
"STUDENTS FIRED UPON. pellets apparently bounced off ground, dogs chasing students, officers in tow."

For You (Former) Art 106 Students

This was on Perez this morning:

Phocus Releases Fix Today

The new issue of Phocus' photography magazine Fix will be released today. Look out for copies in the dorms, ACDC, and the library this afternoon.

"The magazine features exceptional black and white photography by a variety of Vassar students," one of the issue's creators tells Mads.

Photo by Carola Beeney '11.

May 15, 2008

Her Final "Haveagood"

So we have reported on lots of Haveagood rumors in the past, but we have heard from multiple sources that this time it's true! One Mads reader tells us that Haveagood told him that tomorrow will be her last day here. She said she would "miss the students but not the management."

Kathryn Porter has been employed at Vassar for twelve years. Haveagood life!

Facebook To Hit The Loeb

The next exhibit to be featured at the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center has just been announced. The exhibit, Facebook: Images of People in Photographs from the Permanent Collection explores the "photographic portrait" through the history of the medium.

The exhibit will be up from June 27 to August 10, so if you're around make sure to check it out!

Alumna To Play Food Guru

This photo just came out of Meryl Streep '71 as food guru Julia Child. The film, Julie & Julia is currently shooting and should come out in 2009.

Anything Goes, Even Study Break Ho's

Here's what one reader tells Mads:

"At approximately 1:03 am this morning (5/15) an unidentified white van with blacked out windows pulled up to the back of Jewett. A young Hispanic woman (clearly not of Vassar student age) clad in dominatrix-esque black short-shorts and a black tube top exited the van carrying a black leather purse (one large enough to carry the "tools of the trade") and entered the rear door of Jewett building. The van pulled slowly away and left as soon as a Vassar security van approached. This anonymous Mads reader believes that it is probable that this woman was about to offer her services to a Jewett resident. Kinky."

Could it be the same van that paid a visit to Lathrop earlier this year?

Email us at

Squirm Before You Leave

The new issue of Squirm comes out tomorrow, its Literary Editor tells Mads. You can pick up a copy in front of the library from 12-4pm.

UPDATE Friday: The distribution will now take place in ACDC due to the rain.

May 14, 2008

Election Update

The Obama campaign just announced that it has the endorsement of Senator John Edwards.

Read about it HERE.

Administration Responds

Mads was waiting on the administration to respond before publishing any further information on last night's incident in the library.

In JJ's campus-wide email earlier this afternoon, she writes:
"A member of the Class of 2008 was seriously injured as a result of a fall in the library. The student was taken by ambulance to a local hospital, where he remains in intensive care [...] The family has asked for our prayers and a gathering has been scheduled for 8:00 p.m. this evening on the Chapel lawn."

"At times like this we often feel the need to know all of the details, but we request that everyone respect the family’s privacy during this difficult time. As appropriate, more details will be forthcoming," JJ concludes.

We will respect the wishes of administration and the individual's family and continue to do what is appropriate in terms of posting.

A Message From Mads

Last night we were faced with the decision of how to cover something serious. We put up some information, and after receiving multiple requests to remove it, we did. At the time, we realized that it wasn't our place to comment on it.

The incident raises some important questions. Was this a private matter, or does the student body have a right to know (after all, it affected everyone in the library at the time)? What is the purpose of this blog? To cover parties and campus events, or perhaps something more serious in need of discussing?

Right now there is a lot of speculation over the incident, and we think that letting it come together through rumor is worse than telling the truth and ending the gossip. Hopefully administration will handle the situation appropriately (whether or not that means a campus-wide email).

We will be updating on this matter, so check back later this afternoon. Please email us at with any questions or concerns.


Breakfast Last Night

Last night's Midnite Breakfast got off to a good start. They even broke out the fancy dishes. Jimmy Kelly's first duty as new VSA President - providing syrup and juice.

Security Searches Jewett

Last night around 1AM six security guards were spotted in the Jewett lobby and later searching the floors. They were asking students if they had seen "any non-students" in the building.

May 13, 2008

Clinton Wins In West Virginia

Senator Clinton is the projected winner in West Virginia tonight, according to CNN.

While Clinton is still trailing Obama in delegates by a wide margin, this win was certainly necessary to boost her campaign.

The New York Times brings up an important point:
"Given Mr. Obama’s leads in the popular vote and delegates, the West Virginia results are likely to have little practical effect on Mrs. Clinton’s chances at winning the nomination. Yet a Clinton victory in another general election battleground state — like her victories in Ohio and Pennsylvania this spring — could raise anew questions about Mr. Obama’s ability to take swing states in a contest against Senator John McCain in the fall."


In case you forgot, or just want to be sure, you can find the final exam schedule HERE.

Good luck!

What We're Reading

We just came across a new blog, Things Younger Than John McCain. It's not anti-McCain necessarily, it's just very funny.

Some of the best ones:
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Dick Cheney
The Hindenburg Disaster
The Ballpoint Pen

Oh, and check back tonight for updates on the West Virginia primaries.

May 12, 2008

Mess Of The Week!

It's Tay Tay! The mess from Oklahoma was spotted in Noyes this past weekend.

Tomorrow Night


Woo! Midnight Breakfast and then Primal Scream!

May 11, 2008

Fill In The Blank

I spent the entire day __________.


What We're Watching (Mother's Day Edition)

May 10, 2008

Farm Rave Is Off

Tonight's unofficial Farm Rave has sadly been cancelled, according to Facebook.

Supposedly security busted VT earlier as they were setting up.

Next year's VT presidents plan on registering it as an official party, one of the organizers says.

"It is with great disappointment that I write to you tell you that Vassar Teknowledgy's Farm Rave will *NOT* be happening tonight," says one of the event's organizers. "Security got the tipoff somehow and were out at the farm this evening to take away all of our stuff.

"As a group, VT's mission is to bring electronic music to the Vassar campus. We love that we have a budget to throw parties for all of you, and we love what we do. Though we try to push the envelope with everything we do, we do have to cede the wishes of college and campus security. With the Farm Rave, we tried to have a party past 2am (strike 1) during Study Week (strike 2) on the Farm (strike 3). While we were able to have this amazing event last year with a great success and turnout, Security did come twice for noise complaints, as did the police (but they couldn't find us).

"VT desperately wants to throw a party for the campus that goes well beyond the normal 2am restriction, as well as an event on the farm. We're overjoyed that there was so much excitement and support for this event from the student body and very much hope to bring it to you next year as a fully registered campus event."

Bored In The Library

We came across this list of things to do if you're bored in the library:

  1. Memorize the Dewey Decimal System, & recite it to liven up dinner parties.
  2. Reshelve the educational theory books under "fiction".
  3. Check out all copies of books on how to improve your memory, then tell the librarian you can't remember where they are.
  4. Instead of checking things in, offer to buy them. Don't take no for an answer!
  5. Stand near the exit gates, & "beep" as people walk through.
  6. Ask the librarian how to turn the videotape over to watch the other side.
  7. Ask the reference librarian for all information about the negative consequences of losing ones' temper; act really impatient while he or she looks.
  8. Go to a computer near the circulation desk, hold the mouse like a microphone & repeatedly ask where the computer books are.
  9. Attend the story hour & tell them your inner child just wants to listen.
Our friend at Barnard told us that the Columbia sailing team runs through the library during finals week in rain gear yelling at everyone to get to higher ground because a storm is coming. Sounds like a job for Improv.

Any other ideas?

For You Science Students

Some of you may find this interesting...

Vassar received a $1.5 million grant yesterday from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. This was done in an effort to "deepen Vassar College's historic excellence in both undergraduate science education and science education outreach," says the press release.

This is one of the largest grants to Vassar's Science Department ever.

May 9, 2008

This Weekend On Campus

There is very little going on this weekend.

Improv's 24 Hour Marathon - Retreat all day
"The Winter Tale" performed by Shakespeare Troupe - Sunset Lake 8pm

AirCapella Final Concert - Rocky 200 8pm

Email for publicity.

Out Of Shape In NY Times

The Sunday edition of The New York Times featured an article on the current exhibit at the Loeb, Out of Shape.

The exhibit is definitely worth checking out before you leave.

What We're Listening To

We haven't been able to stop listening to this since the Vastards concert...

Final VSA Positions Decided

The VSA Council met for three hours tonight to transition the old council to the new one. The VSA positions that had resulted in ties were also determined.

Anna Rogulina '11 is the new Jewett Secretary.

S. Riane Harper '09 is the new TA president. Harper, who is currently abroad in Paris, addressed the Council via AIM.

UPDATE: Since some of you are wondering - We had to remove some comments because they contained students' names with private (and potentially damaging) information. We try to get permission from individuals before they appear on this blog, which was not done in this case. Email us at with any questions.

May 8, 2008

Contrast Debuts Second Issue

The second issue of Vassar's fashion 'zine, Contrast debuted at a release party Tuesday night.

By the looks of the cover, the editors definitely made an effort to cover more than just the American Apparel campus style.

What do you think?

UPDATE Friday: Check out the comments for this post for a message from Contrast's co-editor-in-chief. For the record, the editors wanted to see what you all thought of the new issue, and asked us to publish this post.

Sculpture Migration

The "sculptures" that were placed by the College Center circle suspiciously wound up in front of Cappy's house, one Mads reader (and the sculptor) tells us.

"Although I'm pleased to see how versatile their placement can be, I was disheartened to know that the four hours I had invested in their setup was not only wasted but would need to be repeated," says the artist.

The piece is part of the show Sculpture, which will be opening Friday evening at the Palmer Gallery.

Grhyzzly's Best Poster Yet

It's hard to find a poster these days that isn't designed by Grhyzzly, a.k.a. Rhys Bambrick '11. In the past few weeks, he has made designs for everything from VSA candidates to Founder's Day merch.

Bambrick just unveiled his latest poster, which we think is his best yet:

Maybe he can design us a Mads header??

May 7, 2008

Overheard At Vassar

Sorry for the lack of posts today. There's not much to write about from the library...

We've decided to go through the Overheard at Vassar Facebook group and pull the best quotes. Here are our favorites:

  • "Pirate's just...there's nothing like it." - ACDC
  • "Party in Noyes? I'd rather get written up and party in here." - Joss
  • "Hell, I wouldn't fight James K. Polk. He was a badass."
  • "Why give birth when you can go to the petstore?"
  • Henry VIII was shooting blanks. It was his own damn fault."
  • "It's not even Marx's best work. It'''s...ugh!"
Know any other good ones?


A group of students clad in bright costumes and holding instruments is currently making its way through the Quad.

May 6, 2008

Primary Update

Obama wins North Carolina, CNN projects.

Clinton is in the lead in Indiana, but it is still too close to call.

UPDATE 1:20am: Clinton wins Indiana, but the race was a lot closer than anticipated.

Middlebury's Similar Problem

While our debate over BoredatVassar continues, Middlebury is engaged in a similar controversy over a website called Middlebury Confessional (it can only be accessed through the Middlebury Network).

Tim Spears, the Dean of the College, writes, "If the number of posts is any indication, this site has been irresistible for many students. And some of the discussion [...] is—or could be—valuable. My concern here is that the site has also become a place for individuals to post derogatory comments about other people and groups of people."

That sounds familiar.

"Of course, we are all free to exercise our speech rights, but in an educational community such as ours, we are also obliged to exercise these rights responsibly," the Dean concludes.

It appears that Middlebury administration is not taking any direct action against the site, but is asking students to use better judgment. Would this work for Vassar?

More VSA Positions Announced

More VSA election results are in.

CLICK HERE to see the updated list.

The TA President and Jewett Secretary positions will be decided at Thursday night's Council Meeting.

Big Primaries Today

Two major primaries are being held today in Indiana and North Carolina.

Polls show that Clinton has a good chance in Indiana, while Obama will probably win North Carolina.

Check Mads tonight for updates and coverage.

Last Day Of Classes!

Today is the last day of classes! Woo!

This year went by so incredibly fast. Good luck with finals!

May 5, 2008

Jimmy Speaks

Mads Exclusive!

The VSA announced yesterday that Jimmy Kelly '09 will be its next president.

"I'm very excited and honored to take on the role of VSA President," Jimmy tells Mads. "I'm most excited to work with my fellow students on a number of initiatives to improve our campus."

Of the other candidates, Jimmy says, "The victory is bittersweet because I am good friends with both SG and MR [...] I will miss serving alongside them on Council, but I know that next year they will continue to be some of the most important leaders on campus."

On who he would like to thank, Jimmy says, "I would really like to thank everyone for taking part in this election. We had very high turnout this year, which signals that students are interested and invested in seeing positive changes happen on campus. I would also like to thank SG and MR for maintaining a friendly and respectful race. Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't thank my friends for their kind words and encouragement through this whole process."

The transitional Council meeting is this Thursday. "You can expect Council to produce many actions next year that will be intimately focused on improving student life on campus," says Jimmy.

Last ViCE Event Of Year!

Tomorrow is the last ViCE event of the year!

Stop by the Chapel Lawn tomorrow from 3-6 for free (v)ice cream!

UPDATE: The trucks may be in the Aula parking lot and the main gate instead.


JJ Jackson was spotted giving the keynote speech on leadership at tonight's Leadership For Change banquet.

By Word Of Mouth

Insiders tell Mads that the positions that resulted in ties in the VSA elections will be decided on Thursday night by the VSA Council.

In other election news, we're told that this election had the biggest voter turnout in years.

Boredat Update

Looks like Boredat won't be going back up any time soon. The "blog" now states:

"It is clear that the Boredat project can be a very dangerous platform when applied to an extremely volatile community."

Extremely volatile community? That doesn't speak very highly of us.

JP continues, "This blog will remain available for campus-wide discussion. What is on your mind? What issues need to be on the table? Post your thoughts to this thread."

May 4, 2008

Oh well...

On her MySpace page before her concert on Friday, Meiko writes:

"I'm in upstate NY, getting ready to play Vassar College today - which I think is an all girls school!) Yay! Girls are good listeners!"

Oh well. She was still amazing. Just misinformed.

More On The Elections

According to Sam Charner's email, "Positions with multiple slots and the TA President and Jewett Secretary will be posted tomorrow to allow for verification of votes for technical reasons."

UPDATE: The numbers are up.

For president (first choices):
JK = 542
MM = 498
SG = 359

After the write-ins and SG were eliminated, Jimmy Kelly won with 685 votes.

Some of the results have been deferred due to ties. These include Jewett Secretary, TA President, and various student representative positions. These results will be determined and announced tomorrow night in a campus-wide email.

*Breaking News* Election Results Announced

This just in:
Jimmy Kelly '09 wins VSA President, according to Sam Charner's campus-wide email moments ago.

Camille Friason, Alexandria Dempsey, Marcelo Buitron, Caitlin Ly, and Nate Silver won VP positions.

The class presidents are:
2009: Luis Gabriel Trujillo
2010: Scott Pascal
2011: Joseph Redwood-Martinez

The house presidents are:
Main: Taylor Stewart
Strong: Mary Catherine Halfpenny
Raymond: Nate Mandel
Lathrop: Ethan Fischer
Josselyn: Zachary Wasser
Jewett: Chris Doscher
Cushing: Matt Leonard
Noyes: Sean Koerner
TH's: Lorrette Fisher

Check the comments for the full list.

VSA Results Tonight

The VSA election results will be announced tonight.

A campus-wide email will be sent out. You can also check Mads tonight for coverage!

UPDATE: The Spring Elections page states that the results will be announced Sunday night. According to an email to the candidates, the elected candidates should attend tonight's council meeting, so the results will probably be announced before 7PM.

UPDATE #2: Only candidates for council positions are asked to attend tonight's meeting.


The celebs were out and about yesterday for the festivities.

We spotted JJ Jackson on line for Soul Dog. We also caught up with our friend Alex Elder who is doing well and was happy to be back on campus. VSA presidential candidate SG was dancing with Luis, while D-Himz was nearby. We also ran into presidential candidate Jimmy Kelly, and sat with Tay Tay and Hot Mess on the hill.

We also caught up with singer-songwriter Meiko who told us all about performing at Perez Hilton's birthday party a few weeks ago.

What A Weekend

Possibly the best weekend of the year.

Friday night Mads hung out with the extremely pretty and talented Meiko.
Founder's Day certainly lived up to our expectations. It was also the longest day ever.

Around The World

According to our site meter, yesterday we had readers in the UK, Switzerland, Turkey, Israel, and Canada, not to mention all over the United States.


Thanks for reading!

May 3, 2008

Fireworks Gone Wrong?

Firetrucks just rushed through the North Gate and are heading towards Sunset Lake. Could there be a problem with the fireworks?

UPDATE: Just a fire alarm in Main. No worries.

What To Do Today

Here's the official schedule of events for the day:

10am - Fun Run
11am Memorial Ceremony to Eric Smith
11-12 Kids Hour
11-5pm Bands
11-5pm Rides
12-5pm Food vendors open
12:35pm Toast from Cappy
5-6pm BBQ outside Walker
8:30pm Barefoot Monkeys fire show
9pm Fireworks by Sunset Hill
9:30pm Movie showings (Candyland and original Willie Wonka) on Chapel Lawn


By Word Of Mouth

The new issue of Contrast comes out on Tuesday. An insider tells us that the issue will follow a girl's style through her day and night.

May 2, 2008

Fireworks Right Now

Fireworks (were just launched from the Quad in front of Strong...

UPDATE: More fireworks at 12:38.

Boredat Back Up

BoredatVassar is back online.

A new message reads:

"Thank you for your thoughtful comments and suggestions. It is clear that has affected the Vassar community in a very emotional way, both positively and negatively. However, there is also a positive that I simply cannot ignore. I cannot, in good faith, deprive you of a necessary outlet to be heard, especially when your community is trying to silence you. Therefore, in the interest of free speech and a true democracy of ideas, I’ve decided to bring back I simply cannot turn a blind eye to a community that cannot speak their mind. This is exactly the purpose and solution of the Boredat project."

Mads is all for freedom of speech (i.e. this blog). But as we have said before, there is a difference between free speech and hate speech.

Let's please not abuse it this time.

UPDATE Saturday morning: The page is down again. A message reads:

"Threats to sue from your administration has once again forced me to shut down boredatvassar. This is the first time I have ever been forced to shut down a site in the project’s two-year history.

I sincerely apologize for my inability to provide you with a medium for free speech at this time. I encourage you to show your support and leave your comments as I attempt to work with the administration to find some common grounds."

Founder's Day Through The Ages

"This one event has paid me for every cent I have spent for the college," Matthew Vassar said of the first Founder's Day in 1866.

CLICK HERE for an account of how Founder's Day has evolved throughout Vassar's history.

Raining On Our Parade

Uh oh...

The forecast predicts rain for most of tomorrow.

What happens to Founder's Day if it rains?

May 1, 2008

By Word Of Mouth

An insider tells Mads that Strong has won the Dorm Energy Challenge.

An official announcement should be made soon.


Tents and a ride were spotted in front of Walker...

BoredatVassar Taken Offline

We personally thought BoredatVassar was trash and not worth our time. This is newsworthy though... has been taken offline by the Boredat monitors. The page now redirects to this message:

A few bad eggs

Dear Friends at Vassar,

The administration has insisted that we take down because of slander and gossip coming from a few bad eggs in your community. This is pretty frustrating considering that postings have been significantly less malicious within the past week. We’ve been working around the clock answering emails, moderating flagged posts, and built new tools to help the community moderate itself (which is ideal). Now, if enough people click “trash” on a post, its removed immediately.

Mads has been reading the Boredat pages for other schools long before Vassar developed its own page a few weeks ago. The posters at these other schools use the site to connect with peers. We were one of the only schools to use it to write malicious and hurtful comments about others.

The site was addressed at Sunday night's VSA Council Meeting, sources tell Mads. Cappy also addressed the site in her convocation speech yesterday. A rep for CIS claims that it is possible to track the authors of inappropriate comments, as one must be on the Vassar network to post on the site.

If the site does come back up, we hope people will no longer abuse their anonymity.

Poll Results

Thanks to everyone who voted in our last polls. The info will be useful in knowing who our readers are.

According to the first poll, most of our readers come from Jewett, whereas we don't have a single reader in Ferry.

Joss =30 (10%)
Jewett = 43 (15%)
Lathrop = 20 (7%)
Strong = 20 (7%)
Raymond = 13 (4%)
Davison = 28 (10%)
Noyes = 28 (10%)
Cushing = 25 (9%)
Main = 24 (8%)
Ferry = 0 (0%)
TA / TH / SoCo = 25 (9%)
Off campus (Vassar student) = 5 (1%)
Off campus (Non-Vassar student) = 16 (5%)

Our second poll shows that most of our readers (as expected) are freshmen. It's also cool to see that alumni and faculty are reading this.

2008 = 22 (9%)
2009 = 20 (8%)
2010 = 57 (24%)
2011 = 113 (48%)
2012 = 11 (4%)
Vassar alumni/ae = 4 (1%)
Faculty = 3 (1%)
Other = 3 (1%)

Email us at!

He's Back! Celeb Sighting!

Our friend Alex Elder was spotted at ACDC this morning! He was looking good, one Mads reader says.

Meiko Tomorrow!

ViCE's last big event of the year is tomorrow night, featuring singer-songwriter Meiko.

Aula (location changed!)

Also be sure to check out the NoViCE show in the Mug tonight.

On The Cover

The cover story of this week's Misc:
"Is Vassar Accessible? Confronting disability issues."

Pick up a copy!