May 15, 2008

Anything Goes, Even Study Break Ho's

Here's what one reader tells Mads:

"At approximately 1:03 am this morning (5/15) an unidentified white van with blacked out windows pulled up to the back of Jewett. A young Hispanic woman (clearly not of Vassar student age) clad in dominatrix-esque black short-shorts and a black tube top exited the van carrying a black leather purse (one large enough to carry the "tools of the trade") and entered the rear door of Jewett building. The van pulled slowly away and left as soon as a Vassar security van approached. This anonymous Mads reader believes that it is probable that this woman was about to offer her services to a Jewett resident. Kinky."

Could it be the same van that paid a visit to Lathrop earlier this year?

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now THIS is what Mads is about

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hahhahaha hilarious. ahhh vassar.