May 1, 2008

BoredatVassar Taken Offline

We personally thought BoredatVassar was trash and not worth our time. This is newsworthy though... has been taken offline by the Boredat monitors. The page now redirects to this message:

A few bad eggs

Dear Friends at Vassar,

The administration has insisted that we take down because of slander and gossip coming from a few bad eggs in your community. This is pretty frustrating considering that postings have been significantly less malicious within the past week. We’ve been working around the clock answering emails, moderating flagged posts, and built new tools to help the community moderate itself (which is ideal). Now, if enough people click “trash” on a post, its removed immediately.

Mads has been reading the Boredat pages for other schools long before Vassar developed its own page a few weeks ago. The posters at these other schools use the site to connect with peers. We were one of the only schools to use it to write malicious and hurtful comments about others.

The site was addressed at Sunday night's VSA Council Meeting, sources tell Mads. Cappy also addressed the site in her convocation speech yesterday. A rep for CIS claims that it is possible to track the authors of inappropriate comments, as one must be on the Vassar network to post on the site.

If the site does come back up, we hope people will no longer abuse their anonymity.


Anonymous said...

that site was horrible, and the people who bashed other people anonymously were cowards. I'm glad our branch of the site has been taken down.

Anonymous said...

taking it down won't solve much. if people want to bash each other, they'll find or make another site to do it on. talk to the juniors-- this isn't the first time there's been a campus gossip server. what we should be doing is trying to figure out when our community became so malicious and underhanded.

Anonymous said...

Cappy and CIS did the right thing in pressuring the removal of this site. It looks bad for the College that so many inarticulate, childish and hateful words come from members of our community. Now at least prospective students won't be able to see that side of Vassar.

Anonymous said...

until they're safely here and paying tuition at least...

Anonymous said...

exactly. we need to always be mindful of what outsiders can see. if there's ugliness in our community, which is true of every community, we have to be careful that we don't get into any media scandals or else we won't get as many awesome applicants from good high schools

tickytacky said...

the fact is that gossip servers at Vassar have a long history spanning back at least 5 years, maybe even longer. This is probably why many students used it to post gossip and malicious statements, and furthermore why Vassar was one of the only schools to do so.

I'd like to point out that not everything on the website was gossip or trash, despite what Cappy and others would have you believe. Within the past few weeks malicious posts have been kept to a minimum, and there are now tools to allow the community to moderate threads by flagging and deleting them.

With these tools personal gossip and slander are a very small problem, as they are often deleted within a few minutes. Cappy herself cited the example of Wikipedia. Incorrect information of obscenities in articles are quickly deleted by community members of Wikipedia so that they are no longer a problem. However, her oversight was that tools for this type of fast moderation are available to the community on boredat and have been utilized within the past few days.

With this out of the way, the website might have reached its potential as a community forum for interacting with students from Vassar and other college, or for discussing anything, so long as it does not infringe upon the privacy or personal standing of others. Unfortunately, this may never achieve fruition as it has been crushed under a misunderstanding, reactionary, and authoritarian fist.

Cappy's convocation speech treated us like children, and so does this decision. It also further illustrates the administration's lack of student input. If this is such a controversial problem, then why didn't they open the discussion for it rather than bypassing the opinions of students? Seeing as they called a mandatory house meeting for a "racist symbol" of questionable intent, a matter of this magnitude could have been dealt with in a community forum rather than by a decision by the administration to close down a third-party website.

While I appreciate Cappy's concern for student privacy and personal standing, I ultimately think that this was reactionary and an nonconstructive action.

Anonymous said...

The juniors weren't here when the gossip server existed!

Question for people:
Would you really be deterred from going to Vassar if you read the gossip server?

Anonymous said...

Also, slanderous things had been appearing on boredat for a very long time. Why didn't the Administration think to address this before? Why did Cappy have to wait until Convocation?

Anonymous said...

6:02 nailed it. just goes to prove that yet again vassar cares more about image--specifically how we present ourselves to prospectives-- than substance, just as they have done in their dealings with Barnes and Nobles their after=school special meetings on racism in the community.

the question is, how and on what fronts do we begin to challenge it?

Anonymous said...

"their after-school special meetings on racism in the community."

hahahahhahaha WORD.

Also, by shutting down boredat the Administration is silencing quite a few dissenting voices, for whom outlets for expression are otherwise limited.

Anonymous said...

why shouldn't the administration silence a bunch of children saying childish and inappropriate things?

The site not only defamed students and faculty members in our community, but also makes it seem as if Vassar is dominated by privileged assholes. Despite this inane site, the people at Vassar are on the whole wonderful, kind and thoughtful. I would hate for a prospective student to read boredatvassar and think that the posts there are somehow indicative of the general level of intelligence of Vassar students.

Anonymous said...

I really wonder what they hoped to achieve with this. I noticed that there were so many posts on Boredat expressing really deep and serious unhappiness with the school, and a lot of replies to those posts acknowledging how hard it is to say those things when names were attached to them. As someone who is quite unhappy with Vassar, I felt comforted by the knowledge that I wasn't suffering alone- and I felt even better that I had the chance to say something, and engage in some form of dialogue, about my unhappiness.

Now I find myself wondering how I'll be able to do that again. What resources do the administration provide for people who are only united by their dissatisfaction with the school? Metcalf? Please. Knowing that I had peers here who were just as, if not more, unhappy than I was was important to me. I get that all they saw were comments on Vassar's better known students, but Boredat was the ONLY outlet for people like me. What do we do now?

Anonymous said...

Someone who talks to Cappy must have been bashed on the site and asked for it to be taken down. Also, it was the seniors that were around for the gossip server.

Mina said...

i don't buy that getting rid of this site "silences" people. if you have something to say, why not just say it and not be cowardly about it? what's the point of posting ANY nasty or vicious comment about a fellow vassar student on some blog? why not tell them to the person what you think to their face?

i think people abuse the ability to be anonymous. people need to be more responsible with the things they say, which is why i sign my name to everything i post here. you actually have to think if your name gets attached. people don't realize that words can hurt. they'll hurt more than vassar's reputation. they'll hurt our ability to be a community and make people feel like they don't belong if they get gossiped about in such a public manner.

gossip always has and always will exist, but we don't have to post vicious things about fellow students for the whole campus to read. if you want to talk about people so badly do it with friends in private. or have the balls to say what you want to someone's face.

Anonymous said...

6:29 here, I stand by my comment that the admin is silencing potentially DISSENTING voices: "Dissent is a sentiment or philosophy of non-agreement or opposition to an idea (eg. a government's policies) or an entity (eg. an individual or political party which supports such policies)."

Please be aware of the distinction. Slander/libel/cruelty SHOULD be silenced, but not at the expense of meaningful attempts to get at issues.

Anonymous said...

5:52- when it comes to addressing "ugliness" in our community i think our last concern should be "outsiders." what about the students--our fellow students and FRIENDS--whose self esteem suffered from hurtful comments made about them? what about the fact that a lot of the comments made were maliciously motivated by racism, sexism, and a general hateful fuel? sholudn't our concern be the fact that people WITHIN our community feel this is an acceptable thing to do?? fuck the outsiders, and fuck media scandals. honestly i hope this blows up in the face of the students who hid behind this site to take cowardly shots at strangers, or even classmates.

and to tickytack, Cappy "treated us like children" because members of the student body acted in ways below even middle school maturity levels. our peers' behavior warrants the response. i'm just sorry the seniors and juniors had to have their convocation marked by this.
as to your forum idea- the question you always have to ask is, who would come? certainly not those who are guilty. i do agree, however, that this shouldn't just be deleted and dropped from any discussion. what does it say about a community that fosters such blatant animosity towards others? is it the small size, the insular nature of social life here? why did this happen at vassar?

sorry for all the redundant questions. i'm just pissed off, but mostly really, really confused.

how do we explain this?

Mina said...

anonymous 6:45, if you are so unhappy with the school i suggest these things:

1) talk to a student officer. ANY student officer. i know a vast majority of them and they are always happy to talk to students about why they're unhappy.

2) if you're unhappy because of some sort of mental issue (not being snide. it may be a possibility) i actually DO suggest going to metcalf because they can refer you to someone off-campus you can talk to about depression or other issues if you don't like the counselors at metcalf.

3) if you think you can't do either of those, then transfer. life is too short to be someplace that makes you unhappy.

again, not trying to be snide, but you shouldn't complain if you won't take action. i think that will only make you bitter and/or resentful. TRY to get your voice heard. if there are so many things you dislike about vassar. then you should evaluate if being here is right for you. seriously.

and i was here for the gossip server. it was really tasteless and unnecessarily nasty. i was glad when they took it down.

Anonymous said...

whoa ramina, i don't think you're entitled to tell someone any of those things except #1, and even then i question how effective that might be. uh... am i supposed to email sam charner if i think this place is too white normative?

how can someone "TRY to get [their] voice heard" when there are no mechanisms in place for this to happen? what if someone feels like their thoughts are so marginalized/dissenting that they feel like they can't voice them? does that mean they should leave? hell no. it means something about the way things are working is very very very wrong--and that things need to change.

also, i don't think you're in a position to say "if there are so many things you dislike about vassar. then you should evaluate if being here is right for you. seriously." - how about trying to institute change rather than abandon this place?

i think we haven't been given the tools to change things... have we had any town halls this year about issues we care about? no. have i spoken with student leaders? yes. what have i been told? go talk to this and that committee. what do these committees do? who knows??????? what's with all the obfuscation?

Anonymous said...

man i had stopped reading mads' political bs - boredatvassar was all i ever needed - good old-fashioned dirty slander... and now what back to knowing whether obama had beans for lunch...

Anonymous said...

mina, OP here- I definitely don't think you come from a place where you understand- or are equipped to dispense advice on- my dissatisfaction with Vassar. the fact of the matter is, it's things like what you said that make me and others unwilling to say what they want to with their names attached to their words- your attitude that unhappy people don't belong here and should just leave. that sense of thinly veiled- and yes, snide- contempt for people who aren't happy here is pervasive at vassar, so I don't want to single you out, but you said something to me so I feel I should respond.

for the record, I did apply to transfer. but of course that was my decision to make and had nothing to do with how other people thought I should live. if I had chosen to stay, my choice would have been no less valid- and no more an indication of my lack of personal agency- than my decision to stay here.

boredat made me feel not alone in my unhappiness for one of the first times in my stay here at vassar. for that alone, I'm willing to overlook its misuse.

Anonymous said...

*um, "than my decision to try to leave" obviously. I'm dim.

Anonymous said...

7:15, go read bathroom walls since it's all your mind can possibly handle

tickytacky said...

6:57 -

You say that Cappy treated us like children because the behavior of our peers warranted that response. What I am questioning, therefore, is her decision to treat us all like children, based upon the behaviors of a minority, especially at a time marked by our ascent into the "real world" where we should be treated as adults. I think the administration could have dealt with this in a more effective way than a convocation speech.

tickytacky said...


as for the forum idea, I'm not suggesting that it would have been the solution, but it seems to be the administration's solution to other questionable student behaviors and thus I wonder why they did not take that action this time

Mina said...

i don't think "unhealthy people shouldn't be at vassar." that's why we have metcalf which is a resource i have utilized myself.

and when i've been unhappy with something here, i've made sure people in charge knew it. i didn't post it anonymously on a board. that's what i mean by trying to get your voice heard. i don't know what year you guys are, but i believe my sophomore year students were unhappy with the treatment of workers on campus, so they staged a protest. in vassar's past students have taken over main building when they thought their concerns were being ignored. i just think if something is so bad, you should do what it takes to fix it. talk to people. any people. all the time.

and no, i don't think people should abandon the place instead of trying to change it, but it's a fact of life that not all people will be happy here despite what changes. vassar isn't the right place for everyone. and i think anyone who is unhappy here should look at the reasons why and decide if they're willing to put with them and stay or leave. i did the same thing during my freshman and sophomore year, and realized what i was unhappy with could be changed if i did something about it instead of complaining.

and you're right anonymous OP, i don't know anything about you or why you're unhappy here, but you were obviously unhappy enough to want to leave. and that's fine. since i don't know what you disliked about campus, i don't know if it's even something that CAN be changed. but i DO think it's better for people to be somewhere that will be healthier for them. and if that place isn't vassar, then so be it. but you shouldn't hide behind anonymous posts to feel better.

everyone on this campus should question the administration and their fellow students, but i don't think anonymous gossip will change anything. put a face to your complaints and they can't really ignore you. especially if you persist. if every student who was unhappy with something about vassar got together in a CONSTRUCTIVE way to change things, i bet a lot more would happen. but bureaucracy doesn't respond to nastiness and anonymous blogs. and vassar has a shit-ton of bureaucratic systems, like most colleges. but i also know that the higher ups are willing to listen to logical, well thought out critiques of things about this campus presented to them in an adult manner.

/long windedness

Anonymous said...

I am glad that this website was taken down. There is no need for it- if you want to do something besides trash someone, there's no reason to do it anonymously. No one who is worth caring about will think less of you for voicing your opinions about the new bookstore, as an example someone else cited, with your name attached. If you want to talk about real issues, you need to man up and be willing to stick to your opinions. If they don't mean enough to you that you're willing to risk a little embaressment or negative attention, then they don't mean enough to be brought up at all. This website was doing NOTHING constructive and it was deeply hurting many innocent people. I am appalled that so many people at Vassar are capable of being so malicious, especially when this boredat site is compared to other school's much more mild boredat site's. We are not children anymore, and in the real world, if you want to state your opinion, you have to be willing to do it publicly and deal with the consequences. I didn't think going to Vassar would be like going back to middle school. I am MORE scared to engage in campus-wide discourse now for the fear that someone will then trash what I say on an anonymous message board- this can only hurt freedom of speech, not help it.

Anonymous said...

People who are posting about why they need to be yelled at for the actions of a few are fucking terrible people.

If people are being told they are any of the terrible words i saw on that fucking site - and being NAMED - then who the fuck are you to feel bad that it was shut down?

That's like saying that just because a lot of people are murdered by hand-guns doesn't mean you shouldnt have the right to it.

If people are feeling threatened on this campus you should fucking care. And if its as easy as taking down a website that calls someone a "FUCKING N***ER," I think we should do it.

I don't understand how Vassar students are so blind to how fucked up the argument is that I see them use on this board every two seconds. It's like nobody cares about Anyone other than themselves and when someone's life is actually in danger (believe me, mine sure as fuck has been in danger many times on this campus), they say - fuck you, either kill yourself, shut the fuck up or leave.

Wow - what a school. I wish I didn't choose to go here, you fuckups.

Anonymous said...

Ok, seriously, the administration didn't force boredat to close their Vassar site. That's simply ridiculous. The administration asked that they don't allow slanderous and disgusting postings and do their part to run their site. If they can't handle the job of moderating their site, then they shouldn't be in the business of running a site.

Also, Cappy didn't say that everyone was being mean. What she did say, though, was that we have a responsibility to look out of each other just as those in the Wikipedia community keep a constant lookout for trolls trashing their site. This isn't just about boredat. Think about the vandalism all over our campus. Think about the comments made on this blog about the people who live in the local community. There is an vocal anonymous minority that puts themselves before anybody else, and we all suffer as a result.

A major point of what Cappy said, which some here seem to have missed, is that there are some (many?) who feel excluded from the Vassar community. It is our collective responsibility to include everyone. No student should feel like they have to post on an anonymous website to voice their concerns. We need to move on from there as a community.

And we can't come together on blogs and sites like boredat. So when you get an email to come to an event to talk about stuff, show up and say something! When you have an issue, send an email or set up a meeting! Empower yourself to make Vassar better.

Dana Cass '11 said...

I am inexpressibly glad that this site is gone. For those of you who are saying that this is an outlet of your free speech taken away - try being one of the people who was targeted on this website. Over the few weeks that it was online, I got to watch people call me a "cunt," say that I was "uber annoying" and a "know-it-all" and discuss in great detail my body and what they wanted to do with it. And I had absolutely no way to stop it. Yes, there was a "flag" option, but that didn't always get rid of things, and it rarely did immediately. And I'm a pretty unassuming character here at Vassar - I don't even know what I did in the first place to be targeted.

This site shows up on Google. My mom thinks it's fun to Google our family every once in awhile. I can't imagine what she would have done had she come across those posts about me. And as we've all been told a million times in the past few years, prospective employers use Google. Do you think companies really want to hire a girl whose Internet qualifications were written by an overly hormonal anonymous college boy?

And I didn't even get the worst of it. There were people on there discussing other people's sexual proclivities; for God's sake, someone accused a kid of having AIDS. I don't know who these people are who post horrific things about others, but why do they think they have the right to judge? And WHY do they think it's okay to post such vulgarities on a public Internet forum?

I'm glad it's gone. If there's anyone else out there who wants to insult me, you can do it to my face. Come up to me on the sidewalk and call me a cunt - I dare you.

Anonymous said...

I care.

Anonymous said...

Why are so many people bitching about Vassar? That's fucked up. What is it exactly that you don't like? The swimming pool? The tennis courts? The thousand+ classes to choose from? The brilliant professors? The arboretum? The interesting students?

If you are not happy here at one of the greatest colleges on earth, you should consider whether you will ever be happy anywhere. Don't blame the school for your own personal issues.

Anonymous said...

8:21, try again. only this time be sensitive to the idea that maybe material expressions of prestige and wealth don't have the same cachet with others that they clearly do with you.

some of us are here for the education and the education alone. whether or not someone is happy here says NOTHING about their capacity to be happy, or whether or not they have personal issues. it's people like you, who think the way you do, who make vassar so much worse than it has to be for people.

Anonymous said...

8:42, no one is saying that everyone should fall in love with Vassar simply because the campus is beautiful (which it is) or because the people are brilliant (which they are). But if you are not happy, you should, without doubt, be able to find the resources here on campus to either a) affect change or b) make yourself happy.

In no particular order, we have pre-major advisors, major advisor, student fellows, house teams, house advisors, house fellows, an influential student government, Baldwin, Metcalf, the ALAANA Center, Blegen, Bayit, the Women's Center, an office full of sympathetic and kind deans.

In all of these resources, can people really not find the guidance or help that they need to either find coping mechanisms or try to work with our administration and student government to change whatever problems they're experiencing?

I'm not saying Vassar's perfect, it certainly isn't. But I am saying that students have more resources within walking distance of their beds at this school than they will likely have for the rest of their lives.

The bottom line: don't anonymously bitch and complain about how awful and terrible Vassar is, and certainly done post hateful things about your peers to make yourself feel better. instead, pick any one of those dozens of resources I named above and make use of them.

Anonymous said...

8:59- Don't conflate every anon into a single virulent entity. It's not the case. I didn't go on boredat to write hateful things about me but I did go on it to talk about how unhappy I was here. I never said Vassar was awful; I spoke of my own unhappiness with the school. There's a big difference between the two, and if you don't know what it is then it's time for you to grow up and learn what it is.

And, let me put it as simply as I possibly can: who the hell are you to tell me I haven't made use of the resources that are supposedly "available" to me? Trust me when I say that a lot of the people I know who are unhappy here have done a whole lot more than you think they have in trying to convince themselves to be happy with Vassar. I'm not lazy; I don't wallow in my own misery here as you seem to think I do. I go to class. I work hard. I get decent grades and I occupy my time with as much as I possibly can- and that doesn't mean "sitting around on boredat or on Mads", that means doing everything that a "typical" Vassar student is supposed to do to feel fulfilled and satisfied with their time here. It doesn't work. Sometimes- for some people- it just doesn't work.

You love it here, apparently. That means you've probably never had to actually take any of your own advice- which means you don't have any idea that your advice just doesn't work. If you ever find yourself in a situation like the one I- and others- find myself in here at Vassar, I can only hope that people aren't as callow to you as they were to me.

Anonymous said...

all i know is that a friend of mine was bashed on that site and it really really hurt her feelings.

boredat might seem okay in theory but apparently people aren't mature enough to handle it.

Anonymous said...

someone posted this on the boredat discussion and i thought it adressed an important issue of transparency in administration:

Admin isn't doing this because they think people's feelings are getting hurt -they are doing this for admissions and the reputation of the school. They are trying to shield perspective students and college rankers from the shallowness and bitchiness of our student body. But this happens at every college and university, often to a much greater and more harmful extent. Although I am not proud to be associated with many of the posts on this blog, this is just typical of what is happening on Vassar campus right now and will be happening in the near future. Tear down the local joint and build a barnes and nobles. Cut down on the unique aspects of the college to up the ranking and save money. Pave paradise and put up a parking lot. I came to Vassar four years ago because I thought it was different than Williams and Amherst. While this gossip server isn't exactly something to be proud of, the administration should at least be honest about why they are so opposed to it.

anyone else think its ironic that cappy's e-mail address is

Anonymous said...

if all this college is worried about is rankings, why did cappy co-sign a letter with all other presidents saying that the way rankings are currently made take into account too much bias and efforts should be made to make all data that goes into them more transparent?

listen, that site came down because people on our campus we're being hurt. this had nothing to with prospective students, but instead with people who were being slandered and defamed, with no agency to change that. anonymous postings of hate are not, and will never be, acceptable at this school and i commend the administration for taking such bold action.

Anonymous said...

if any of you have ever met or had a conversation with cappy, you would know that she is not AT ALL interested in just glorifying the college's reputation and admissions statistics. when i met her for an athletics event a few months ago, i found her to be incredibly warm and compassionate. she has pushed for expansions of vassar's financial aid and inclusion that our former president NEVER would have.

i know it's easy to paint these simplistic pictures. but you'll quickly find that most of those pictures either misrepresent the truth or are entirely false:

"vassar is killing the poor locals and building a bookstore"
- actually, the plan to move the bookstore there (which has been a b&n for five years) was ENDORSED by the arlington business district and is widely supported in the community

"the president is destroying the unique aspects of vassar"
- what does that even mean? no one is destroying anything, except a gossip server.

"the evil administration is destroying free speech!"
- actually, the administration tried and succeeded in removing malicious gossip off of a childish website. as she said in her convocation remarks, there is no tenet of free speech that justifies hateful gossip directed at our peers.

Anonymous said...

6:04, the juniors were here too for the gossip server.

Anonymous said...

If you hate vassar so much, either affect change in the community (which you're more than welcomed to do) or transfer. you really don't need to be so complicated and angsty. if you sit around on anonymous gossip servers complaining, i promise you your life won't get any better.

So if you hate Vassar this much after a year of being here, you should consider two choices: go to all of the resources that above posters have mentioned and try to change the community/get assistance OR start looking at other schools. Any school like vassar would offer similar financial aid and similar resources. It's really very simple.

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is why people don't seem to care that we have so many hateful people on campus. Like someone else said before, the other boredats worked just fine. Why is everyone willing to just sweep them under the rug and let them fume in their private lives? There has to be a reason why so many a-holes come to vassar but nobody wants to address it.

Anonymous said...

This is the most sensitive thing Vassar administration has done in years. THANK GOD!

Mina said...

i think i have one more thing to say, specifically to the people who were using boredat to complain about vassar and not to bash people.

i sympathize. i really do. i spent two years of my childhood in a place i despised. i tried to make it work. i went to counselors. i talked to teachers. i did the whole thing. but i was still unhappy, and since i had the option to move to a new state i got out of the situation, and that was best. my first at vassar i was miserable. i missed home and my friends and sunshine. i thought i wasn't gonna make it. i started looking into transferring, but i went to metcalf and talked to my friends and my adviser and realized i was just feeling culture shock and stayed. and that was a good decision for me.

that said, if you've really done all you can, then vassar just may not be the place for you. and that doesn't mean people hate you or think you should die, but not everyone can fit in every place. vassar isn't right for all people.

and 11:05 is right. i hope that something is done to make sure people know that personal attacks on members of the community and fellow vassarites are punished. there is no reason for malice on our campus. we're all smart, and i really think we're all decent folks. there's no need to be hurtful.

and to dana: i'm sorry that happened to you. it's unfair, and i hope whoever said those things faces consequences.

Anonymous said...

amen 10:01

zack miller '10 said...


It's incredibly horrible that you were subjected to such vicious insults from sources that you can't even identify. The only thing said about me on boredatvassar was that I was a bad hookup (probably true) and that I verbally suck Mads' cock (homophobic and, taken in its context, still untrue). It still felt insulting because I had no way to respond to these posts, and the insults that you faced were far worse and more pervasive. I sympathize with people who are dissatisfied here, but I hope they can understand that effective change and response to the disaffected can't come about amidst genuine slander and serious harassment. Most of all, I hope you can come away from such an unfair ordeal without thinking too poorly of the community at large - in your position, I'm not sure I could.

I want to offer a preemptive response to the people who make fun of the vocabulary that I use here - fuck off. I don't need to dumb myself down just because I'm online.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance. That site did way more harm than good. Freedom of speech comes with responsibility, if you're going to completely target and insult individuals and not man up and put your name on it, don't write it.

Anonymous said...

oh dear god its back on.

Anonymous said...

it's back!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

boredatvassar is back up

Anonymous said...

Read the note- this could be a good thing