May 17, 2008

Campus Dining Responds

Mads spoke with Campus Dining about the insects found in the bagel bin at ACDC yesterday. Sr. Director Maureen King told us that the roaches appear to be on sticky traps that are in fact used in ACDC, but cannot confirm whether or not the trap was supposed to be placed in the bin.

Here's what Ms. King told Mads about Vassar's pest control initiatives and health record:

"Vassar has followed an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, in fact the Retreat was the first location on campus where IPM was introduced. Prior to the IPM program, poison was sprayed around all of the dining areas to kill insects. An IPM program requires the pest expert to determine the pest solution for any given situation and to report weekly on his or her actions. That is why you see adhesive pest products; they work as well or better (if you consider their effect on the environment), but control pests in a much more transparent way.

We at Campus Dining are proud of our record of food safety. We consistently get positive reports from the Dutchess County Board of Health. These are on record."


Anonymous said...

if we're on record, then why are there 3 insects on that fly paper!! gross!

Anonymous said...

ya thats pretty disgusting. also, why is that fly paper in our food? i mean come on!

Anonymous said...

what's up in noyes? po-po is here

Anonymous said...

"but cannot confirm whether or not the trap was supposed to be placed in the bin."


if a trap was supposed to be in the bin, should the bin even have food in it, anyway? that's seriously fucked up.

Anonymous said...

now can they explain the weird new spicy chicken patties at the wrap station?