May 10, 2008

Farm Rave Is Off

Tonight's unofficial Farm Rave has sadly been cancelled, according to Facebook.

Supposedly security busted VT earlier as they were setting up.

Next year's VT presidents plan on registering it as an official party, one of the organizers says.

"It is with great disappointment that I write to you tell you that Vassar Teknowledgy's Farm Rave will *NOT* be happening tonight," says one of the event's organizers. "Security got the tipoff somehow and were out at the farm this evening to take away all of our stuff.

"As a group, VT's mission is to bring electronic music to the Vassar campus. We love that we have a budget to throw parties for all of you, and we love what we do. Though we try to push the envelope with everything we do, we do have to cede the wishes of college and campus security. With the Farm Rave, we tried to have a party past 2am (strike 1) during Study Week (strike 2) on the Farm (strike 3). While we were able to have this amazing event last year with a great success and turnout, Security did come twice for noise complaints, as did the police (but they couldn't find us).

"VT desperately wants to throw a party for the campus that goes well beyond the normal 2am restriction, as well as an event on the farm. We're overjoyed that there was so much excitement and support for this event from the student body and very much hope to bring it to you next year as a fully registered campus event."

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