May 5, 2008

Jimmy Speaks

Mads Exclusive!

The VSA announced yesterday that Jimmy Kelly '09 will be its next president.

"I'm very excited and honored to take on the role of VSA President," Jimmy tells Mads. "I'm most excited to work with my fellow students on a number of initiatives to improve our campus."

Of the other candidates, Jimmy says, "The victory is bittersweet because I am good friends with both SG and MR [...] I will miss serving alongside them on Council, but I know that next year they will continue to be some of the most important leaders on campus."

On who he would like to thank, Jimmy says, "I would really like to thank everyone for taking part in this election. We had very high turnout this year, which signals that students are interested and invested in seeing positive changes happen on campus. I would also like to thank SG and MR for maintaining a friendly and respectful race. Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't thank my friends for their kind words and encouragement through this whole process."

The transitional Council meeting is this Thursday. "You can expect Council to produce many actions next year that will be intimately focused on improving student life on campus," says Jimmy.


Anonymous said...

I love most of the new executive board!!!! I'm sure all of the VPs will do a fantastic job! Especially Alex.

Anonymous said...

WHEN will they finally send the results of the pending positions???

Anonymous said...

I wish MR had won, but I'm sure Jimmy will do fine.